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Latest News from China - 12/29/2000

Jan. 3, 2001

[Shandong Province] Dafa Banners Hung All Over the Streets in a City on Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning in a city in Shandong Province, people went on their way to work or to school, reminiscing the peaceful times of the night before. Suddenly, they saw many yellow banners emblazoned with "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" dangling in the cold wind along the both sides of the road. Another banner several meters long hung from a highway overpass proclaiming "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa" to everyone who passed by. Many people stopped to contemplate the messages on the banners, and many were obviously touched to the heart by what they saw.

A director of the neighborhood Public Maintenance committee came to the home of one practitioner, a relative of his, and said to the practitioner with excitement: "Your Falun Gong is unbelievable. Yellow banners have appeared all over the city streets overnight." In an elementary school, pupils arrived one after anther, and they all looked up to read another huge banner stating "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa", hung from the top of the school building:..

Many practitioners have come to understand that we not only need to go to Tiananmen Square to prove that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa, and to tell the truth to the people, we also need to try all methods that can effectively expose ordinary people to Falun Dafa. In this unprecedented, brutal persecution of Falun Dafa and its practitioners, there are cries for justice, and peaceful appeals are made everyday. Everyone should think of this matter seriously, because everyone is in it

Practitioners who continue to work for collecting materials for Minghui website have contributed a great deal in telling the truth about Falun Dafa to the people.


[Mainland China] When Suppression Fails, the Government Turns to Incarcerating Practitioners' Families

Recently, the number of practitioners going to Tiananmen Square for peaceful appeal has increased rapidly, with over 700 on December 25th alone. The Chinese government has started a new round of suppression in order to alleviate the pressure on the police stationed in Tiananmen Square. A census of the "registered" Falun Dafa practitioner population is being conducted nationwide. If a practitioner has not been home for a period of time, his family is required to get him back to home within certain amount of time. Otherwise, the government will penalize the whole family, and they usually remove the immediate family members from their jobs.

In the meantime, the public transportation authority is implementing the policy of searching for practitioners along the roads leading to Beijing. Passengers are required to produce identification and verification letters explaining their purpose for traveling before train or bus tickets will be sold to them.


[Beijing] The Tiananmen Square Police Precinct Deploys Police Academy Cadets to Attack Practitioners

Nearly 100 practitioners from all over the country were arrested between 7 and 9:30 in the morning on December 22, 2000, and then detained in the courtyard of the Tiananmen Square Police Precinct. When the arrested practitioners began reciting Teacher's articles aloud, and shouting, "Falun Dafa is Good," two cadets from a police academy used extreme physical force to control the crowd.

The two cadets, who were in their twenties and had accents from foreign provinces, drew their police batons and began to batter the practitioners' faces and heads. One first used his fists to punch the practitioners, and then used his baton. The two were almost hysterical. One police officer asked the cadets not to use force, but his request was ignored. Practitioners finally pushed the two cadets out of the crowd.

Six practitioners were then interrogated individually, and four of them came out of the interrogation office with bruised faces and bloody noses. One male, a 40-year-old practitioner from Jilin Province had wounds on his nose, mouth, lips, and all over his face. The top of this head was bleeding, with blood running all over his neck and shoulders.

In addition to the cadets from Beijing Police Academy, more were deployed to Tiananmen Square from academies in other provinces. One cadet said to his classmate: "I was notified to go back to Qingdao (a city in Shandong Province) for the exam, but I heard that someone took the exam for me." Information sources indicate that the cadets were picked from those who have the propensity to use excessive force against people.


[Fushun City, Liaoning Province] New Ways of Persecuting Practitioners

Wujiapu Labor Camp of Fushun City, Liaoning Province, is experimenting with new methods to persecute practitioners. Wardens from this camp locked 60 year-old male practitioner Jia Zhixin, known for his firm belief in Falun Dafa, into a cell for female residents. They then had the female residents, who have already been reformed by the Center, beat Jia. The reformed residents are extremely wicked, and they resorted to all methods of torture on Jia, such as "sitting on an airplane," and "blacking the eyes" and so on. ("Blacking the eyes" is to punch the eyes until they are so swollen that there is only a crack left between the two swollen lids.) The so-called reformed residents continue to cite from Falun Dafa, but their purpose is to induce the practitioners into swearing against Master, and Falun Dafa.

Jia Zhixin is now retired. He used to be a senior engineer at a factory in Qingyuan County, Liaoning Province, and generated over one million yuan profit for the factory. (about $114,000 U.S.) He has been detained and tortured in that Labor Camp for a year-and-a-half. If the inhumane physical torture he has endured is allowed to continue, it is questionable if he will be able to survive. We call upon the families of Jia and other kind-hearted people to offer help to him.


[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] All Practitioners Are on a Hunger Strike in Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp

December 25 is a Monday, a day for family visitation at Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp, Hebei Province. But on that day, no visitors were allowed to go beyond the gate of the Center. One police officer said: "We can't detain these practitioners any longer because they are all on hunger strike. They are asking for release, and not coming out to work. We can't detain them any longer!"


[Heilongjiang Province] News from Heilongjiang Province

  1. Zhang, a practitioner from Didao District of Jixi City, received a severe beating from police in Beijing for refusing to disclose his name and address. Two officers held his arms, and the third one punched him. Later, the officer hit his head with a glass. Zhang needed five stitches to close the cut on the head. The police put him in a prison cell, and then tried to trick Zhang with nice words and promises. Zhang finally told the police his true name and address, but the police did not keep their promise and asked the Heilongjiang provincial officers stationed in Beijing to come to the precinct to claim him. After condemning the deception of the police officer, Zhang bit off the tip of his tongue in order to refuse the interrogation of the provincial officers. The police released him later on to avoid letting the situation get worse.
  2. The police from the Tiananmen Square Precinct arrested another practitioner from Heilongjiang, and tortured him because he refused to give up his name. The police held his mouth open, and stuck the handle of a mop in it, and twisted it. Blood immediately filled the practitioner's mouth. The practitioner vomited blood for two days after that.

    A work unit of Didao District, in order to cooperate in the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners, put up an award of 20,000 yuan (about $2,300) for locating a practitioner from its unit. The police precinct pried open the door of this practitioner's home to search it without his family members being present.

  3. A chief judge from the intermediate court of Jixi City went to Beijing to appeal, and is now detained in Jixi No.2 Detention Center. A police officer from Jidong County, an excellent officer in the County Bureau, also went to Beijing and raised a Falun Dafa banner on Tiananmen Square. He is now detained at the Detention Center in Jidong County. Their actions shocked the provincial police bureau, which held an emergency meeting, and sent two groups of "Helpers & Educators" everyday to educate and reform this police officer.
  4. The Police Bureau of Jixi City has been using all means to crack down on the printing facilities of Falun Dafa practitioners. They have arrested the children of the suspected practitioners, released them and then followed them. If they find a building they suspect, they force their way into it without consent from the building owner. They have also monitored mobile phone calls and beeper transmissions. They have arrested six practitioners and the entire family of one practitioner. They have seized and confiscated a motor vehicle from the family of this suspected practitioner, along with three cellular phones and 4,000 yuan cash. The police also handcuffed a family member to a heater pipe. They slapped and kicked him to force him to confess, but the family member knew nothing about the suspected practitioner. The City Police Bureau delivered one of the six practitioners to Jidong County, and secretly interrogated her without notifying her family. We have no clue as to whether she is still alive.
  5. Jidong County Police Department, instructed by the County Communist Party Committee, began to arrest practitioners who had gone to Beijing before and are holding them until after New Year's Day so that they won't be able to go to Beijing again during the holidays.


[Jinan City, Shandong Province] Abuses in a "Reformation through Study Class"

"Lixia District Falun Gong Reformation through Study Class" is located in the Guodian Sports School of Jinan City. These are some of the methods used to "reeducate" practitioners. First, officials force practitioners to watch audio/video programs that defame Falun Dafa. Then, they have police and other law enforcement officers torture practitioners day and night. During the torture session, practitioners are not allowed to take a rest, eat, or even go the restroom. The means of torture include having practitioners squat, squeezing them with bamboo rods, handcuffing all of them together, and burning their wrists with a tube filled with hot water. One practitioner was stuffed under a desk so that he could not stand up. Guards also put Teacher Li's portrait on the floor directly under squatting practitioners. Thus, if a practitioner gets too tired from squatting and wants to sit down for a while, he has to sit on Teacher's portrait. Some practitioner are kept in handcuffs for so long they lose all sensation in their hands. One practitioner had the skin and flesh on his wrists cooked from the hot water pipe, resulting in hideous burns. A majority of the practitioners signed the guarantee paper under coercion, which contains defamation, and false confession, etc.

Chu Zhaoding, Pang Guangwen, and other practitioners regretted signing the guarantee, and they wrote a 10-page report on how they were coerced into signing it, and wanted to present it to the officials of the District and the Class. Pang Guangwen was then taken to another room for harsher physical tortures. The torturers include police officers with the last names of Dong and Lu.

Pang Guangwen is 23 years old, a senior from Shandong Industrial University, and Chu Zhaoding is 64, a retiree from the Energy Researching Institute of the Shandong Provincial Academy of Science.


LI Wenhong, a practitioner from Jinan City, was arrested while disseminating materials about the truth of Falun Dafa at Dikou Road Dormitory in the afternoon of December 23. He was taken to the police precinct at Dikou Road, and detained in an iron cage in the basement. The police officer does not allow him to go to the restroom, and refuses his family's request to see him.


[Ziyang City, Sichuan Province] Brutality in Dayan Labor Camp

Some practitioners currently being detained and reformed at the Dayan Labor Camp, due to attachments they have not yet relinquished, were pressured into signing confessions some time back. After a period of painful reconsideration, the realized how big a mistake they have made by signing the papers. Now, they have requested in writing to the camp to retract their confessions, and reestablish their intent to protect the Dafa, and to cultivate in it.

The request for retracting the confessions resulted in much harsher retaliation by the camp. Luo Zhenze, a practitioner from a machinery factory was transferred to a training squad, and was assigned to a heavier load of labor. Wu Rongyao was transferred to the Fourth Team, which is called the "Devil Team," to be disciplined through hard labor. The camp forced Wu to work on backbreaking assignments from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and to roll fireworks in the evening. Other practitioners are required to roll 200 firecrackers, but We was required to do 800 in one evening, and now the number has increased to 1000.


[Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Mistreatment of Practitioners at Maojiashan Women's Labor Camp

There are nearly 300 practitioners detained in Maojiashan Women Labor Camp. The oldest among them is 68 years old and the youngest is 24.

1st Team:

After the speech by Master Li at the Great Lakes Area Conference was published on December 12, most of the practitioners who had signed papers to break with Falun Dafa now changed their mind, and are able to tell the truth on Falun Dafa in a dignified way. After one practitioner took back the paper he had signed, the camp officials had him weave straps used for making Japanese kimonos, and had him stand up for a long time. (a form of physical discipline)

One practitioner escaped from the Camp. As a result, the Camp added one more guard to each cell. The guards are drug addicts, and employed by the Camp just to guard the practitioners. Their duty is to enforce the rules of no conversation between practitioners, and no Dafa materials in the cells. Each guard reports to the Team Chief once every three to four days. One practitioner, caught with Master's articles, was forced to stand up from 7 o'clock in the morning until 11 at night.

All practitioners who will not give up their practice are forced into hard labor at the Camp for 26 days a month. Their terms in the Camp will be increased if they fail to finish their work. Liao Xiaoying, a senior teacher from Tongnan District, regretted after signing the confession. Her sentence at the Camp was increased under the excuse that she failed to finish her daily work. Recently, her term was increased again for refusing to sign a paper that defames Falun Dafa.

The "Addict Guards" are those who are detained to give up their drug addiction, and used by the Camp to control the practitioners. Their sentences can be shortened if they do a good job. Therefore, they are unbridled in physically disciplining the practitioners. Zhang Huilan, a 52-years-old, retired teacher from Changshou Power Plant, was disciplined with "standing-up" for three days for talking with people from Changshou. Zhang was later transferred to the 3rd Team.

The major labor for the practitioners in the 1st Team is to weave and dye straps used in making kimonos export to Japan.

2nd Team:

Wang Aihua and other practitioners held hunger strikes and were force-fed with tubes through their noses. They demanded to the right to practice Falun Dafa in the Camp.

Liu Xinyu, 30 years old, and a family member of the faculty of Western Normal University, has been detained in a dark cell with handcuffs on him for over three months. An addict guard has stuffed his mouth with socks and handkerchiefs, and gives him only half a box of food each meal.

Peng Zhaojun, a 27-years-old practitioner from Jiangbei District, was tricked to the police precinct in the name of getting a certificate for marriage registration; when she arrived, the police arrested her. The police claimed that the purpose for her to marry was to have a honeymoon trip to Beijing, so that she could appeal.

Liu Lan, a practitioner in her forties, has been kept isolated in a small cell for three months.

Practitioners in the 2nd Team are required to make 80 Jin (about 90 pounds) of sanitary napkins per shift.


[Xingning City, Guangdong Province] Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners

The following practitioners went to Beijing to appeal from April to July, and they were sent to Sanshui Labor Camp for two years without trial. They are: Huang Hongying & Huang Xiaohong (two sisters), Huang Huihua, Liu Caimao, Lin Linging, Liu Jian, Zhong Manjiao, Mao Aiqun, Liu Xiaohong, Liao Haiying, Wen Chunru & Liu Lifei (husband and wife), Xie Yujun, etc.

Qiu Jingmei, and Zhou Caiying were arrested for appealing locally. Qiu was sent to Sanshui Camp for one year. Zhou Caiying was released after three months of detention. Chen Yufang was arrested on his way to Beijing, and was sent back to Xingning and detained for over 80 days in the detention center. Zhang Huiqun was arrested at home and held for over 80 days in Xingning Detention Center. Liu Simei was also arrested at home, and is still under detention in Xinging Detention Center. There is no information on Liu's case.

Zeng Zong'an, Police Chief of the precinct at Heshui Township of Xingning City, has been very active in monitoring, arresting, torturing and fining practitioners, as well as searching their homes.

Heshui Police Precinct's telephone number: 86-753-355-1112

Police Chief Zeng Zong'an's telephone number; 86-139-0278-3402


[Beijing] Detention Center Brutally Tortures Falun Dafa Practitioners

On 17th and 19th of December, four practitioners from Linjiang Township, Shuangcheng County, Heilongjiang Province were arrested in Tiananmen Square for peacefully appealing to the government. They were sent to the Haidian Detention Center. The police there tortured them because they refused to disclose their identities. Among the four practitioners, one is male, and three are female, and they are between 45 and 60 years old. The head inmate poured five pails of cold water onto one of the female practitioners. The practitioner remained calm and serene, but the head inmate was struck with an acute stomachache, and had to call for a doctor.

Another female practitioner was forced to take medication used for treating psychiatric patients. They gave her a normal dose of two pills, and checked her response once every 30 minutes. After one hour, they doubled the dose when they did not see any reaction to the medication. Still, there was no reaction after another hour. They gave her over ten pills the third time, and there was no response to the medicine whatsoever. They planned to have her take the medication for the fourth time, but the practitioners in the cell stopped them. However, the prison police would not go away until they had all the practitioner inmates share the pills that they had planned to give to that female practitioner. When none of the four practitioners gave their names away, the police changed their strategy, and they punished the inmates of the same cell by forcing them to stand up doubled over for the entire night.

On December 21, two young police officers from their local precinct escorted the practitioners back to Heilongjiang Province. The male practitioner escaped from the train on 23rd, the three female practitioners are detained in the detention center of the Shuangcheng County.


[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Practitioners from Guangzhou No. 1 Military Medical University are Detained for Disseminating Materials on the Truth about Falun Dafa

Liu Jianmin, Jia Guojie, Luo Peiyu, Zhong Li and Chen Hanyu, practitioners from the Guangzhou No. 1 Military Medical University practice site, have been arrested for disseminating materials about the truth of Falun Dafa, and no further information on them is available now.

It is said that Guangzhou will hold Falun Dafa Practitioners Reformation-through-Study Class on December 27, 2000 until January 8, 2001.


[Beijing] Telephone numbers for Tuanhe Labor Camp at Daxing County

Switchboard: 86-10-6924-3178, & 6924-3179;

Office of the Camp Chief: 86-10-6924-3365;

Division of Prisoner Control: 86-10-6924-3362.


[Beijing] The Fear of Evil

On the morning of December 25, 2000, a fellow-practitioner and I were passing through Nanchizi Street on our way to Tiananmen Square. We saw very few people on the street. We spotted many phone booths on both side of the street, and decided to stick some flyers containing poems promoting Falun Dafa in the booths. We had the flyers in all the booths there in a short while.

At noon, we went back over the original route, wanting to see if the poem-flyers were still there. We saw one of several undercover police by each booth. They pretended that they had nothing better to do, but they had each pedestrian under their watchful eyes. The flyers were all gone. I remarked to the fellow-practitioner: "Our small flyers have drawn the attention of so many police!" The practitioner said with a smile: "Isn't that because they are so afraid of Falun Dafa?"

Yes, it is. The more we expose the lies spread by the evil ones, the more scared they become. They may finally be realizing that their days are numbered. We should find ever more effective ways to let people know that Dafa is good, so that they can be saved.


December 29, 2000