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Authorities in Fucheng County, Hebei Province Brutally Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

January 26, 2001 |  


  1. Ma Peizhi is a female resident of Cuimiao Town. She went to Beijing to appeal in November 1999 but she was detained in the county detention center for 4 months. During the detention, the authorities would often handcuff her, put her inside an iron cage and not give her food, simply because she practiced Falun Gong and studied Dafa. In March 2000, she was transferred to the County Security Team Building. In the Security Team Building, the security guards beat her everyday with wooden sticks, wooden plates, and water gourd ladles. Her face and body changed so much from the bruises and wounds that she couldn't open her mouth to speak, nor could she eat. Her family members could no longer recognize her when they visited her. She is still in detention now.
  2. Zhang Jingfeng is a female resident of Cuimiao Town. She went to the county government to ask for a peaceful environment to practice Falun Gong. The authorities of the county government answered her with fierce beatings. They used a steel wire from a motorcycle to whip her until she lost consciousness. Even after she lost consciousness, the thugs of the government kept on torturing her by forcefully stepping on her wounds with their muddy shoes. It took 5 months for her to recover.
  3. Wang Shuqing and Wang Shuhua are sisters who are residents of Cuimiao County. Wang Shuqing was beaten many times because she persistently practiced the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance". Once on a freezing night, the policemen stripped off her clothes and her shoes, and forced her to stand on the icy ground for a whole night. They forced her to lie face down on a cement pole near a pond as they beat her. They also forced her to keep a squatting posture for several hours. They did not stop even though Wang Shuqing was half dead. They tied her up with thick ropes and dragged her around the street as a "demonstration". After the "demonstration", the authorities fined her family 3,000 Yuan (about $375 in US currency). Wang Shuhua is Shuqing's younger sister. She went to Beijing to appeal. The county government sent security guards to ransack her house. They stole her tractor and all her valuable possessions. Also, the authorities beat her brutally. They stripped off her clothes and shoes, and forced her to stand on the snowy ground. Her feet were injured by the cold and she could not walk. The security guard also ordered her husband to monitor her closely. If she went out, they would charge her husband. Under the great pressure, her husband reacted violently. He beat her and cut her hands with a kitchen knife. He also forced her to lie in the rain face down as he kicked her face. She lost hearing after the beating. Her family was still fined 7,000 Yuan (about $845 in US currency).
  4. Liu Shuhua is a female resident of Cuimiao town. She was tortured because she practiced Falun Gong. The security team guards stripped off her clothes and forced her to stand outside for three freezing nights. After noticing this couldn't change her mind they began to deprive her of sleep. They ordered guards to monitor her in turn, to keep her from sleeping. Half a month later, they loosened the monitoring and let her walk around outside. The authority used many methods to persecute her. They tried to make her step on Master Li's photo and burn it, and they tried to make her burn Falun Dafa books. She refused to do so,so they beat her with wooden sticks, brooms, and plates. They forced her to kneel on the ground for a long time while lifting a heavy stone and while they plugged a liquor bottle into her mouth. If she moved they would beat her again. The authorities also tied her up and paraded her along the streets while a board hung under her neck.
  5. Li Bing is a female resident of Cuimiao Town. She went to the county government to request them to release the other practitioners. The security guards stopped her and beat her brutally. She still tried to talk to them peacefully,but they could not tell righteousness from wickedness. They kicked this thin lady to the ground and kicked her back and forth on the ground like a ball. Her face and body was full of blood and dirt. They were afraid the people would see their wickedness so they didn't allow Li Bing to leave until she washed away the blood and dirt.
  6. Liu Shuxiang and Liu Jianxin are sisters and are residents of Cuimiao Town. They went to Beijing to appeal in November 1999, as this is the basic right of a citizen. The policemen of the Capital beat them. Later, the county policemen escorted them back to their hometown. During the 600-km (about 375 miles) drive, the policemen inhumanely kept them in the trunk of the car. They lost consciousness a few times due to lack of oxygen and the bumping of the car. Finally the car arrived at the county government building. Even before the car stopped fully over 10 people rushed out from the building like wolves and dragged them out of the trunk. These men dragged the two sisters by the hair and rammed their heads against the wall. They also forced the two sisters to kneel on the ground while holding a basin of water and forbade them to change their position or put the basin down.
  7. Liu Qiusheng is a male resident of Cuimiao town who started to practice Falun Gong in 1996. After July 20th 1999 when Falun Gong was banned, he went to appeal through legal channels. He wanted to tell about his personal experiences. He was arrested and was beaten brutally by the local security guards. On October 22, 1999, the county government arrested him in Beijing by lying and saying that they wanted to talk to him. They detained him in the county detention center. In March 2000, the county government detained him again without giving any reason. He is still in the detention center. To "transform" Liu, the county government resorted to violence and beat him with sticks. . His face was beaten so badly that it was unrecognizable. The torture also injured his waist severely. He regained the feeling in his waist only after five months.
  8. The government had also illegally fined his family 15,000 Yuan (about $1,800 in US currency). In past years over ten members of his family had benefited from Dafa. They spent not a penny on medication and they were good upstanding citizens at various positions in society. But now Jiang Zemin regards "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" as an enemy, and so he brings trouble to the people and the country. Liu's elder sister was sentenced to two years in a Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. His wife was sentenced to one year in Beijing Daxing Forced Labor Education Center. His younger brother was sentenced to one year in a Labor Camp. His sister-in-law was also sentenced to one year in Hongzhou city (Zhejiang province).
  9. One of his younger sisters was illegally detained by the county government for 7 months. Another younger sister who worked at Jing County was also detained many times and tortured during the detention. She was still under tight monitoring after being released. Even his 70-year-old mother was not exempt. She was taken to the county security team building and forced to stand outside in the cold wind for several nights. The authorities also tied her up and paraded her around in the streets. Since all family members were detained somewhere, their business in Beijing was forced to be closed. Their children dropped out of school and the third brother's youngest child, who is only one year old, was sent to the countryside to live with his grandmother. She is in her 70's and needs her children to take care of her; she is now experiencing a miserable life due to her broken family.
  10. Wu Jinglian is a female resident of Cuimiao Town who was arrested and taken to the County Police Station while distributing materials telling the truth about Dafa. The Chief, Wei Zhaotian, beat her head with a broom and punched her in an attempt to force her to give out the source of the materials. She refused to cooperate with them and then was beaten till she became unconscious. Wei Zhaotian used many torturing tools on Dafa practitioners and injured many of them. He has viciously said a lot of dirty words to defame Dafa. Wu Jinglian was detained and tortured by the Security Team of the county many times. She was fined 7000 Yuan (about $845 in US currency). This fine gave her poor family economic difficulty. Her younger sister Wu Jinghong also went to Beijing to appeal and distribute Dafa materials. She was also brutally beaten in the County Police Station. The beating dislocated her jaw so that now she has difficulty in speaking and eating. Her family was also fined 10,000 Yuan (about $1200 in US currency).
  11. Xi Shurong is a female resident of Cuimiao Town. Even after the crack down of July 20th 1999, she continued letting her life be guided with the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance". She went to Beijing to appeal peacefully. The chief of the County Police Station and a few others went to Beijing to escort her back after she was arrested and transferred to the liaison office in Beijing. When Wei Zhaotian saw her he took off his shoe and slapped her face with it. Her face was very swollen afterwards. During the 600km (about 375 miles) drive back, Wei handcuffed Xi in an uncomfortable position and used this pain as a way to punish her till the car arrived at the county government building. Her arms lost feeling for a long time. To add to her pain, the government forced her husband to take the responsibility of monitoring her. If she went away, the government would double the punishment to her husband. Thus, her husband forced her to give up practicing by beating her till she was unconscious. He also used a spade to beat her body. He attempted to break her legs but instead did horrible damage to her knees. While she was lying in the bed, her husband would kick her to the ground and make her sleep outside. Not only did he deprive her of food but he also forced her to work in the field. Her husband used a kitchen knife to threaten her parents and told them that they should avoid her.
  12. Shi Xiaoqing is a female resident of Cuimiao Town. In December 1999, she went to the county government to tell them the truth about Falun Dafa and request a peaceful environment to practice. The security guards answered her request with a brutal beating. Later they grasped her hair in their hands and asked her, "Do you give up practicing?" She answered firmly, "No." Then the guards used sticks to beat her. The temperature was freezing that night. The thugs took off her clothes and shoes and forced her to stand outside in the wind for the whole night. The next day, they tied her up with thick ropes and paraded her around in the streets as an example. In May 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal. The men from the county government broke all the doors and windows in her house like bandits. They took all the grain and all her property and fined her 3000 Yuan (about $375 in US currency).. The thugs showed her no mercy and she is now living a hard life as a single mother with her two kids (her husband passed away) . It is just like the Chinese proverb: "The gangsters entered the party; the government became a family of bandits."
  13. Song Qingyun is a female resident of Gucheng town. The authorities arrested her because she practiced Falun Gong. As soon as the policemen entered her house, they yelled, "We heard you are a core member of Falun Gong. Today we will teach you, the so-called core member, a lesson." They asked her if she would keep on practicing. She answered, "Yes!" So two policemen began to whip her with electric power cable wires. Soon, her body was full of wounds and bruises. She didn't give up. The policemen shouted angrily, "I don't believe that I can't break your will." So they stripped off her clothes and put a fan in front of her. It was wintertime, and she had to stand under this cold wind for two hours. In the end, the policemen said, "Falun Gong is so strange. Even the cold wind can't hurt her." This threatening and violence cannot conquer people's hearts. On the contrary, it will only strengthen practitioners' belief.

A list of wicked men:

Wang Shuangma, Party General Secretary of Fucheng County, responsible for Falun Gong persecution.

Wei Zhaotian, Chief of Political Security Department, Police Station of Fucheng County.

Fucheng County Party Committee Office phone: (86)(318) 4622867

Fucheng County Police Station phone: (86)(318) 4622436

Fucheng County Cuimiao Town Government office phone: (86)(318) 4828428

Fucheng County Cuimiao Town Police Substation phone: (86)(318) 4828937