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List of Criminals Who Tortured Dafa Practitioners

January 24, 2001 |  

[Shandong Province ]

Liu Guangming, male; Deng Ping, female; Chief Zhang, male; and Secretary Gao, male, all work at the Chengguan Street office in Weifang city. These are the criminals who are responsible for the death of practitioner Chen Zixiu. Gao incited hired thugs to beat Chen Zixiu to death.

Shao Mingyi is the director of the police station at Taerbu village in Changyi city of Shandong province; Secretary Yu works at the political and law office; the village head is Zhang Daixue; the security guards are Zhang Zaicheng, Han Yuncheng and Yue Puchang: All people mentioned above are involved in torturing and beating practitioners. One practitioner Cao Zhenqi (male, 36 years old), from Dongmawan village, was beaten by the guards until he passed out. He remained unconscious until the next day.

Staff members in Beijing Office of Weifang city, Shandong province are also perpetrators of Dafa practitioners.

[Gansu Province ]

The Public security bureau in Yongjing county, Gansu province abused their power and violated the law by brutally torturing practitioners. On January 6, 2000, 10 practitioners from Yanguoxia and Shanyuan were thrown into jail for no reason. They were detained for over 110 days.

At the detention center, some practitioners were handcuffed and shackled. Their hands and feet were injured to the point of bleeding. In addition, the guards beat them. The director of the detention center, Wu XX is especially vicious. He beats practitioners when he is drunk and says: "It's ok even if I beat some of them to death!" One practitioner had a hunger strike to protest this mistreatment. Wu pried open the practitioner's mouth with an iron shovel and forcefully fed him. The practitioner's face was bleeding and deformed.

[Hebei Province]

On August 10, 2000, more than 60 practitioners (90% of them were women) from Laishui county, Hebei province went to appeal in Beijing. They were sent back to the county government and detained at the Communist Party School in Laishui. Practitioners were beaten with various instruments including wooden bars, police clubs, heavy sticks and iron cables. Lu Yufang from Dongguan village (female, 43 years old) and others were bruised all over their bodies. Practitioner Liu Quanying (female, 37 years old, vice president of the appeal office) and Zhang E (female, 50 years old, decoration clothing factory worker) were sent to the detention center. Their families were not allowed to visit them. They were brutally tortured and the persecution still continues.

Phone number of detention center at Laishui county: 86-312-4523534

Director of Public Security Bureau: Tan Shuping. 86-312-4523689 (office)

Secretary of rule inspection office: Liu Yuehua, 86-312-4522219 (office)

On July 19, 2000, practitioner Liu Quanying was deceived to go to the security bureau office by security guards. She was then arrested and released 17 days later. Around July 21, 10 practitioners were arrested. (five of them due to their appeal and the other five simple because they were suspected of appealing)

Administration security office: Liu Haichun, 86-312-4527868 (office)

On July 2, 2000, practitioner Zhang Jixian (female, 50 years old) was suspected of appealing in Beijing. She was detained for no reason at the Chengguan government. Around July 21, Cao Xiaoling (female, 50 years old) and another seven practitioners were detained at the town government and they have still not been released. They were all brutally beaten because they refused to give up their belief in Falun Dafa.

Party Committee secretary of Chengguan town: Hu Yuxiang, 86-312-4523966 (office)

The detention center in Chengguan town: 86-312-4522225

In October 1999, Wei Fenglan from Longan town in Songgezhuang village (female, 42 years old) and many other practitioners were tortured at the county shooting range for one month. They were fined 5,000 Yuan ($600). In April 2000, the town government detained several practitioners (Zhao Liangui and others from an adjacent village). Wei Fenglan protested to the town government. She was detained again and beaten for 10 days, and fined 3,000 Yuan ($360). In July, the town government detained her and another practitioner to prevent their appeal. On July 19, they could not endure the torture and dug a hole under the iron gate and escaped. They went again to appeal in Tiananmen Square. Later they were detained at the county detention center. Wei Fenglan was fined more than a total of 10,000 Yuan ($1,200) and owed a lot of debts.

Party committee secretary in Songgezhuang village: Ji Jianzhong, 86-312-4679619 (office)

Police station in Songgezhuang village: 86-312-4679641

On January 11, 2000 (on Chinese lunar calendar), Cao Zhenqi went to Beijing to appeal. He was brought back by village security on January 14. The president of the village security, Shao Mingyi himself beat him on the face and ribs with shoes and rubber batons. He was handcuffed outdoors in the cold weather. Secretary Yu and village head Zhang Daixue beat him again. Cao Zhenqi was sent to Changyi and was detained for one month and was detained for another 22 days after that. When he finally came home and stayed for 10 days, he was detained again for another two days because the sensitive date "April 25" [anniversary of the date 10,000 practitioners went to Beijing to appeal] was approaching.

Cao was taken away by the town government while he was working in the fields. Security guards Zhang Zaicheng, Han Yunchang and Yue Puchang beat him until he was unconscious. Seeing that he was dying, they brought Cao's family to the security office and left. Cao's family sent him to the Zhangling hospital on July 31. Cao remained unconscious from 2:00 PM until the next morning. He was sent to Changyi hospital again on August 1.

Shigangdajie police station (located at Bailinbei District in Shijiazhuang City): 86-311-7752119

[Shandong Province]

Shandong provincial mental hospital: 86-531-8932675

Hepinglu police station in Lixia district of Jinan city: 86-531-8932197 (this station forced Cheng Weijong, a female practitioner, into the mental hospital)

Luokou police station in Jinan city: 86-531-5704903


Xitiangezhuang police station in Miyun city: 86-10-61000549

Henanzhai village police station in Miyuan city: 86-10-61086582

January 18, 2001