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Latest News from China - 01/15/2001

January 19, 2001 |  

[Tangshan City, Hebei Province] Zhang Zhibin, A Practitioner in Hebei Province, Was Beaten to Death in the Kaiping Labor Camp, Tangshan City. Zhang Zhibin, female, 34 years old, was a resident of Qinglong Manchu Autonomy County. She was sentenced to three years in a labor camp in July and August of 2000, due to keeping on practicing Falun Gong. She was beaten to death in Tangshan Kaiping Labor Camp of Hebei Province on December 18, 2000. Her relatives got the news and went to see her on December 25, but they were not permitted to see her body. The authorities lied and informed her relatives that she committed suicide. The authorities also told the relatives not to reveal this news to anyone. Zhang Zhibin was a saleswoman during her short life. [Beijing] There were a Lot Of Truth-clarifying Materials Materials Made Public at Beijing University, Qinghua University and the China Science Academy on New Year's Day. The evil forces tightly control Beijing University, Qinghua Unversity, and the China Science Academy. But, on New Year's Day 2001, lots of red, painted signs reading "Falun Dafa Is Good" appeared, and several hundred adhesive banners printed with the messages "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance", "Falun Dafa is the righteous Dafa", "Falun Dafa is Good" were put up, together with other materials to promote Dafa. In addition, there were many yellow scrolls and banners with the same messages hung in trees along both sides of the street. This was a collective activity of Beijing Dafa practitioners to assist our respected, benevolent Teacher in the human world in order to celebrate the New Century. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] "I am a Relative of a Dafa Practitioner" Recently I spoke with a female practitioner from Changchun City where I learned her story. The practitioner told me that, for the third time, she went to Beijing to validate Dafa in September 2000. Her husband sensed the compassion of our Teacher and the greatness of Dafa [great law and principle of the universe]. In an incident that happened in the morning, her husband (an employee of Changchun No.1 Automobile Factory) was working on an elevated platform. Suddenly, he and a huge metal container dropped to the ground below. His colleagues on the ground were all shocked. Everyone thought he would die. But behind all the dust created by the fall of the huge container, his colleagues found that more than 10 meters away, the practitioner's husband was standing on the ground, safe and sound. His colleagues asked him in disbelief: "Are you still alive?" He said, "Yes. You know I am a relative of a Dafa practitioner." Teacher's fashen [law body] must have saved him. [Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province] Practitioners in Shenzhen Made up for the Losses and Stepped Forward to Tiananmen Square. Zhou Shiyu, male, 32 years old, was an employee in Shenzhen Haiwang Company, and was also the former Falun Dafa contact person in Nanshan Area. His wife, Li Jiang, a 32 year-old female practitioner was an employee of Shenzhen Tongguang Beidian [communication] Company, is a practitioner. In order to make up for the losses they have caused to Dafa because of their own inaction, the couple went to clarify the truth in Tiananmen Square on December 30, 2000. They were detained in Beijing in early January. They were escorted back to Nanshan of Shenzhen City. The personnel in the Politics Security Department illegally detained Zhou Shiyu in Shenzhen City and informed his parents in Changchun City of his situation. But the place where Li Jiang is detained is not known, as she did not have a resident card in Shenzhen City and could have been taken anywhere. [Beijing] Three Practitioners were Illegally Sentenced Due to Distributing Dafa Materials. According to the reports in the "Beijing Youth" dated January 10, three practitioners, Li Jinpeng, He Yuansheng, Shi Xiufen, were sentenced to 6 years, 4 years, and 3 years imprisonment, respectively, on a charge of "use an xx [perjorative word omitted] organization to obstruct law implementation" in the Fengtai and Haidian District Court of Beijing. Li Jinpeng was detained while distributing Dafa materials. He Yuansheng was detained by the Security Department in Beijing Northern Transportation University while distributing Dafa materials. Shi Xiufen and Ni Yanxia was detained while distributing Dafa materials in Pingguoyuan residence area in Shijingshan District. [Beijing] The Whereabouts of Miao Naiyi, A Graduate Student in Beijing University, are not Known. Miao Naiyi, a graduate student ྞ in the Earth Physics Department of Beijing University, was detained several times for interrogation while practicing the exercises at the university in early 2000. He went to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the People's Congress in March 2000. Following that, he was unlawfully detained for a month. Afterwards, the university suspended him from school and did not allow him to attend his classes and lectures for half a year. He was illegally detained again for another month due to putting up materials containing the true facts of Falun Dafa on the Triangle Area at Beijing University. This detention is an illegal act, because our Chinese Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. In the middle of December, he went to appeal in Tiananmen Square. He has not come back since. His whereabouts are unknown. [Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province] 20 Practitioners were Sentenced to a Labor Camp in Shenzhen City. Recently, 20 more practitioners were sentenced to illegal incarceration in a labor camp in Futian Detention Center. They were: Li Xuesong, Jian Fengqiong, Liu Tianshu, Fang Jinru, Li Hailian, Wang Shuling, Zhang Fuying, Ye Huirong, Qiu Chunling, Zhou Xuefei, Deng Yunping, Du Yuhua, Liao Nuli, Deng Qifeng, He Junwei, Liu Qian, Che Wenwu, Xu Zhonghua, Xie Naiyong, Ji Xiaochun. [Xixia City, Shandong Province] Xixia Police Harassed Local People After Teacher's new scripture "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" was published, the devil Jiang began to detain Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale. "Do not let even one escape, even though you will have to detain one thousand." The people being harassed dare not to say anything except they were angry in their hearts.

  1. A person appointed responsible to enforce directives for the Falun Gong issue went to a practitioner's home to see whether he was at home. He discovered a piece of Falun Gong material. He illegally searched and ransacked the practitioner's home, but found nothing. He detained the practitioner anyway and locked him up in the police station yard for a night. On the second day, for no reason, the innocent practitioner was illegally put into a detention center. Later, all practitioners' homes were searched and many Dafa books were taken away.
  2. Carrying a leather bag, a female employee of some bureau in Xixia City waited for someone at 5pm on January 3, 2001. Suddenly, three young men ran up to her and asked, "What are you doing here? What is in the bag?" The woman thought they must be bandits. So she ran away. The three young guys pursued her. In the end, due to her fatigue from running and her fright at the situation, the woman fainted and fell to the ground. She suffered a severe shock. The three guys did not care about her condition, but they searched her bag. They found nothing related to Falun Gong. So they left the scene without further delay. The woman was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment later on. This incident was widely publicized. All of the people who heard about it said the police were behaving just like bandits and robbers!
  3. An elderly worker went to work at 4 o'clock in the morning. On his way there, several persons ran after him. He was so scared that he ran back home. He had thought he must have met some bandits. But he had to go to work. So he went outside again. This time, he was stopped and cross-examined whether he was going to distribute Falun Gong flyers. The elderly worker said he was a worker whose job is to boil water. Then the thugs made a phone call to his place of work to ask about it. After they had confirmed that the elderly worker had told them the truth, they freed him. Afterwards, the elderly worker asked the Director of the work place for permission to live in the factory, as he dared not to go back home.
[Taian City, Shandong Province] The Police Search Common People Not long ago, practitioners from Taian City painted the words: "Falun Dafa Is Good", "Restore the Reputation of Falun Dafa" and "The Fa Rectifies the Heaven and the Earth" on the wire poles and big stones along the two main pathways leading to Mount Tai. This event alarmed the whole Department of Shandong Public Security on the second day. They ordered the police in Taian City to investigate into it immediately, but the police couldn't find any clues. Instead, they decided that they had to search the common people who go to Mount Tai every day, and would not even spare the local citizens who go to the mountain to take spring water. These poor excuses for law-enforcement officers make un-called for, illegal, degrading body searches on everyone to see if they bring Dafa materials. This reminds us of the scene that the Kuomintang soldiers searched the common people during the National War. (The vicious authorities do not understand that Falun Dafa is the best thing that has ever originated in China throughout all of history). [Tiananmen Square, Beijing] The Story from Young Practitioners I am 11 years old. My mom and I went to Beijing to safeguard Dafa on December 19, 2000. As soon as we arrived in Tiananmen Square, the police pulled my mom by the hair and put us into the police car. A few minutes later, the police in the car saw a few good aunts unfurling the Dafa Banner. They rushed down and beat one of aunts without waiting for an explanation. A good aunt was beaten so badly that she had a bloody nose and a swollen face, but she was still smiling. The police car took us to Tiananmen Police Station. We recited Hong Yin [Master's poem collection] and Lunyu [Master Li' scripture] and unfurled banners. The police were very angry but they had no idea how to deal with us. One aunt recited Nothingness (Wu Cun) [From Essentials for Further Advances]. The police put the electric stun baton into her mouth when she spoke the first two words. She continued with another two words, upon which the police put tissues into her mouth. The aunt removed it and continued to recite. One older aunt took the lead to call out: " Falun Dafa Is Good!" " Falun Dafa Is an Orthodox Fa" and "Restore My Teacher's Reputation."etc. Her voice was loud and clear. A police officer pulled her out and beat her up. He hit this older aunt on the head with the police baton, and her head bled. The blood was all over on the ground. They took the older aunt away in the end. It was really touching to witness the great compassion and tolerance as well as the unselfishness demonstrated by Dafa practitioners. A 9-year-old Practitioner's Experience in Safeguarding the Fa My Dad, Mom and I went to Tiananmen Square to safeguard Dafa on October 1, 2000. After we arrived in Tiananmen Square, we had to look for other practitioners to practice together, because we did not have banners. We did not find other practitioners at that time. I only saw some practitioners being taken away. At last, my dad held my mom's hands and mine, and we ran together towards a bus, which was filled with practitioners. My dad stood in front of the bus and said: " Don't catch them!" Two police in plain clothes jumped from the bus and took my dad into the bus. The bus moved on immediately. My mom and I called out: " Falun Dafa Is Good!" "The Injustice Done to Falun Dafa Is Unprecedented in the Entire History of the Earth." Two police in plain clothes rushed to us and pulled us into another bus. The driver said: "We don't want the people that you caught from the other side." One of the police in plain clothes said to us: "You two have to leave here immediately." We walked out of the square. The next day, we found two practitioners and stayed with them for a couple of days and then went home. We came to Beijing again to safeguard Dafa in December. We had been caught twice. Now we are still in Beijing. I appeal to all those practitioners who haven't come out yet to validate Dafa: come out quickly! Teacher has said: "It will be too late to repent when the truth is disclosed." [Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Maojiashan Female Detention Center is Committing Offences Against the Heavenly Principles. According to inside information, many practitioners, though they are in prison and are forced to be brainwashed with slander, lies and propaganda, their hearts to Dafa remain unshakeable. The evil beings then abused them physically. Right now, many practitioners are handcuffed and shackled in the standing position, and they are not allowed to sleep. Beatings and cursing are daily routine. This situation has lasted more than dozen days. [Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region] The Situation of Practitioners Who are Being Persecuted. Partial name list of practitioners who are detained in Huhehot City, Inner Mongolia: Zhang Suzhen, female, 40-year-old Shi Yumei, female, 38-year-old Ms. Dong, (have no details) Qi Ri, male, 62-year-old, Mongolians nationality, has sentenced to one and half years in labor camp. Huhehot Detention Center: Xu Meiqin, An Xiaoqin, Wang Ye, Zhang Lijuan, Wang Guosheng Linhe City Detention Center: Wang Yulan, Yao Huizhen Practitioners from Huhehot City, Inner Mongolia, who went to Beijing to appeal are now detained in Zhuxinzhuang, Qinghe County, Beijing. We hope related figures to pay attention to it. Liang Baochi, male, 38-year-old, is a worker from Huhehot Winery. He went to Beijing to appeal on December 31, 2000. Now there is no any news about him. Please expose the truth if you know anything about him. His relatives, friends and all practitioners in Huhehot City as well as all kind-hearted people show great concern about his situation. Zhao Yong, male, 60-year-old, from Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, was taken away by the police from home without reason in November, 2000. He has still not been released. His wife, an employee from the Clean Workshop, Baotou Railway Section of Passenger Transport, now is being detained because she went to Beijing to appeal. More than 10 other practitioners who went to Beijing together were also arrested. Ma Guixiang, female, 50-year-old, from Tongyu County, Jilin Province, has been detained in Heizuizi Detention Center, Changchun City since December 2000. She has been illegally sentenced to three years in a labor camp. The local policeman said, "We will release them if they hand over Ten Thousand Yuan [about US $1200]." Six practitioners' relatives have been forced to hand over the extortion money to those "wolfs in sheep's clothing." News from Huhehot City, Inner Mongolia The police from Huhehot City arrested Falun Gong practitioners and searched their home illegally and without a search warrant before the New Year. They took the practitioners away immediately once they would find any Dafa materials or Dafa books. News from Linhe City, Inner Mongolia Linhe policemen have illegally taken away two practitioners in recent three days. The main reason was that they lately found flyers and posters that tell the truth to people in Linhe City. As the police often illegally arrest, monitor and follow the Dafa practitioners in Wuhai, Linhe and Hanghou Cities, Inner Mongolia, some practitioners cannot go home. They have to leave their wives and children and wander about in other places far from home. [Tangshan City, Hebei Province] Tangshan Police Illegally Removes All Dafa Practitioners From Their Homes for Forced Transformation Suspecting Dafa practitioners would hold some big events (going to Beijing to appeal) during the New Year and the Spring Festival, Tangshan police started taking all local Dafa practitioners (except those who were designated by them to be handicapped) away from their homes on December 22 and held them in different district branches for forced "transformation classes." Not only is this an illegal act and a transgression against rights granted by our Chinese Constitution, but on top of that, those poor excuses for law-enforcement officers have the unmitigated gall to demand that every practitioner will have to hand in several thousand Yuan extortion "fine" and 500 Yuan per month for "room and board." Female Dafa practitioner Wang Xin, who was held in Tangshan City Lubei District Party Members School, fled on December 26 when the guard was not on watch. Since the policemen were frightened by this, officers from the Lubei District Dali Road Substation surrounded both her mother and mother-in-law's homes and promised to her family members that "if she returns home and will not go to Beijing to appeal, we will waive the 500 Yuan monthly fee for room and board." As Wang Xin's husband cannot accept the fact of her being illegally detained, he questioned the policemen and said some fair words for Falun Gong. He was then forced to write a "guarantee letter" for Wang Xin and he, himself, was not released until two days later. [Shihezi City, Xinjiang Province] Wrongdoings of Policemen Ge Ming and Zhang Shuhu of Political & Security Unit, Mosuowan Police Station Ge Ming, born in 1969, 31-year-old, persecutes Dafa practitioners with "positive results". Dozens of Dafa practitioners were held or sent to labor camps under his jurisdiction. Practitioner Chen Lianjun, female, 38-year-old, is a widow with 2 young children. She has no permanent occupation. She was purified both physically and spiritually ever since she cultivated Falun Dafa. As a result, she courageously went to Beijing to appeal on March 18, 2000 and wanted to speak out for Dafa. She was illegally detained 15 days by Beijing police. One day in the middle of August, Ge Ming locked her up in the official hostel and beat her with a broom. Her back and thighs were black and blue all over. She was later sent to labor camp for three years' imprisonment. We don't know her current circumstances. Practitioner Luo Yufen, a 55-year-old female schoolteacher, female, had a recurring cancer, which even returned after surgery. She suffered a lot from the disease. After practicing Falun Dafa, the cancer disappeared. Ge Ming, the evil guard, used to be her student. Luo Yufen went to Tiananmen Square and did sitting meditation there to express her peaceful appeal. After her return, she was sent to a detention center by her former student Ge Ming. Practitioner Zhang Aiying, female, a retired worker. She went to Beijing to appeal in July 2000 and was sent to the liaison office in Beijing and held there for many days. She was taken back later and she, herself, had to pay from her retirement pension for all the expenses created by the police's unlawful acts. The money is still not completely paid off. Practitioner Wang Fang, female, has a 1.5-year-old child. Bringing the child with her, she courageously went to Tiananmen Square to appeal in July 2000. When she got back home, her husband's salary was cut off, her mother-in-law's medical care was denied, even the leader of her husband's work place was innocently implicated. Practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal were all expelled from work and illegally sent to detention centers and labor camps. [Chaoyang District, Beijing] Beijing Chaoyang District Shi Hua Hotel: A Horrible Place of Persecution for Dafa Practitioners Shihua Hotel, at 14 Dongli, Xibahe Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing is a horrible place of persecution against practitioners, People from Police Department and National Security Department who are stationed there are cruelly persecuting Dafa practitioners at that place. Practitioners who managed to escape from that building said that many Dafa practitioners who had been abducted and reported missing in Beijing were held there. We found out the telephone number of the hotel: 011-86-10-64665522 Someone tried to call Shihua Hotel in an evening "May I speak to people from Police Department?" and the operator said, "They have already left". "Will they be back tomorrow?" "Yes." "Can I find them with this number?" "Yes." Please, do all you can to call there and voice your opinions. [Helongjiang Province] Evil Person Li Wei: Crimes Committed by Party Committee Director of Heilongjiang Province's TV Station Party Committee director of Heilongjiang Province TV station, Li Wei, illegally sent Dafa practitioners who work at the TV station to remote mountains for three months to accomplish the so-called "Forced Transformation." All communications between Dafa practitioners and the outside world were completely cut off. Recently, several Dafa practitioners from the TV station went to Beijing to validate Dafa and were illegally detained by people from the local police station. The police notified Li Wei to take back practitioners on the due date. Li said insidiously, "I have already spent over 200,000 Yuan to transform them. If you release them now, who knows what they will do, in my opinion, we'd better send them to labor camps." Because of Li Wei's sinister comment, those illegally held practitioners have up until now not been released. Li Wei's office telephone: 011-86-451-2893618 Home telephone: 011-86-451-2602020 Pager: 011-86-451-95950 call 1100205 Please, do all you can to call this evil person and let him know what you think.