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Expose the Chinese Media's Lie

January 18, 2001 |  

[Clearwisdom.net] On July 31, 1999, the former Nanchang [City] Evening newspaper (whose postal code number is 43-53) published an article, on the second page, titled, "A Pair of Sisters in Shigang Town were Victimized by Falun Gong". The article reported the following: "A pair of sisters who suffered from a skin disease were encouraged by their parents (who were Falun Gong practitioners) to practice Falun Gong. However, their diseases were not cured, instead, as a result of this (and the lie of being fascinated by the practice), the parents lost their interest in working, and their family's economic situation went down hill rapidly. The 23-year-old Luo Ping and the 21-year-old Luo Yanping lived in Shigang Town, Xinjian County [Jiangxi Province]. The sisters were both young and beautiful which resulted in all of the local young men wanting to marry them. Their parents owned a gold and silver processing company. However, there was one imperfection to this fairy tale family, both of the sisters got scabies. The practitioner-parents believed in the lie of not taking medicine. They did not take the sisters to the hospital, but asked them to practice Falun Gong instead. As a result, whenever the disease broke out, the sisters would have to apply some medication in order to calm down the itch......." The truth is, that the sisters both had scabies before they started practicing Falun Gong. But after starting to practice, they never applied medication, yet the scabies disappeared. A department from Xinjian County extorted money from the family and no longer permitted them to run their business. However, it's not like what the reporter said in the article about the parents being so fascinated by Falun Gong that they were no longer in the mood to manage their business- this wasn't the case at all. The family, as a whole, is very steadfast to the Fa [the law and principles of the universe]. In the detention center, none of them wrote a guarantee paper [to guarantee that they would no longer practice Falun Gong]. Therefore, the father, Luo Yunnan, the mother, Ge Jinlian, and the younger sister, Luo Ping were all sentenced to two years in labor camp. In addition, the reporter even had the two sisters' names mixed up, which goes to show that he did not thoroughly investigate this matter in order to verify his information. He picked up hearsay, organized them into an article and then placed the lies into the newspaper. This seriously violates the essence of news that is to present the truth to the people. On the contrary, this reporter was manipulated by politics to a great extent, using it as a tool to strike at people. This incident also revealed that the Chinese journalists do not possess any knowledge concerning professional ethics. When reporting events relating to Falun Gong, they incorrectly report the facts, using false information to confuse ordinary people. Hence, the people have no way to find out what the truth really is. I hope that you can all expose the Chinese government's lies. Let's suffocate the evil together. Dafa Practitioner in Jiangxi Province