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Shijiazhuang Labor Camp Cruelly Persecutes Falun Gong Practitioners

January 17, 2001 |  

The 4th substation of the Shijiazhuang City Labor Station has illegally detained more than 100 female Dafa practitioners from the surrounding areas. In the past year, these practitioners have suffered greatly in order to validate the Fa. Recently, after studying Master Li's article "Suffocating Evil", we recognized the importance of exposing the despicable acts of persecution of Dafa practitioners to the world. We also presented letters charging Jiang Zemin with these crimes and demanding the release of the innocent practitioners to the labor camp officials, asking them to deliver them to the appropriate government agencies. This obviously scared the representatives of these evil forces greatly, causing them to spring into action. Under the guise of having a talk with them, they moved the two practitioners who wrote the petition letters to an undisclosed location. Afterwards, they searched our beds and rooms, hoping in vain to confiscate Dafa books and materials. When some practitioners refused to be searched, they were immediately brutally beaten. This further proved Master Li's assertion that the wickedness is at the end of its road. In the face of facts and mounting evidence of their crimes, they fear exposure of their brutality the most and they are in the throes of death. That means that the Dafa practitioners should apply their wisdom and rationality and do more to expose their evil to the world, thus suffocating the evil together.

- All the Falun Dafa practitioners at the Shijiazhuang Labor Station 4th Substation

Since the 4th substation of the Shijiazhuang Labor Station first took in Falun Gong practitioners on November 2nd of 1999, it has illegally held an approximate total of 140 practitioners, including the 120 that are still held there today. Among them are factory workers, farmers, intellectuals, lawyers, doctors, editors, police, and private business owners. The wicked staff at the labor camps have beaten practitioners with stun batons, truncheons, and rubber hoses, tied them up, and subjected them to various tortures. These people, who are supposed to be law enforcement officers, have grossly abused the law and seriously violated the rights of Chinese citizens. Their crimes are too numerous to fully record.

  1. Forced Labor

Everyday, from six in the morning to midnight, everyone has to work in the factory. In some cases, the practitioners have been forced to work through the night (24 hours). The leaders of the guards have told them, "We know that you are all good people. The reason we have to force you to work is to prevent you from having the strength left to practice Falun Gong. This is how the people's government enforces its laws! " In order to punish the practitioners, the guards purposely assign them the hardest labor. In the middle of January, when practitioner Zhu Hong was running a fever and had broken calluses that made it difficult for her to bend her hands, they purposely assigned her to carry heavy loads (up to 130 pounds) every day through these long hours, and sometimes throughout the night under terrible working conditions.

2. Physical punishments and violence against practitioners

The labor camp has established three major rules, forbidding the "copying, reading, and discussion" of Falun Gong related material. Of course, it goes without saying that practicing Falun Gong is strictly forbidden. The lightest punishment for anyone who breaks the rules is to be beaten. The more severe punishments include being tied or manacled into agonizing positions, or forced to wear other devices designed to inflict pain for long periods of time.

On January 8th, a labor camp supervisor with the surname of Chen slapped, kicked, and verbally abused practitioner Zhu Hong for performing the Falun Gong exercises and then handcuffed her to a tree. When she performed the exercises a second time, platoon leader Liu Junlin pulled her hair with one hand, and used the other hand to slap her hard more than a dozen times. She was beaten so severely that she could no longer control her bladder.

On February 5th, most practitioners being held at the labor camp got together to hold a group practice. All of them were beaten, tied with ropes, and placed in chains. Practitioner Li Fengqin was tied up so tightly that she lost control of her bladder. In spite of this, the guards still handcuffed her hands behind her back and left her outside to freeze for the entire day. A platoon leader with the surname of Shi repeatedly slapped Practitioner Fan Lixin. Then, seven or eight other people, including a platoon leader with the surname of Geng and a supervisor with the surname of Chen, gathered around her and bet her repeatedly with police batons, then tied her up. After this torture, they handcuffed her hands behind her back and left her outside to freeze for two days. Platoon leader Shi also slapped practitioner Sun Lihua so hard that she completely lost her hearing for two weeks. Sun was also beaten and kicked by platoon leaders with the surnames of Zhou and Meng, who afterwards warned her not to tell anyone about the beating.

On February 21st, because she was caught sending a note to a fellow practitioner, Liang Shuxiang was taken into the office, while the squadron leader with the surname of Shang led seven or eight other platoon leaders in abusing her. They placed her in handcuffs and then beat and kicked her repeatedly. Liang suffered severe injuries to her legs, which bring her pain to this day. While she was being beaten, a number of practitioners including Jia Yuxia and Zhou Ronghua heard about the beating and went in to ask what was going on. The guards started to beat them as well and pulled fistfuls of hair from their heads. The faces of the practitioners were covered with blood. Jia Yuxia and Liang Shuxiang were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs and forced to stand outside to freeze for an entire day.

In the middle of March, practitioner Hou Haiping was beaten and kicked after the guards discovered Falun Gong books in her possession.

The practitioners asked the labor camps to follow the Chinese labor laws, which state a person should work no more than eight hours a day, but the labor camp officials turned down their request. On March 13th, 54 practitioners started a strike. They were forced to stand facing walls from the beginning to the end of the workday for (more than a dozen hours per day). Use of the restroom was strictly rationed, and they were not even allowed to brush their teeth. The legs of some practitioners became swollen, and some practitioners lost consciousness. To cause more pain to the practitioners, the guards forced them to spend six hours a day running in circles or marching in a military style.

One by one, practitioners began to protest this mistreatment by holding group practices or reciting the Jinwen (short articles) of Master Li out loud. As a result, they were severely abused. The squadron leader with the surname of Shang beat and kicked practitioner Jia Yuxia and then dragged her inside the workshop to beat her again behind closed doors. While beating her, Shang appeared as if he had gone mad and shouted, "This is how the people's government rules." Jia, a fragile woman in her 40s, was beaten so severely that it appeared as if her brain was damaged. For a long period of time after the beating, all she did everyday was to stare into space.

The platoon leader with the surname of Geng dragged practitioner Fan Lixin from the courtyard to the 2nd floor of the office building, pulling her by the hair the whole time. He then beat, kicked and slapped her repeatedly, and then tied her into an excruciating position in the afternoon.

Liu Juhua, a female practitioner in her fifties, was beaten and shocked by several male platoon leaders and then tied up. A platoon leader with the surname of Zhou pinned her head between his thighs, and continued to beat her while in this position until she lost consciousness. As soon as she woke up, they forced her to stand by the wall with her hands handcuffed behind her back until 11 PM. The next day, her blood pressure rose to 180, and she suffers from headaches and dizziness to this day.

Practitioners Zhang Huae and Dong Chunling were called into an office to be beaten. There, they were also tortured with ropes. They tied Dong Chunling so tightly that a finger-thick rope snapped. After being tied with the ropes the second time, Dong Chunling fell unconscious for more than twenty minutes. To this day, Zhang Huae still has scars on her shoulder where she was tied. Zhu Hong was tied up twice, and they put three books between her back and the ropes to increase the pressure and pain.

Practitioner Li Na was tortured multiple ways, including being beaten with rubber hoses, shocked with stun batons, and tied with ropes. Platoon leader Wang Shumin made Li take off her pants while being beaten, and yelled, "Beat her harder, until her behind is a pulp."

Practitioners Wang Daling, Wang Jingmei, and Yi Zengyan were beaten by platoon leader Geng and supervisor Chen with rubber hoses more than twenty times. Afterwards, they felt dizzy, nauseous, and their faces were ghostly pale.

Practitioner Li Yanrong is nearly sixty years old. She was tied with ropes twice, and her buttocks were beaten black and blue. Many other practitioners, including Hou Haiping, Guo Liyun, Qiao Yunxia, and Li Xiumin were also tied with ropes. Some practitioners were hit with shoes and bamboo sticks, causing their eyes to be swollen shut.

Practitioner Yuan Yuge was called into the dormitory by platoon leader Geng, and beaten about the face with a shoe. One of her ears began to bleed, and the shoe itself was damaged. Geng said to her, "This is the people's government." Every practitioner has large bruises on her buttocks, and there are bloody scars all over their bodies.

On April 25th of last year, the entire group of Falun Gong practitioners recited Jinwen (short articles) of Master Li out loud at the morning roll call, and the guards responded with brute force. On April 27th, the nearly 60-years-old practitioner Wang Fengmei was forced to stand at attention, because she refused to participate in the forced labor. On April 28th, nearly 50 practitioners took off their work uniforms and went on a hunger strike to protest the forced labor. Three days later, they were force fed by guards.

3. Encouraging fellow inmates to abuse practitioners

The guards not only abuse the practitioners themselves, but they also encourage and direct criminals being held at the labor camp to do so as well. Two or three prisoners are assigned to watch every Dafa practitioner, and there are "inmate supervisors" for every dormitory. If an inmate supervisor does not supervise the practitioners closely enough, she is beaten or fined by the guards. If she is diligent in her "duties", then she might receive a reduction in sentence or be otherwise rewarded. Under the coercion of the guards, some of the prisoners have become full-fledged accomplices. They stop practitioners from practicing and studying the Fa. They often verbally or physically abuse the practitioners, and some even have the authority to handcuff the practitioners.

In the middle of January, practitioners Zhu Hong, Liang Shuxiang, and Sun Lihua practiced the Falun Gong exercises outdoors, and they were dragged inside by inmate supervisor Zhang Xia and others. There, they were beaten mercilessly, and they were forced to work through the night. In order to make things more difficult for the practitioners, the prisoners assigned to watch them were forced to work through the night with them.

For practicing Falun Gong, Sun Lihua was punished by several inmates. While Yao Meiying sat on her, Zeng Ping and Duan Shuying pulled her hair and slapped her face. Every time practitioners perform the exercises or recite the Jinwen in a group, the evil criminals being held at the camp immediately become the guards' accomplices. A drug addict, Zhang Xinping, repeatedly kicked the face and ribs of a nearly sixty-year-old practitioner named Li Yanrong. For more than a month, Li could not straighten her back, and it was painful for her even to breathe. .

On May 1st, those 18 practitioners who refused hard labor and went on a hunger strike were transferred from the fourth substation to the third substation. On June 9th, another group of 11 practitioners along with their supervisors were sent to the third substation. In the third substation, the practitioners were placed in isolation. Every room held 3 to 6 practitioners, and the practitioners being held at different rooms could not see or talk to each other. Each room had a supervisor, and every hall had a group supervisor. There was surveillance around the clock. Whenever a practitioner practiced Falun Gong exercises, she was immediately beaten. For those practitioners who went on hunger strike, they were force fed through tubes, and some were fed to the point where they began to vomit blood. Zhang Huae, Fan Lixin, Yi Zengyan, Zhu Hong, and Jia Yuxia were hung from their handcuffs on an iron door, with only their toes touching the ground. Some of them passed out, and some were hung for as long as 28 hours. In some cases, practitioners were handcuffed to some objects for seven days continuously.

Among the criminals, Duan Shuying and Ji Yixia are especially vicious to the practitioners. Ji Yixia habitually grabs practitioners' hair, punches and kicks practitioners, and force-feeds them. Sometimes when other inmates shed tears of compassion, Ji would say, "It'd be good if they are force-fed to death." When Liu Juhua practiced the exercises, Ji Yixia grabbed her by the hair and slammed her to the ground face first. After Liu Juhua fell unconscious, Ji Yixia hit her neck with her slippers, until the slippers became too damaged to go on. She also grabbed two practitioners' heads and rammed them together, and often handcuffs practitioners on her own. She smeared Wang Daling's face with toothpaste, and stuffed dirty rags into her mouth. She also used her belt to strike Zhang Aiping. She openly says, "It's forbidden to hit others, but hitting Falun Gong practitioners will earn me a reduction in my prison term, how great is that?"

Inmate Duan Shuying was sent to the labor station for repeatedly causing public disturbances. She is not very good at working, but she is very good at persecuting practitioners. On March 25th, when Dafa practitioners held a group practice session, Duan led a group of inmates who swarmed upon the practitioners, beating them wildly. Duan took a hold of Li Na's hair, and dragged her over the muddy ground. Many practitioners, including Zhu Hong, Yuan Yuge, and Sun Lihua have all been beaten by her. Because she is so "exemplary" in persecuting practitioners, she earned five days reduced on her sentence the first time that she beat the practitioner, and it was quickly raised to eight days for each beating.

On September 22nd, the authorities brought 4 "transformed" practitioners to give a talk at the labor camp. All of the practitioners being held at the camp were forced to attend.

On November 1st, the practitioners held a group practice, and began a hunger strike the next day. They demanded that the name of Dafa and Master Li be cleared, and that the innocent practitioners be released. On November 3rd, 12 practitioners, including Zhang Qiaodi, Liu Suxiang, and Liu Caihua were transferred to the fifth division, where they continued their hunger strike. Zhang Qiaodi was hospitalized, and Liu Caihua became so weak that the labor camp officials released her to her family. She remains bed ridden to this day. 99 Dafa practitioners wrote a joint petition, accusing those wicked forces led by Jiang Zemin of illegally persecuting the Dafa practitioners. They submitted the petition through the proper channels to the leader of the labor camp, hoping to reach the courts eventually. The labor camp officials not only suppressed the petition, but also took away the two practitioners penning the petition, Liu Juhua and Zhu Hong. To this day, their whereabouts are unknown. The guards then organized a comprehensive search. The labor camp officials confiscated the Dafa books and other materials of the practitioners, and instituted even more surveillance. Under this kind of terror, some of the practitioners have already written their wills, prepared to give their lives to protect Dafa if necessary. Hou Haiping gave her will to the labor camp officials, and Sun Lihua left a parting letter to her parents with the labor camp.

We hope that the righteous and compassionate people around the country and around the world can focus their attention on the imprisoned, persecuted Dafa practitioners, and raise their voices for justice, compassion, and peace. We hope that they can clear the name of Falun Gong and our Teacher, and secure the release of all of the imprisoned, innocent practitioners.

Attached, a list of the wicked people in the camp:

1. Head of the camp: someone with the surname of Shang

2. Camp associate director: someone with the surname of Chen.

3. Head supervisor: Liu Junling

4. Supervisors: Geng Shaojun, Shi Yanling, Wang Shumin, someone with the surname of Zhou, and someone with the surname of Wu.

5. Criminal accomplices to the persecution of practitioners: Duan Shuying (released early for her role in the persecution), Ji Yixia (released early for her role in the persecution), Zhang Xia, Xu Yan, and Zhang Xinping