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Always Keep a Righteous Mind and Calmly Pass Tests

January 01, 2001 |  

In early December I got on a train that was heading north. I was excited on my way to Beijing. I decided to go to Tiananmen Square to express my belief. When I got closer to Tiananmen Square, I began to feel a little nervous. I immediately used righteous thoughts to remind myself that I came to do the best and most righteous thing and to eradicate the evilness.

The square was full of uniformed and plainclothes policemen, undercover agents, and police vehicles. Falun Gong practitioners who unfurled banners were taken away one after another and put into police vehicles. The film was even removed and exposed from tourists' cameras.

I walked back and forth on the square to look for a crowd to unfurl my banner to. I felt fearful again. I recalled Master Li's words about a person who dropped from his Arhat status that he had just attained when the thought of fear came to his mind. I let my enlightened side ask myself how the righteous could be afraid of the evil! I took out the banner, unfolded it, held it high, and started to run while I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa is a righteous way of cultivation. Give the innocence back to Master Li." etc. At that moment, my mind was empty and I felt that my life was sublimating.

I was pushed down to the ground by the secret agents. They caught me, took away my banner, and then brought me to two policewomen. I cried and told them, "Falun Dafa is really good. You are wrong and you are doing bad things." These two young policewomen replied, "We know Falun Dafa is good. Do not talk anymore. Who would bother you if you practiced privately in your home?" Then they took me to a policeman. I told him, "You are deceived. What the TV says are all lies. You are doing the worst things." A group of tourists came by right in front of me. I shouted to them, "Falun Dafa is good." The policeman pushed me once. When another group came by, I shouted to them, "Falun Dafa is good." The policeman pushed me again. Then he pushed me into a police vehicle. Soon after, another practitioner who had unfurled a banner was pushed into this vehicle as well. The police searched our bodies in the vehicle. The vehicle drove around the square, ready to take away practitioners. After about 40-50 minutes, six or seven more practitioners were caught and all of us were brought to the Tiananmen Square Police Station.

After we entered the door, we had to pass a door-like frame one by one. A light flashed once after each person passed through. I heard them say, "These are real practitioners." They then told us, "Your gong has been eliminated." Upon hearing this, I almost laughed out loud. There was no way that an everyday person could remove the gong from an enlightened being. I noticed that the metal cage in a room on the left-hand side was packed with practitioners. We were divided into two groups. Four of us were sent to a room. Policemen were waiting for us there. They took out a stack of forms and asked us to fill in our names and addresses. We refused to, because we did not want to cooperate with the evil. They tried their best to persuade us to tell them our names and addresses. I recited in my mind, "Hear but pay no attention; One's mind is hard to be confused."[Master Li's poem Within the Tao] When they asked me, I just smiled and said, "My name is Dafa practitioner. I came from the universe." I was amazed at the way I spoke, which was kind and pleasant. I knew my heart was kind and peaceful. One policeman pointed at my sleeve and said, "Hey, there is a hole in your sleeve. That's too bad." I smiled at him and realized that there was an omission in my cultivation. A person's instant thought will bring about different consequences. When the police fiercely pushed me down to the ground, a thought, to my surprise, came to my mind that my clothes would be torn. Master Li mentioned in Zhuan Falun that when an old lady was dragged by a car for a long distance and fell down on the ground, her skin was not even scratched and there was not even dirt on her clothes. Good or evil comes from a person's instant thought. Because of my thought of fearing my clothes would be torn, a hole did appear on my clothes. I reminded myself that I would adhere to righteous thoughts and treat whatever happened to me as an enlightened being would. After the policemen attempted to persuade me for about 20 minutes, they realized their soft measures did not work. They left and another group of policemen came in with electric batons. I knew it was their turn to try to persuade me in violent ways.

They first beat a male practitioner violently for a while with the batons. They then asked him "Where did you come from?" The practitioner smiled and shook his head. The policemen started the physical torture and ordered him to "fly like a plane" [a kind of man's position for physical torture]. They then started to torture a female practitioner. They first slapped her face, and then beat her with the batons. I noticed that the female practitioner had a tiny bit of hatred and fear in her eyes, which provoked even more severe beating. She could not bear it anymore and told them her name and address. I knew this was a test for me. One policewoman came to me and began to stamp my toes and kick my shins. I did not give in. She then slapped my face and I kindly stared at her and felt sorry for her. A young and pretty girl was doing such a bad thing. A policeman came over and started to strike my belly with his knees. He said to me "It is your turn. Take off your coat and lie on the table on your stomach!" My mind was very peaceful; nothing but two sentences came to my mind: "Live without personal attachments. Die without regret."[Master Li's poem No Seeking] They started to beat me on my buttocks and waist with the batons. I felt that the baton hit my body as if they were hitting a ball and I did not feel any pain. I understood that Master Li was bearing it for me. After the beating, they asked me to raise my head so they could check my facial expression. I was calm, confident, and my mind was empty. When they wanted to beat me again, one policeman said "That is OK. Do not beat her anymore." I felt warm in the areas where they hit me. My pulse was beating fast and it seemed to me that a Falun was turning rapidly. I felt very comfortable. Shortly, a policeman came to "chat" with me. He ordered me to stare into his eyes. I stared at him and thought that he was so pitiful that he did not even know what he was doing. My heart was benevolent. The way I stared at him was benevolent. I felt that my energy field was benevolent. I smiled and gave no answers to his questions. In the end he asked, "how many people did you came with?" I told him that I came alone. He asked if I could go home by myself. He took me to the door and asked me to leave. I came out to the street and realized that I had passed the test.

Later I enlightened that our cultivation was not only for our own Consummation, but mainly for assisting Master Li's Fa-rectification in the world. Our cultivation in the past was to prepare us for today's assistance to Master Li. The main purpose for Master Li's spreading of Dafa is not to save people, but to rectify the whole universe. Reaching a certain realm or Consummation is not important to me anymore. What is important is assisting Master Li in his Fa-rectification in the world. As long as the Fa is not completely rectified, we should not stop assisting Master Li. We are the guardian gods of the Fa in the human world. We are the Fa's mighty manifestation in the human wold.

Through experience exchange and continuous study of Master Li's recent Jingwen [articles], I realized that we should not cooperate with the wicked. We should be fearlessly cultivating ourselves according to Dafa. To further reveal the truth, suffocate the evils, and save the ignorant people who are still committing sins, we should completely expose the wicked people, their crimes, and make known the treatment that practitioners have experienced. We should tell the complete truth and use every means to validate Dafa's benefits to the people and the society. The more detailed and the more convincing the facts we reveal, the fewer audiences the evils will have.

I also enlightened that it is indeed very important to go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. However, suffocating the evil is not limited to this. A genuine Dafa practitioner "shines with pure radiance no matter what environment he's in."[Master Li's "Serious Teachings"] There is evilness in all environments. "If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstances, evil is bound to be afraid of him. If every practitioner is able to do this, evil will of itself no longer exist." [Master Li's "Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)"]. Therefore, one very important task for us is to convince those practitioners who have not come out to validate Dafa. We shall let them know that only when more and more Dafa practitioners come out of their human shells, give up their fear of life and death, and validate and protect Dafa selflessly and fearlessly, can we be worthy of Master Li's salvation and be worth of the practitioners' severe suffering in jails. One person can do only a little bit. If all practitioners come out to expose the evil, the evil will have no place to hide, and one day the entire truth will be displayed.

I know that myself and also more and more Dafa practitioners will board the train heading north.

A Practitioner in China

December 25, 2000