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Latest News from China - 12/26/2000

January 01, 2001 |  

[China] Kind-Hearted People Are Awakening

Massive amounts of literature revealing the truth about Dafa were distributed in a certain Chinese city , and this made people with good consciences begin to awaken. According to reliable sources, a newspaper in this city refused to publish an anti-Falun Gong article, stating "we are not sure who is right and who is wrong."

[Suining City, Sichuan Province] Dafa Practitioner Su Qionghua Persecuted to Death

Recently, thirty-year old Dafa practitioner Su Qionghua from Suining City, Sichuan Province was persecuted to death.

At 11:00AM, December 18, dozens of police from the Chuanshan Village Station of Suining City tried to forcibly ransack Dafa practitioner Su Qionghua's home without just cause. She rejected their unreasonable demands and refused to open the door. The police then cut off the water supply to her home until December 20. During that period, Su Qionghua often stood in front of her window telling the truth about Dafa to the police and to people who came to question the police about the unreasonable ransacking of her home. She lives at the top floor of the building (the sixth floor). At 6:30PM , December 20, two policemen jumped in from the top of the building and broke a window to enter her home. They began beating Su Qionghua as soon as they broke in, and in the process either pushed her or caused her to fall out of the sixth floor window.

Su Qionghua fell to the ground and died on the spot. Since this scene was witnessed by many people surrounding the building, any attempts to deny the facts and cover the truth will be in vain.

Su Qionghua left a 12-year-old daughter behind with no one to take care of her.

Phone numbers:

Suining City Government: 86-825-2310655 Public Security of Suining City: 86-825-2224933 Chuanshan Villiage Government of Suining City: 86-825-2223987 Chuanshan Villiage Police Station of Suining City: 86-825-2623782

[Beijing] Eye Witness Report from Tiananmen Square on December 25

On the morning of December 25, people gathered around the national flag at Tiananmen Square. One policeman grabbed a woman's purse. This woman said repeatedly: "I'm just sight-seeing..." but the police ignored her and told other officers to "bring the car!" Four or five policemen then pushed her into the waiting car. Plainclothes detectives and uniformed police dragged another two people from the crowd and pushed them into the police car as well. Suddenly, people heard a man's voice calling out: "Falun Dafa is good!" The policemen rushed toward the Dafa practitioner who spoke out. Then from behind the crowd, a woman wearing a cream-colored coat took out flyers and began distributing them. Several plain-clothes police rushed over and arrested her at once. Another practitioner held up a banner and cried out loudly. When several police came over, he was beaten to the ground while trying to protect the banner.

In a short while, several groups of Dafa practitioners held up banners which read "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" in red and yellow colors. They proclaimed, "Falun Dafa is a Righteous Fa." Many practitioners refused to cooperate with the police. Finally they were taken to the police car by force.

The police not only viciously persecuted Dafa practitioners, but also brutally dispersed the surrounding crowd.

The above was witnessed by the writer. An hour later, a police car with sirens blaring led a caravan of seven vehicles carrying Dafa practitioners plus a whole van of policemen down Dewai Street.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Evil Forces in Masanjia Labor Camp Are Still Committing Crimes

The Masanjia Labor Camp is a dark den of evil. Here, the authorities routinely torture Dafa practitioners from different areas, including many from Beijing, who are considered "difficult to transform." If the practitioners cannot be transformed, they may be forced to squat down for long periods of time, deprived of sleep, shocked by electric batons, or cursed and beaten. This is the daily routine. They brainwash and transform practitioners by force. They torture practitioners endlessly and drive them to exhaustion, trying to force them to give up cultivation of Falun Dafa. They do not stop until practitioners are transformed.

Because of their extraordinarily harsh treatment of practitioners, Masanjia Labor Camp has become a "model" labor camp, highly praised by Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan. Various officials from Beijing often come to study the methods used at Masanjia. In the past, this facility could not even afford to pay its employees' salaries, but since July of last year it has prospered, with laid-off workers returning to their jobs. Masanjia Labor Camp is famous for its cruel and ferocious persecution of Dafa practitioners. In spite of this, or because of this, female director Su Jing and her deputy Shao Li--both of whose hands are stained with the blood of Dafa practitioners--were just granted awards in Beijing. Su Jing received 50,000 Yuan (more than 8 years' average salary in China), while Shao Li was awarded 30,000 Yuan.

Also, next year, Beijing, Shenyang City, and Liaoning Province will allocate funds for the Masanjia Labor Camp to build five new buildings to be used as a base for transforming Dafa practitioners.

[Dalian City, Shangdong Province] Practitioner Jumps from Fourth Floor to Escape

On December 8th, 2000, a practitioner in Dalian City suddenly received a phone call at home. An unfamiliar voice asked her: "Is XX at home? ... ..." She felt alarmed when she heard this, as very few people knew her name. She put down the phone, went to the balcony and looked downstairs, where she saw a police car. Soon she heard someone knocking at the door, but she didn't open it. She remembered that last time she had avoided arrest by giving police a clever answer when they came to investigate the distribution of truth-clarifying materials. This time they must once again have come with evil intentions. She decided to never cooperate with them. No matter how long they knocked on the door, she just wouldn't open it.

By now the police were angry and started prying on the door. Soon it began to break, which made this practitioner very worried. Since she lives on the fourth floor, the only way to escape was from the balcony. She determined that she would rather die than be taken by the police even she died, so she jumped off the balcony from the fourth floor.

This practitioner is over fifty years old. After she hit the ground, she could not move either her waist or her feet. The neighbor in the storehouse downstairs heard the loud noise of someone falling and went out to look. The practitioner asked the neighbor for help entering the storehouse, and told her what had happened. Understanding the situation, the neighbor went over to the police, who were still trying to break down the door, and said, "Those who study Falun Dafa are good people. She's not at home." When the police saw the neighbor coming, they were afraid their illegal behavior would be exposed, so they stopped breaking down the door and left. Later, this practitioner recovered quickly and left home to continue her divine task to assist Master in rectifying the Fa.

[Beijing] Bandits on Tiananmen Square

Upon my arrival at Tiananmen Square on Sunday, I saw a policeman stopping two female pedestrians in front of me. Then two men with old dirty clothes came up and tried to search their purses. I asked myself, "Were these bandits?" The ancient novels I read had always described robberies like this: "On moonless nights with howling winds, in remote places where few people go..." Could I be seeing a robbery in broad daylight, in front of so many people in the capital? Just then to my left I saw two more men, also with dirty clothes, running quickly and dragging a woman behind them. The lady being dragged cried out loudly "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good!" Not far away, several police just stood there, as though nothing was happening.

(Eyewitness: Yi Xin, October 2000, Beijing)

[Southwestern China] More Practitioners in X City in Southwestern China Step Forward to Validate Dafa

More and more practitioners in X City in southwestern China stepped forward to validate Dafa and clarify the truth. Recently more than 70 practitioners were arrested for going to Beijing. Countless people distributed materials to local residents. We all felt that Master was taking care of us.

Two practitioners rented a room to print materials, but it was found out by the police just after the new essay of the 9th was printed and sent away. That morning, as one of the practitioners was approaching the rented house, he saw police standing at the door. Casually leaving the scene, he distributed the rest of the materials, then informed other practitioners not to go to that house again. These two by now have probably gone to Beijing to validate Dafa, because that has been their desire for a long time.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Lin Guo Xiong of the Army's First Medical School Detained for One Year and a Half

Twenty-five-year old Lin Guo Xiong graduated from the First Medical School of the Army in 1997. He was offered a job in the university network center due to his excellent achievements in his field. Because he persevered in studying and validating the Fa, however, he was detained by the Department of Military Physicians in Guigang City for almost a year and a half--since July 1999. The university first considered forcing him to change his military career, then they wanted to end it. Unable to make up their minds, they simply detained him, cutting off all of his communication with the outside world and adopting many methods to "transform" him.

191st Hospital: Zip Code: 537100; Phone: 86-775-4216065 x 88660 (Department of Military Physicians)

The First Medical School of the Army: Zip Code: 510515 Phone: 86-20-85148060 (Networks Center)

[Linqing, Shangdong Province] Dafa Practitioner Zheng Jie of Linqing City in Shandong Province Arrested Many Times

Thirty-nine-year-old Zheng Jie was employed by the National Cotton Factory of Linqing. Because she appealed in Beijing and practiced Falun Gong in public, she was arrested many times. She was illegally detained by the police of Lin Qing City for 54 days in October of 1999. During her detention she was not afraid of the vicious police, but treated all people with the great compassion and tolerance of a practitioner. She upheld the truth and introduced Falun Dafa to others. In October of this year, she went to Beijing to validate Dafa again, so she was held in the Shunyi Detention Center of Beijing for 3 days and then taken back to the Detention Center of Linqing City. She was detained for over 40 days. During this period, Wang Bing and his supervisor, of the crime investigation team of Linqing Police Station, beat her brutally and gave her electric shocks for over 4 hours. They said, "You want to have spiritual beliefs, I'll let you die physically." No matter how vicious these evil people were, they could never cause a Dafa practitioner's firm belief in the great Truth to waver.

At the same time, over ten Dafa practitioners were holding hunger strikes to protest the illegal behavior of the local police. They were force-fed through their noses. Due to the dangers of this procedure, the doctors were afraid to stick the feeding tube into their noses, but a member of the Crime Investigation Team ordered them to go ahead. They forced the feeding tube into one practitioner, causing bleeding from his mouth and nose. To protect the practitioners and to protest police violence, 7 practitioners wrote wills stating that forced feeding would not be tolerated. Otherwise they would all give up their lives to protect the practitioners and stop the authorities' illegal conduct. Later these practitioners were sent directly to labor camps.

After the National Day in October, police in Linqing City rounded up everyone even remotely connected to Falun Gong (including people who didn't even know all the exercises) and told them to either curse the Teacher or be arrested.

As of now there are about 60 people who have been sent to labor camps, and among them, many are seniors in their 60's and 70's.

In addition, here are some comments by the police of Lin Qing City:

  1. When practitioners introduced the great compassion of Falun Dafa to the police, they responded, "Without doing illegal things, how can we survive?"
  2. A team leader said, "If the central government said murder and arson is right, we would support murder and arson. Though we know Falun Gong teaches people to be good, since the government bans it, we are firmly against it." When a practitioner asked him if he had a conscience he said: "We are the machines of the country."
  3. In front of many officials and detained people, team leader Wang Bing committed some indecent acts. When practitioners tried to bring forth his humanity by telling him certain principles, he replied with dirty words.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] List of Practitioners Arrested Recently

Changchun practitioner Wang Guo'an was arrested in Tangshan City on his way to Beijing to file an appeal and sentenced to two years in labor camps. Sun Lijun was arrested for arranging Beijing-bound shuttle buses for a Fa Conference and sentenced to two years in prison, leaving a 12-year-old child and an elderly mother at home with no one to look after them. Nanhu Swimming district practitioner Zhang Haihong was arrested for attending a Fa Conference and is being held at Tiebei Detention Center on criminal charges. Zhang Xiulan and Jiang, Jr. of Huxi practice site of Nanhu were sentenced to two years in labor camps for distributing truth-clarifying materials. Zhu Guangtao of Badao Street Practice Site of Erdao District was arrested for arranging a Fa Conference.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Vicious Acts of Police in Chengdu City

The municipal office of Yanshikou Street (located at the city's center) of Chengdu City called in all attendants in charge of bicycle parking lots. They were asked to report and catch any Dafa practitioner who was distributing materials, although no Chinese law grants them such power. In order to prevent Dafa practitioners from placing materials into the front baskets of bicycles, orders were issued to ban all flyers from being distributed. Parking lot attendants will be held responsible for any violations. These attendants are off duty workers or unemployed people who are unable to find other jobs. They complain bitterly about these new regulations.

Middle-aged practitioner Wang Shilin was sent to Dayan Labor Camp of Ziyang in 1999 for one year of illegal detention. After he was sent back, the Chengdu police arrested him again on December 22, 2000. He is now being held in Lianhuacun Detention Center. Policemen called his wife, saying that Wang had been hit by a car, that he had passed out, and was currently in XX hospital. When his wife (a Dafa practitioner) arrived at the hospital in a rush, plain-clothes police who had been stationed there took her to the police sub-station. She was hung up and tortured, but in the end, they could find nothing to charge her with, so they let her go.

[Beijing] Yanshan Police Sub-Station: Another Living Hell in Beijing

Policeman Li Zheng of the criminal investigation team and others of Yanshan Sub-Station of Fanshan District of Beijing have been brutally beating Dafa practitioners held there. They beat a female practitioner so badly that both of her eyes were red, swollen, and disfigured, and she lost her hearing. The people from her local residence who were supposed to take her back refused to take responsibility for her custody because of her terrible condition. Another policeman of this sub-station yelled at a female practitioner who refused to give out her name, "If you still don't give out your name, I will strip off all your clothes and throw you into a male cell." All practitioners in this sub-station have been viciously beaten. In the past 12 months, the station released a couple of practitioners who were dying after severe tortures.

[Xinji City, Hebei Province] Xinji City Government: A Cohort of Jiang Zemin in Persecuting Falun Dafa

Xijin City Government of Hebei Province is a cohort of Jiang Zemin in persecuting Dafa. Numerous Dafa practitioners have been formally arrested or sent to labor camps. Below is a partial list:

Formally arrested: Zhang Boyu, Xu Liang, Zhang Kai, Zhang Zhong, and Cai Hengjun (sentenced to 3 years in prison, already transferred to Baoding);

Zheng Jianjun (4 years in prison, already transferred to Fengnan), Liu Xinqiao (6 years);

Gui Rou (pronunciation, 4 years), Liu Tiao, Jia Xinfen, Liu Buqiang, Geng Wenqiang;

Pei Junqing, Dai Shilong, Yan Yong (pronunciation), Liu Yunbiao, Wang Zenghua, Han Xingfen;

Sent to labor camps: Zheng Huaizhi, Wang Jianxiong, Cui Cheng, Li Zhihui, Zhang Qing, Tao Guang, Yu Lan

Records of evil people and evil acts in Xinji City, Hebei Province (continued)

Responsible institute: Jianshe Street Police Sub-Station in Xinji City Suspect who beats practitioners: Shi Jianjun Supervisor: Zhao Feng Police officers: Feng Jun, etc. Telephone numbers: 86-311-3221469

Practitioners Kong Lingbin, Xing Zhuan were caught while going to Beijing to validate Dafa during the October 1 National Day Holidays. Policemen from Jianshe Street Police Sub-Station handcuffed the two practitioners to thick trees, carefully selecting trees that could not be encircled by outstretched arms. They then handcuffed the practitioners to the trees by stretching their arms to the extreme. Handcuffed as such, Kong Lingbin was brutally beaten for over an hour. Xing Zhuan was sent to Mujing Mental Hospital on October 3 and has been persecuted until this day. The telephone number of the mental hospital is 86-311-3371011. Kong Lingbin has been detained in his work unit, a Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Practitioner Li Zhiyong was intercepted while exiting the railway station when he went to Beijing to validate Dafa during the October 1 National Day Holiday. He was escorted back to Xinji City on the morning of October 2 and later sent to Jianshe Street Police Sub-Station. He was forced to squat in the corner with his head against the wall. On the afternoon of October 3, using the excuse that someone had pointed to Li Zhiyong as the "organizer" who persuaded others to go to Beijing, policemen in the sub-station took Li Zhiyong to a room on the second floor. First, they slapped Li in the face. Since Li insisted on saying, "Falun Dafa is good," his hands were cuffed behind his back, and four policemen took turns beating him with teethed clubs. They used two electric batons to simultaneously shock Li's head, hands, eyes, and mouth. When Li fell to the ground, all four police came up at the same time, some pulling on the handcuffs behind his back, some kicking his lower abdomen. When, due to the brutal torture, Li passed out with no heart pulse and no blood pressure, they called an ambulance in a hurry. By then both of Li's legs were beaten to purplish black, his nose and jaw were broken, and blood was all over the ground, staining his body. The police at the sub-station wiped the blood from the ground and washed Li's face in order to conceal their actions from other people. As soon as Li regained consciousness, he refused injections and had to lie in bed for five days in the sub-station. He was detained from October 9 to October 23 by the Xinji City Detention Center. When he was released, the Politics and Security Section of the Public Security Bureau of Xinji City forced his family to submit 2000 Yuan for a guarantee (the average monthly salary in urban areas in China is around 500 Yuan, and 1 US$ is about 8.3 Yuan). The Xinji County government also fined him 5000 Yuan. Since Li Zhiyong's mother and wife are also Dafa practitioners, the three of them have been fined over 20,000 Yuan.

Some telephone numbers:

Municipal Party Committee of Xinji City 86-311-32221 Municipal Government Office 86-311-3222871 Municipal Politics and Legal Committee Office 86-311-3221650 (Secretary Liu Cunzhu) Municipal Public Security Bureau, main lines 86-311-322107, 86-311-3223241, 86-311-3221203 Public Security Bureau Chief's Office 86-311-3223330 (Chief: Li Shuangzao) Xinji City Detention Center 86-311-3221676 Shangchang Street Police Sub-Station 86-311-3222414 Shangyecheng Police Sub-Station 86-311-3225321 (Deputy Chief: Xie Yinhai)

Kindhearted people, please provide more information on other criminal suspects.

The police sub-station in Shangyecheng (Commercial City) took pictures of those who were arrested and escorted them back from appealing in Beijing, then forced them to write down their activities. After that, the police ransacked their homes. Those who "did not cooperate" or "refused to confess" were tortured. Police slapped their faces and shocked their mouths with electric batons. The police were also quick to send practitioners to detention centers. Before being released from detention, all practitioners had to pay 2000 Yuan as a guarantee. On October 21, 2000, the police sent a group of practitioners to a parking garage of the management team of Shangyecheng. A "Study Session for Transformation" was held in the garage, and all practitioners were forced to write "letters of guarantee" and to curse the Teacher. Before their release on November 15, 1,000 Yuan was extorted from each person. The management committee of Shangyecheng hand wrote a receipt, "Received today, 1,000 Yuan as guarantee from so-and-so, Approver: Zhang Zhanfeng, Cashier: Geng Rongjun).

On October 27, in order to prevent practitioners from clarifying the truth to the world, all of those even remotely related to Falun Gong were detained and forced to attend "transformation classes." One of them was a Christian, and his local church went to the police to ask for his release, but no one talked to the church representatives. It was not until the local church decided to file an appeal to agencies in charge of religious affairs that this Christian was released. This truly is an example of the police's attitude that they "would rather catch a thousand innocent people by mistake than let one practitioner go free!" It was learned that most of these people were also extorted 1,000 Yuan as a so-called "guarantee."

[Xinjian County, Jiangxi Province] Practitioners Appeal in Beijing

Luo Yunnan is a 51-year old practitioner from Shigang town, Xinjian County. Luo went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa on October 26th and was arrested by local policemen. Luo had been detained three times before that for practicing Falun Gong. This time, the local police sentenced him to 2 years of forced labor. His 45-year old wife, Ge Jinlian, was also sentenced to 2 years of forced labor and has already served one year.

Luo's 20-year-old younger daughter, Luo Shan, went to Beijing to appeal during National Day Holidays. She was arrested and sentenced to 3 years of forced labor by the Political Security Department of Xinjian County. She is now in a forced "transformation" session given by a so-called "Transformed Practitioner." Luo's other two daughters, Luo Yanping and Luo Ping, and his sister-in-law Ge Manzhen went to Beijing to validate Dafa in October. They were arrested and detained at Xinjian County Detention Center. They were released after going on a hunger strike to protest their illegal detainment.

[Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province] Two Practitioners Arrested and Their Whereabouts Unknown

Two practitioners from Guangdong province were arrested while distributing Dafa Truth materials at Shaoguan City. They were detained at Beijiang District Police Station of Shaoguan City. They refused to give their real names. One of them was transferred to an unknown detention center the next day. Their whereabouts are unknown.

[Jinzhou city, Hebei Province] An Elderly Woman's Experience

Yang Zhenlian (Pseudonym), a practitioner from Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, is over 60 years old. She can hardly remember how many times the police beat her. In April, her husband was in critical condition, so the village cadres bailed her out from Jinzhou Detention Center. She told people that during her 18 days of detention, she was slapped in the face countless times every day. Authorities at the detention center even used thick wooden sticks to smash her feet. Just one blow would make her foot swell up so bad she couldn't stand. Besides those brutal tortures, she was forced to pay 400 Yuan (more than 2 months average salary in rural areas of China) as meal expenses, but actually she was only given coarse corn bread with some vegetables in salt water. The detention center even deprived her of drinking water. Once, the guards discovered that she had gotten several drops of water from the neighboring cell through a hole in the wall, and they beat her to half death.

Later, she found that they would beat her when they asked for money from her. If her family didn't pay them enough, they would beat her harder in order to threaten them. During the bailing procedure, her family had to pay more than 10,000 Yuan (about $1250, or 5 years' average salary in rural areas of China) so that all levels of cadres' could pad their personal pockets. When she was released, people saw injuries all over her body. Almost all her hair had fallen out. Yang told people that when the guards were beating her, she could hear the "Pah Pah" sound but didn't feel the pain.

A miracle happened after her release. While taking care of her sick husband, she had some time to study the Fa. Before, she had to put on glasses to read the book or sew. Now, every character in Zhuan Falun was clear and shining with a golden light. She thought this was the Fa revealing words to her rather than that her presbyopia was cured. But when she picked up a needle and thread to sew, she found out that she really didn't need glasses any longer. She chanted like a child and made a HESHI gesture to thank the Teacher with tears in her eyes.

Not long after her release, her husband passed away. After the funeral, she went to Beijing again. She was arrested and is still in jail at this time.

[China] Be Aware of Hooks

Some practitioners were forced to leave home. After being gone for a while, they found there were no threats so they went back. The local police immediately came to interrogate them but didn't detain them, so some practitioners relaxed their guard, thinking the suppression was over.

Actually, some police use this method to hook other practitioners wandering about. Now more and more practitioners have been forced to leave home. Some escaped from the evil forces, some left home to avoid illegal detention, some to better promote the Fa--that is, telling the truth to the people and saving more lives.

[Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province] Practitioner Arrested in Wenzhou City

Practitioner Li Weihong from Shanghai escaped from hanging-cuffs torturing in the police department at the end of October 2000. He validated Dafa by telling people the truth while wandering about. He was arrested again in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province in mid-November.

Practitioner Xu and another practitioner (name unknown) were arrested at an Internet Bar in Hefei City, Anhui Province. They found the key in the policeman's pocket, opened the handcuffs, and escaped. They were arrested again in Wenzhou together with another practitioner named Zhang Xinhong (also from Hefei City, Anhui Province) in mid-November.

We do not know where they are being detained now.