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Latest News from China - 07/27/2000

July 30, 2000 |  

[Hebei] Ms. An Xiukun suffocated to death during force-feeding

An Xiukun was a teacher in the Zhongxin Street Elementary School of Hengshui City. At the beginning of June, Ms. An was arrested while appealing in Beijing. Later, she was detained in the Hengshui Detention Center. Because she refused to copy the rules in the detention center, she was handcuffed. To defend her rights, she started a hunger strike. On the sixth day of her hunger strike, she was suffocated during force-feeding. She died in the hospital afterwards. After the death of Ms. An, several other practitioners wrote to the Hengshui City Government about An's death, but they were arrested as a result.

[Mainland] Chinese practitioners are trying every means to let people know about the facts of Falun Gong

Practitioners in Mainland China are spreading materials about the facts of Falun Gong. They sent the materials to all the people they know. They also spread the materials in the markets and stores. Some also posted the Falun Gong fliers on the bulletin board.


July 19, 2000, Professor Huang Yongchang from Department of Physics of Beijing Industrial University, and Mr. Shao Mingheng from Department of Materials, were arrested while exchanging experiences with practitioners from other places. It was said that they were being detained in the Third Detention Center of Beijing.


Mr. Hao Ping, 32, Master Degree, an engineer of National Bureau of Earthquake, was arrested at 1am of July 22, 2000, for writing an email to the Chinese Central TV (CCTV) about the facts of Falun Gong. He just had a newborn baby of 18 days.


Some practitioners from Jiangmen City of Guangdong Province were intercepted in Shaoguan City on their way to Beijing to defend the righteousness of Falun Dafa. Some former contact people in Jiangmen City were also arrested and were demanded to write the pledge.