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My Current Understanding of Letting Go of Attachments

July 16, 2000 |   A US Practitioner

In Zhuan Falun, there is a story about Sakyamuni and one of his disciples:

"One day Sakyamuni was going to take a bath in a forest, and he asked a disciple to clean the bathtub. His disciple went to the bathtub and found it full of insects crawling everywhere. The insects would be killed if he cleaned the bathtub. The disciple came back to Sakyamuni and said: "The bathtub is full of insects." Sakyamuni did not look at him and replied: "You should go and clean the bathtub." The disciple went back to the bathtub and did not know how to clean it, as doing so would kill the insects. He again came back to Sakyamuni and said: "Master, the bathtub is full of insects. If I clean it, the insects will be killed." Sakyamuni looked at him and said: "What I asked you to do was to clean the bathtub." The disciple understood all of a sudden"
My understanding is that although this disciple followed Sakyamuni's instructions and went to the bathtub, once he saw the bathtub was full of insects, he became confused. He became attached to his own incorrect understanding. He didn't realize that following his master's instructions was a correct understanding, and was an understanding without personal attachments.

I remember swimming in a river when I was younger. Swimming with the current was fast and easy, while swimming against the current was slow and difficult. Long ago, when Milerepa (an ancient cultivator) asked Master Marpa to be his teacher, he offered his body, speech and mind to his master. I really admire Milerepa's enlightenment ability. He knew that he could only cultivate quickly by requiring himself to follow his master's instructions in thoughts, speech and actions.

Master Li's rectification of the Fa has reached the human world long ago. How can we comply with and keep up with this process? My own understanding is that we should align ourselves with Master Li and the Fa. We should not be attached to our shallow understandings of the Fa, but should instead truly comprehend the different requirements Dafa has for us at different levels. To be compassionate to people, we should use all possible methods to let everyday people know the truth. As long as we can truly be in keeping with the Fa, what we do in this world will fulfill Dafa's requirements for us.