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Taking Human Life For Granted, Unacceptable by Heavenly Principles

June 16, 2000 |  

On July 22, 1999, the Chinese government denounced Falun Gong as an illegal organization. In the past eleven months since then, they have taken harsh policies toward Falun Gong practitioners. Up to now, nineteen innocent Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted to death, about 40,000 practitioners have been taken into custody, over 5000 practitioners have been sent to labor camps, and hundreds of practitioners have been given jail sentences. It has made heaven angry, the earth roar, and the people upset. Respected Chinese government leadership, cant you hear?

There is an old saying, Good will be rewarded with good, evil with evil. One reaps what one sows. The immediate retribution may not be seen now. When time is up, everything has to be paid for. This is a heavenly principle that everyone knows. The Chinese government leaders must have heard of this. Nineteen lives were inhumanly murdered, who owes this debt? One has to pay for what one owes. This is also a heavenly principle. Do you know who should pay for this debt? If you do not know yet, go to ask the people! And ask the heavens!

The Chinese government leaders have emphasized over and over again to the world that the right of survival is the first priority for China to pursue. However, nineteen lives were murdered. Where are their rights of survival? Who has deprived them of their rights to survive? Who has given you the right to kill people at will? Never forget that your rights are given by the people. The government should work for the people, and exist for the people. The government officials should be the public servants. Chairman Mao has a well known saying, Serving the people wholeheartedly is the best manifestation of working for the people. Take a look at the present society, how many officials still regard themselves as public servants? How many officials still truly serve the people wholeheartedly?

The greatest pity is that some local officials regard themselves as shepherds and emperors, and treat the people as sheep and slaves. In order to obtain personal rights and private group interests, they can persecute or kill the people arbitrarily. Their towering crimes must be paid for. Some are being paid for, some have already paid, and some will be paid for soon. Good and evil will get their due return in the end, this is just the heavenly principle!

Why are there so many people practicing Falun Gong? People, whom have gone through so many political campaigns, are not gullible. Only after they have experienced the benefits themselves can they believe it. Once they believe it, they will not easily change. This is what faith means. Falun Gong is a cultivation system of both mind and body. It can not only improve the health and physical conditions of practitioners, but also raise their spiritual levels and codes of conduct. This is the main reason why so many people want to practice Falun Gong.

All genuine Falun Gong practitioners are good people, the best people in society. No practitioners smoke or drink alcohol. They all treat other people kindly, put others' interests before their own, and are ready to offer other people help. No practitioners get involved in politics. When the truth was trampled, many Falun Gong practitioners have stood out to safeguard the truth at the expense of all their possessions. Arent the more good people the better? Isnt this the hope of humankind? However, a minority of the government leaders and those who control the propaganda departments did not allow Falun Gong practitioners to defend themselves. Instead, they have taken evil political measures to suppress tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners, using the power given by the people. Although they appear powerful and ferocious, in actuality, it just reveals the incapability and lack of confidence of the government.

Lets take a look at the current situation: The evil social phenomena such as corruption, bribery, smuggling, burglary and robbery, prostitution, drug abuse and trade, manslaughter and arson, kidnapping women and children, and so on are quite serious. Why cant they be stopped? Corrupt officials get promoted higher and higher, and they become even more corrupt, why is all this happening? It is the human heart that has become evil! It is the lack of discipline of peoples hearts! Isnt it terrible if society develops like this? However, there is still a piece of pure land in the human world. The above-mentioned evil social phenomena cannot be found among genuine Falun Gong practitioners. Doesnt this deserve the leaders to think it over? Isnt it dangerous if the only pure land is eradicated? Will society still have hope?

The program Focus on CCTV (China Central Television Station) at the end of May 2000 even claimed to eliminate the evil of Falun Gong completely. It confused good and evil to a shameless extent. Lao Zi said, If the people fear no death, what good would it do to threaten them with death? This is a great, imminent danger. Tens of thousands of practitioners risked their lives to present the real story of Falun Gong to the government due to their trust to the government, but they were detained, forced into labor camps, sentenced to jail and even persecuted to death. Is this justice? Does the government hope to see more Falun Gong practitioners receive such punishments? Is such a government the peoples government? Will the people still trust such a government?

Recently, the Chinese government leaders and propaganda have claimed repeatedly that the political struggle with Falun Gong has achieved a decisive victory. As a rule in China, if a decisive victory has been achieved, there should be a celebration. They also claimed that there are only 2 million people practicing Falun Gong in China, and it was an exaggeration to say that there are more than 100 million practitioners. Moreover, they claimed that 98.5% of practitioners have broken away from Falun Gong, etc. Will the Chinese government leaders, please do a simple calculation that an elementary school pupil can do. If 1.5% of 2 million people continue practicing Falun Gong, how many people are there? It should be 30,000 people! However, the total number of practitioners who have been detained, forced into labor camps, and sentenced to jail by the Chinese government has come to around 50,000. Therefore, an extra 20,000 practitioners have been taken into custody. The government should have already more than fulfilled the task. Why hasnt the celebration happened yet? Why are the nationwide arrest and crackdown of Falun Gong practitioners still going on? Only the Chinese government leaders themselves know. We hope that the Chinese government wont deceive the public, and will immediately stop the crackdown on Falun Gong, as these criminal acts will ruin the country.

The Chinese government is indeed wrong in suppressing Falun Gong. It fails to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil. Falun Gong has been widely recognized to be good and righteous by dozens of countries in the world. Why is it only the Chinese government that labels Falun Gong as evil? Such a large-scale suppression against Falun Gong cultivation practice that benefits both the people and the country indicates that a small group of government leaders in the Chinese government have something wrong with their own thoughts, and thereby the policy of suppression issued by them cant be right at all.

The peoples will cannot be violated. This is a heavenly principle known to all kings and emperors throughout the ages. It is really inconceivable why the Chinese government claims tens of thousands of people to be enemies. Li Hongzhi said, if the government takes the good people as enemies, from the publics viewpoint, isnt this government formidable? When the leaders are eliminating Falun Gong, are they also considering how the people will view our government in the future? What they lose is so many hearts of the people. The serious consequences resulted from this will be the peoples disbelief in the country, different administrations, leaders, and the disappointment in the central government. Those who gain the hearts of the people will win the world, those who lose the hearts of the people will lose the world. This is another heavenly principle. Do the Chinese government leaders not know this? In their brief remaining lives, do they not want to do good things that will benefit all the people, and gain wholehearted praise from future generations? There is absolutely no prospect for the continuing of wrongdoings!

The world has been shocked by the facts that nineteen Falun Gong practitioners were murdered in police custody, and tens of thousands of practitioners have been detained, sent to labor camps, and sentenced to jail. The spokesperson of the Chinese government even made remarks that this is the best period of time for Chinas human rights records, as shameless as it sounds. Then it is not difficult to imagine what the situation is in the period of poor human rights record? Respected Chinese government leaders, cant the nineteen lives touch a bit of your consciousness? Its time to wake up.

Taking peoples lives for granted, it is unacceptable to heavenly principles. Those who follow the heavenly principles can develop well, and those against the heavenly principles will be destroyed. If humankind does not do anything about it, heaven will.

We reiterate our appeal:

1. Immediately stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, no more cases of deaths from torture are allowed to occur.

2. Unconditionally release all Falun Gong practitioners who are detained, forced into labor camps, and sentenced to jail as soon as possible.

3. Immediately recant the warrant of Li Hongzhi, and resolve the Falun Gong issue through a peaceful dialogue.

Practitioners from Mainland China

May 29, 2000

Attachment: The list of Falun Gong practitioners who have suffered death

Serial Number, Name, Gender, Age, Region, Brief introduction of persecution

1. Chen Ying, female, 18 years old, Jiamusi City of Helongjiang Province.

In August of 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was detained. On the way when she was escorted back, she was beaten, sworn at and threatened by the police, and died from jumping out of a train.

2. Zhao Dong, male, 38 years old, Jixi City of Helongjiang Province.

In September of 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested. On the way when he was escorted back, he was beaten and threatened by the police. He jumped out of the train with the handcuffs on, and died.

3. Wang Guoping, male, 40 years old, Shulan City of Jilin Province.

He was arrested when appealing in Beijing. He suffered from all kinds of personal humiliations including being beaten up by the police with various devices of torture, having cold water poured directly on his skin while not wearing clothes, and his head was pressed into toilets. On October 17, 1999, he jumped out of the eighth floor of the liaison office building in Beijing where he was detained and died.

4. Dong Buyun, female, 36 years old, Linyi City of Shandong Province.

She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. On July 20, 1999, she was escorted back by the police with handcuffs on, sent to her school and confined to a room on the second floor. She was not allowed to go home, and was forced to write a promise to stop practicing. On September 11, 1999, she was said at midnight to have jumped off of a building and died. Her body was cremated in a hurry by noon the next day.

5. Zhao Jinhua, female, 42 years old, Zhaoyuan City of Shandong Province.

On September 29, 1999, she was arrested when working in the field. The police tortured her with all means, including beating her face, punching her head, kicking her, beating her with rubber clubs, shocking her with electrical circuits, depriving her of sleep, forcing her to stand barefooted on the cement floor, and so on. On October 7, she was tortured to death.

6. Zhu Shaolan, female, 50 years old, Jinzhou City of Liaoning Province.

She was sent to the detention center due to her participation in signing an appeal for Falun Gong. After she had been on hunger strike for four days, she was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment on October 5, 1999, and died on October 7.

7. Zhang Shuqi, female, 52 years old, Xicheng District of Beijing.

On December 26, 1999, she was arrested when attempting to audit the trial of four practitioners from the Research Society of Falun Gong. On the afternoon of January 14, 2000, the police station suddenly told her family members to pick her up. After going back home, she fainted, vomited and lost consciousness, and died on January 15.

8. Liu Zhilan, female, 40 years old, Fangshan District of Beijing.

On January 10, 2000, she was arrested when appealing in Beijing for Falun Gong. Zhoukoudian police station forced her to do cleaning everyday. On January 14 after having a meal in the boiler room, she died of gas poisoning. The police tried to conceal this news.

9. Gao Xianmin, male, 41 years old, Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province.

On December 31, 1999, he was arrested when going out for a picnic in Tianhe Park of Guangzhou City. The police said he lost consciousness on January 7 due to a hunger strike, and died after being sent to the hospital. It is suspected that he was suffocated to death when force-fed with salt water.

10. Liu Xuguo, male, 29 years old, Zoucheng City of Shandong Province.

In October, 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was detained by the police station of Zoucheng City and was sentenced to three years of forced labor. After being was on hunger strike for six days, he was force-fed through the nose, and the feeding tube was wrongly inserted which caused major injuries to his respiratory system and a serious infection to his lungs. He died in the hospital on February 11, 2000.

11. Chen Zixiu, female, 59 years old, Weifang City of Shandong Province.

On February 16, 2000, she was taken back from the railway station when she tried to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. On February 21, she was beaten to death in Chengguan Street Government Agency.

12. Yang Xueqin, male, 36 years old, Shanghai.

He went to Beijing once to appeal for Falun Gong. Later he was arrested when sharing his experiences in a fellow practitioners home. After suffering persecution in the detention center, he was found injured due to jumping out of the building on February 18, 2000. He died after being sent to the hospital for nine days.

13. Zhang Zhenggang, male, 36 years old, Hua-an City of Jiang-su Province.

On March 2, 2000, he was taken into custody in Huai-an police station. On March 25, his head was beaten causing him to lose consciousness. On March 30, after being given an injection, he was claimed dead. Then his body, though there are suspicions he was not dead, was taken away and forced to be cremated without informing his family members. His family members are not allowed to appeal.

14. Li Yanhua, female, 45 years old, Nanchang City of Jiangxi Province.

In October 1999, she was arrested for appealing in Beijing for Falun Gong. On January 7, 2000, she was sentenced to two years of forced labor. When she was detained in the Womens Drug Rehabilitation Center in Nanchang City, her hunger strike caused atrophy of her internal organs. On April 13, the detention center was afraid to take responsibility for this, and informed her relatives to bail her out to receive medical treatment. She died within two hours after she was taken home.

15. Li Huixi, male, 40 years old, Shouguang County, Weifang City of Shandong Province.

He went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was escorted back to the local police station of Hou Town. On April 21, 2000, the police informed his family that he was dead and his body was cremated in a hurry. The police warned his family members not to disclose the truth and gave them 45,000 Yuan.

16. Guan Chaosheng, male, unknown, Qidong City of Hu-nan Province.

Associated Press reported on April 20, 2000: Guan went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was beaten to death at the detention center in Beijing. The authority gave his relatives 10,000 Yuan.

17. Zhou Zhichang, male, 45 years old, Shuangcheng City of Helongjiang Province.

In September 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. During the eight months in the detention center, he had been shackled for most of the time. He died on May 6, 2000 after he had been on a hunger strike for eight days.

18. Unknown, female, 45 years old, Chongwen District in Beijing.

On May 13, 2000, she was arrested when she practiced Falun Gong in Tiananmen Square. She was detained in the Jiaomen Detention Center. After she had been on hunger strike for three days, four men pushed her to the ground and force-fed her. She was force-fed six times in nine days. One police doctor said, Feed her so that she will not die and still has breath. On May 22, she lost consciousness, and her heart rate dropped from 160 to about 30. She died at 7:00 p.m. on May 22.

19. Mei Yulan, female, 44 years old, Chaoyang District of Beijing

On May 13, 2000, she was arrested when practicing Falun Gong alone outside. After she had been on hunger strike for three days, on May 17 she was force-fed by other prisoners, and had a headache and vomited blood. She could not take in any water or food. Guard Sun said, Never mind, she wont die, I will take the responsibility if anything happens. She was not sent to the hospital until May 18. She was in a coma until May 23 when she died. Five witness practitioners were also arrested, and sent to that detention center on May 26.