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The Whole World Shall Celebrate the Reappearance of the Great Buddha Law on Earth

May 07, 2000 |   Falun Dafa Cultivators of Washington D.C.

Practitioners of Washington D.C. will be celebrating the "World Falun Dafa Day"

In the immense and boundless universe, thousands of epochs have gone by. The world is in the endless samsara. We would like to ask, "How many people can have the fortune to hear the Buddha Fa [law]?" We have thus realized how fortunate we were when our most beloved and compassionate Teacher revealed to human, for the very first time, the highest principle of the universe - Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, which was not even known to higher beings before. Since then, the great Buddha Fa has been moving so many people's hearts and souls that were once covered by dust for so long. The great Buddha Fa has given them the hope to return home that they have been searching for in this world.

Do you still remember the pain we had from our illnesses, the decadence due to our withering spirit and the weariness resulted from our deceptive behaviors among our fellow humans? For so many years, we drifted with the evil and slipped step after step to the edge of hell where we shall never be saved. We could not see the light and we could not free ourselves from the evils in this sinful world. It was our great Teacher who awakened our Buddha-nature that had been in a coma for thousands of years. It was the immeasurable Buddha Fa that ignited the light of wisdom in our deadened hearts. Today, behold the spreading of Falun Dafa all over the world; the agility after eradication of all diseases; the joy over the rising morality; and the heroic pride from facing death with equanimity. Looking back again, we realize all of a sudden what a wrongful past and what a rightful present. What a great number of people there have been who shed tears with joy because fates brought them to Falun Dafa!

All the old and evil forces are, however, reluctant to recede from the scene of time. Demons were born and devils were out from every corner to smear our Teacher and to assault Falun Dafa with all of their heinous means. For a moment, dark clouds hang above the land of Fareast. But, the dark clouds cannot block the sun, vicious lies cannot conceal the facts, and the state power cannot win over the truth. Countless Falun Dafa cultivators have, one after another, stepped out to uphold the truth without the fear of losing their homes, jobs and lives. Facing the whips, batons, threats and begging from prison guards, they fear nothing, they complain nothing and they regret nothing. They are using their blood and even lives to let people of the world know the great compassion and tolerance Falun Dafa cultivators have.

In this rotten and corrupted world, Falun Dafa cultivators dare to sacrifice their lives to speak out the truth! The virtue and righteousness shown by Falun Dafa cultivators are frightening the wicked who can only exert pain and suffering to cultivators' physical bodies, but who can never change the faith they have in Falun Dafa. This is because the great Buddha Fa has reappeared in the human world and it is "sweeping off all the filth and ignorance."

On May 13, all Falun Dafa cultivators in the world will hold celebration to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the teaching of Falun Dafa by our Teacher, to celebrate the dissemination of the Dafa to the world and to have more people know and receive Falun Dafa in their hearts. Cultivators of Washington D.C. area will have a group practice to celebrate this great moment and we welcome you all to participate.

May 3, 2000

(Translated on May 6, 2000)