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The Source of Fabricated Media Reports is Exposed

December 27, 2000 |  

In Dazu County of Chongqiang City, Sichuan Province, the director of County Party Committee made false accusations about Falun Dafa. Two seriously ill patients who suffered from high blood pressure passed away after one month of practicing the Falun Gong exercises. They practiced Falun Gong strictly as a way to relieve their illnesses, and did not behave according to the requirements of Dafa. After their deaths, the director reported to the County Government that the two persons died due to practicing Falun Gong. The County Government paid a great deal of attention to it and invited the Chongqing City TV station to report on the incident. When they made the video, the relatives of the dead individuals told them the two patients' deaths were not due to Falun Gong practice, but their own hereditary diseases. However, the media personnel threatened to have their pensions revoked if they denied that the deaths were related to Falun Gong. Then the media people fed the relatives their lines word for word. If the relatives' words did not meet the cameramen's demand, they moved the camera away. In the end, they made up many stories, claiming that the dead had been healthy all along. Additionally, a farmer who had never practiced Falun Gong had died. Someone even offered a sizeable sum of money to this farmer's relatives if they would say that he died from practicing Falun Gong.

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