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"Advance Together and the Future Will Be Bright"

November 27, 2000 |  

November 19 is an unforgettable day for practitioners in Shandong Province. Braving the drizzles of early winter, several dozen practitioners from nine regions of Shandong Province gathered together and successfully convened a Dafa (Great Law) study and cultivation experience sharing conference. Under the current harsh circumstances, everyone cherished this precious opportunity to come together. The practitioners began the conference with studying the "Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa." All participating practitioners freely expressed their opinions before the Teacher's picture accompanied by the serene Falun Dafa music Pudu. They discussed their experiences from different regions in validating and spreading Dafa, and how to be a better particle of Dafa in the course of the Teacher's rectifying the Fa under whatever harsh environment. As the Teacher points out in Zhuan Falun, "Hundreds of one's energy channels must gradually become wider, with energy getting stronger and brighter. In the end, thousands of energy channels will join together and turn one's body into one without any energy channels or acupuncture points; they will join together to make one whole body. This is the ultimate purpose of opening energy channels. Its goal is to have the human body completely transformed by the high-energy matter." Practitioners understood every sweat pore is not only an acupuncture point but also a city; all places over the world are like energy channels and acupuncture points and should join together and turn into one body without any differentiation. Then, the evil forces will have no room and excuse to further persecute us; each Dafa practitioner is a particle. When we become integrated and turn into one, we are forming a mighty powerful righteous field, and any non-righteous element will become instantly extinct. Therefore, only when Dafa practitioners advance and rise together, can we truly achieve the purpose of "assisting Teacher in the human world" and "suffocating the evil." Just as the Teacher says in Hongyin (Teacher's poem collection), "Advance together and the future will be bright," "Upon consummation, we'll rise in the air and fly back to paradises." Falun "not only cultivates oneself, but also offers salvation to all sentient beings." When Dafa practitioners encounter a problem, they will look inside themselves for the cause and rectify any deviating state. Externally, we should "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence." In the course of protecting and spreading the Fa, we should adopt a variety of means and not be restricted in terms of time, location, and form. At the same time of telling the truth of Falun Dafa to the world, we should step up the effort to unveil the evil forces. Because ghosts from hell are afraid of light, we should shed light on their evil conduct in persecuting Dafa, and completely reveal their inhumane and barbarous atrocities. Jiang Zemin is the representative of all evil forces. All Dafa practitioners in the world should openly file charges against him, accuse him of all his malevolent conducts and subject him to trial by the heavenly principles, the law, and all kind-hearted people in the world upholding justice. To conclude, let's quote a sentence of Teacher for mutual encouragement: "I hope you can take the last step well, perform better and truly achieve consummation." November 22, 2000