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What Is True Compassion?

November 22, 2000 |  

I was not quite used to it when I first read the articles posted on Minghui.org (clearwisdom.net), exposing Jiang Zemin's crimes as I seldom use negative words to describe anyone. When I thought it over with a sober mind, I found that no matter how many negative words had been used, it was hard to describe the harm that Jiang Zemin has caused to people and the harmful consequences to countless beings' eternal lives.

A question was then derived; "what is true compassion" It would be a compassionate action if an everyday person stepped out bravely or risked his own life to protect the interests of his country and people, yet it would be only for protecting the short-term interests of a group of people. As for a practitioner facing personal interests, it will be a compassionate action if he is able to not fight back when he is beaten or sworn at. It would be a more compassionate action to safeguard the principles of the universe. The sabotaging of Dafa [Great Law/by translator], at the level of human beings, has harmed countless people's eternal lives and has brought unimaginably harmful consequences to an entire country. Many people are still deceived by lies and believe that Jiang Zemin is maintaining a so-called "stability". Many people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa have lost their cultivation opportunity. How could we possibly say that we are compassionate if we did not expose the crimes Jiang Zemin has committed, or if we did not help people avoid facing a terrible situation in the future because we were not willing to put down our own notions and individual habits?

The exposure of Jiang Zemin's crimes differs from the criticism of everyday people. Everyday people would blame others in order to protect their personal interests. Regardless of the truth, they would label something good as bad and cover up their filthy dealings with superficial kindness and gentleness. The exposure of Jiang Zemin's crimes is based on a tremendous amount of facts from the past year. It is for distinguishing the good from the evil. It is for the benefit of others and for saving all sentient beings. We would certainly use the means that are acceptable by everyday people, provide them with adequate facts, and reason with them rationally in order to help them truly know the bad deeds that Jiang Zemin has done.

The so-called "benevolence" based on selfishness of everyday people is incomparable with the divine compassion. Falun Dafa, the Fa [laws and principles/by translator] of heaven that has created the living environment for all beings in each level of the universe, was labeled in the level of human beings an "evil religion" by political hoodlums. Would we deviate from "truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance" if we did not keep pace with the cosmic changes and use every means to safeguard the principles of the universe? It is true compassion to be with Dafa firmly, to expose the crimes that Jiang Zemin has committed, and to help people know the truth.