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San Francisco Chinese Radio Station Starts a Weekly Falun Dafa Program

November 02, 2000 |  

October 8th was a very exciting day for the practitioners in the San Francisco area. The voice of Falun Dafa was heard for the first time over the airwaves of San Francisco through a local Chinese radio station, AM 1400. The true law of the universe is reaching tens of thousands of local Chinese families.

"We finally have a voice of our own now," the practitioners said excitedly, "we will try our best and make the program better and better." Even though at this time our program "Falun Gong Corner" is only being aired once a week for half an hour, we have already received quite a bit of feedback from the local listeners.

None of the practitioners involved has any professional radio training, but in order to let more people hear the Dafa (great law, universal principle) and learn the true facts about Falun Dafa, many practitioners have devoted a great deal of time to gathering and writing material for the program. Some practitioners have spent sleepless nights preparing for the radio program. Right now, on top of introducing the principles of Falun Dafa, we have added a number of other segments, such as personal stories of cultivators, popular topics of discussion, and material to clarify the true facts about the practice. A new segment that the listeners especially enjoy is the on-air interview program, which helps to close the distance between the listeners and us.

In order to do a better job of following the steps of Fa rectification, we plan to focus the program more on spreading and protecting the Fa, and exposing the crimes that Jiang Zemin has committed while persecuting Falun Gong. We will do our best to let the program fulfill its purpose as a Dafa broadcast during this historical moment.

San Francisco Bay Area Practitioners, October 30th, 2000