Never Too Young To Practice Falun Dafa

Cathy Ashfield,

Sydney, Australia

Hello, Master, Hello, Everybody:

My name is Cathy, I am 8 and half years old. My name is Cherry. I am 6 and half years old. My name is Calvin, I am 4 and half years old.

Today on behalf of my sister and brother, I would like to report to Master and everybody how we have practiced cultivation. Although we are very young, we are already veteran practitioners, who have practiced for more than one year.

The first time we contacted Falun Dafa was when we saw Mummy's Falun Badge. We liked it very much. So my sister and I asked for one each and put it in our school bag. When we came back home after school, my sister said to Mum: "I have a light in my bag, it was shinning." Mum said that was the Falun badge. No electricity, no bulb, and yet it could shine, we felt interesting. Later we watched mum practice the exercises, we thought it was fun, so we copied her.

One day my sister said: "Mum, if you practice well, you will have flowers growing on your head." Mum asked, "who told you that?" she said, "I just know it. it's true. You'll have 3 flowers." Later mum recorded a 30 minutes' music tape including 5 sets of exercises and practiced together with us along the music. Thus, the first thing we do after school is practicing the exercises. Mum also tells us a lot about Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. I remember that when we watched Master's exercise tape for the first time, I didn't know why my tear couldnot stop running. After watching the tape, I immediately started the sitting exercise. Although my brother was running around me, I was not affected and sat there quietly for an hour. Since then there have been two more things in our life: one is practicing the exercises, another is listening to mum talk about Falun Dafa. Mum asks us to do everything according to Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.

Once dad had a car accident. He swore a lot, and my brother said to him, "you have to act on compassion." One day we went out, brother saw from a distance a portable stall selling colorful windmills, so he ran towards it. When he stopped at the stall, he pointed to the rotating windmill and said to dad, who ran after him, "look, Falun." Dad was amused. Mum has a book. On the front page is a Falun, around which is flame. Brother said, "Mum, I have seen that too. At the beginning Dad didn't believe at all, but when he heard and saw all those things that had happened to us, he started believing a bit. He said that kids tell truth.

Mum has been training us to do things by ourselves since we were small. Once brother was naughty and didn't want to have a shower by himself. He insisted mum help him. Mum said, "you have to do your own things by yourself. What if mum isn't at home?" Brother said, "Mum I know you are going to see Master Li." Both sister and I laughed at him. But a few days later, mum did go to Singapore for the conference. I asked mum why she told brother before hand, not us, mum said that she didn't tell anybody, and that it was brother's super normal capability.

At first dad was objective to our practice. Once when we were doing the exercises in the park, he turned off the tape recorder. Brother immediately turned it on, Dad turned it off again, and brother turned it on again. This repeated several times. Finally, brother was very annoyed and just held the tape recorder in his arms and said, "this is for mum and sisters practicing the exercises. He held it till finished. He was only more than 3 years old.

One day when brother came home from childcare center, he held out his little arm to show us the bruise on it. He said, 'I fell over today. Teacher wanted to give me medicine, and I refused it. I endured.' Mum said that he was a genuine practitioner. Sometimes brother also complained about other kids who pushed him or stumbled him with rocks, stones, etc., but after mum explained to us, we all understand that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. It's because we do wrong things, and we get karma. Now when brother falls over again, mum would ask, 'why did you fall over?' he would say, 'Sorry, I did wrong thing. This is a punishment. I'll never do it again.' But not long he would do the same thing again. Mum said that happened because he's too young.

Last November, Dad finally received the Law. We were all very happy, for we would never be scolded for our practice. Brother said, 'I didn't like dad because he was not a practitioner. Now he is, so I like him. But he really practices the exercises too little.' We were all amused. Dad went back to China last Christmas and when he came back, we went to pick him up at the airport. As soon as brother saw dad, he asked, 'Dad, did you practice the exercises in China?' so funny!

My sister loves helping others. When I had my body purified, she put the blanket on me, offered me water, brought me things to eat and my favorite toys, and looked after me carefully. She also helps brother study like a little teacher. Brother is very naughty, but she is very patient with him.

Whenever brother tells lies or fights with other kids, she would remind him of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. Once in school, a naughty boy grabbed brother's lunch box and threw it into a garbage bin. He also took brother's coins for ice block. When sister found out, she said to defensive brother, 'Ignore him. He has given you virtues.' Then she gave half of her lunch and ice block to brother. Although young as she is, she can tolerate and does not get angry. What's more, she always thinks of others. Brother, other kids and I all like playing with her.

Mum says she is a genuine practitioner, because she does not practice verbally, but put Truth-Compassion-Forbearance into action. Next I am going to talk about myself. When starting to practice, we did the exercises for half an hour after school. Later we increased to 45 minutes, then to one hour.

One-day last year mum said that we should go out to the park to attend group practice. When I heard it was 6:40 in the morning, I thought it was too early. Besides I had to practice together with those adults. How embarrassing! But mum said it was Master Li who said that group practice is the best way to promote Dafa. I didn't understand what "promote Dafa" was in the first place, but I understood after mum explained to me. In order to let those who don't know Dafa yet have an opportunity to gain Dafa, I started going to Ashfield Park with mum to attend group practice every morning. Before I didn't get up until 8 o'clock, but after attending group practice, I can get up around 6 o'clock by myself and does not need alarm clock or mum to call me. For the whole day, I felt very energetic and do not feel sleepy at all. I realize that practicing the exercises is the best rest.

Among the 5 sets of exercises, I like doing the sitting one very much, because when I enter the tranquil status, I feel my body disappear, very comfortable. But when I seek after this sensation, it would disappear, such as Master says the more you seek after, the more unlikely you'll get it.

Sometimes in sitting meditation, I feel as if I am a balloon floating and I am filled with gas like an overweight man, it's very fun. During my Lotus position, I see myself, Master Li together doing this. Sometimes I feel as if I am flying in the air and see children playing - doing somersaults in the air and on swings. I also see them learning Zhuan Falun on clouds - the words in the book are shining golden rays. One day while I was matching the children they even gave me some food -- a food I had not eaten before. It was really delicious. I told my mum and even she wanted some - and asked me to bring some food to her. But sometimes I am reluctant to do the Lotus position. My legs hurt too much, but I do it persistently until the music finishes. Nobody forces me to do so, sometimes when my dad sees my pain, he tells me to stop but I know pain is karma dissolution. Without getting rid of the negative things in my body and not enduring pain I would not be able to return to paradise.

During my cultivation, I also had a karma elimination process. Once I had a high fever. Because my father did not cultivate, he forced me to go to hospital and take medication. I had a sister who passed away at one year old due to a high fever. So my parents get very stressed when we have a fever. Mum asked me, "do you think you are ill? I said, "no it is my karma elimination process. I won't go to hospital."