Honor Received by Falun Gong in 1993
A Thank-You Letter from A Foundation under the Ministry of Public Security of China

August 31, 1993 - The thank-you letter dispatched on August 31, 1993 by the China JianyiYongwei (voluntarily combating criminal activities) Foundation (CJYF) under the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China to the China Qigong Science Research Society (CQSRS).

The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China
Thank-you letter to
The China Qigong Science Research Society

To: Mr. Zhang, Zhenhuan, Chairman of the China Qigong Science Research Society

The Third National Outstanding JianyiYongwei Individuals Honoring Conference, which was co-sponsored by the Central Propaganda Ministry and the Public Security Ministry, has been successfully wrapped up. Many representatives attending the Conference got injured or disabled from fighting against criminals. After conventional medical treatment, many of them still suffered from various symptoms. To help those outstanding individuals alleviate their sufferings, CJYF had formally submitted a request to CQSRS to invite Mr. Li, Hongzhi, founder of China Falun Gong, to offer free health recovery treatment to the outstanding figures during the Conference. Our request received immediate endorsement from general secretary Mr. Zhang, Jian, deputy general secretary Mr. Guan, Qian and Director Mr. Fei, Dequan.

On August 24, upon our invitation, Mr. Li Hongzhi made a special trip to the Public Security Ministry and offered treatment to Chairman Wang, Fang. On August 30, Mr. Li, Hongzhi, leading a group of Falun Gong masters (veteran practitioners), offered treatment to up to 100 representatives at the Conference venue. Because of the remarkable effectiveness, the treatment received wide acclamation. Prior to the treatment, some people were suffering from ailments left over from knife and gunshot injuries. After the treatment, they were relieved of such symptoms as pain, numbness and chronic weakness. Those suffering from brain injury post illnesses recovered sober mind after the treatment, and were relieved of such symptoms as headache and dizziness. Some people were ridded of tumors right on the spot. Some excreted gall stones in 24 hours after receiving the treatment. Some people suffered from stomach diseases, heart diseases or arthritis. After the treatment, all of them were relieved of symptoms right on the site. Among those almost 100 people receiving treatment, only one person claimed no obvious effects. All others felt obvious improvements of various degrees. The representatives treated by Falun Gong were very grateful for this event arranged by the China JianyiYongwei Foundation and credited it as a tangible help offered during the Conference. Whereas the leaders of CQSRS and Mr. Li, Hongzhi directly offered that help, and the activity would help promote the general public's sense of voluntarily combating criminal activities, we hereby express our sincere thanks to you, other CQSRS leaders and Mr. Li, Hongzhi!

We hope that our activities will receive continuous support from your Society and all walks of life.

China JianyiYongwei Foundation
August 31, 1993

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