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Chapter 1 Death and Torture in Custody




1.1.1 Dear Mom! Where can I find you now? — Daughter of Chen Zixiu who was tortured to death
1.1.2 Zhao Jinhua: Beaten to death for refusing to give up her belief
1.1.3 Another death in Huaifang; Practitioners arrested for expressing their condolences
1.1.4 Liu Zhilan died in custody because of gas poisoning
1.1.5 Gao Xianmin died with unknown reason
1.1.6 Dong Buyun died in custody
1.1.7 Wang Guoping suffered tortures and insults before death
1.1.8 Chen Ying died when escorted back to hometown
1.1.9 Zhao Dong died when escorted back to hometown
1.1.10 Zhu Shaolan died of hunger strike

1.2.1 Torture of Falun Gong practitioners in Miyun Detention Center
1.2.2 Falun Gong practitioners tortured in detention,
sentenced up to two years of forced labor “education” 
1.2.3 Daqingjia Township Government tortured Falun Gong practitioners from January 1 to January 3 
1.2.4 Practitioners in Linyi county were tortured
1.2.5 Practitioners in Zhao Jinhua’s hometown were persecuted brutally (Part 3)
1.2.6 A report of torture from Zhuozhou
1.2.7 Practitioners in Zhao Jinhua’s hometown were persecuted brutally (Part 2)
1.2.8 Humiliated and degraded by police
1.2.9 Female practitioners detained in Tangshan were tortured
1.2.10 Mother and daughter were forced to run without stopping
1.2.11 Practitioners’ fingers were hurt due to forced labor
1.2.12 Gao Yulan was tortured because of practicing Falun Gong at home
1.2.13 Falun Gong practitioners were tortured in Tianhe detention center
1.2.14 Falun Gong practitioners were tortured in Nihe detention center
1.2.15 Liu was tortured in Tiananmen Square police station
1.2.16 Practitioners tortured for exercising their legal right to observe the trial
1.2.17 Falun Gong practitioners were tortured in Qinghe Detention Center and Kaiping Labor Camp
1.2.18 Falun Gong practitioners in Huaian County were tortured by local police
1.2.19 Bai Lili was tortured in Dongcheng detention center
1.2.20 Xiang Jinying ‘s arm was broken because of torture
1.2.21 Gu Zhiyi endured 24 types of inhumane torture while in custody
1.2.22 Zhang Yanli was tortured in Sanhe and Huludao
1.2.23 Chen Yajun from Wulumuqi was tortured
1.2.24 Experience of Jun Li
1.2.25 Chen Jiafu gave his own experience
1.2.26 Wang Baogang was threaten and tortured
1.2.27 Xing Shufang was tortured in Beijing
1.2.28 A middle-aged woman was tortured in detention center
1.2.29 Practitioners were tortured in Tiananmen Square police station
1.2.30 Practitioners in Zhao Jinhua’s hometown were persecuted brutally (Part 1)
1.2.31 Deng Shaosong’s skull was fractured due to torture
1.2.32 Anshan women were detained and tortured because they were contact persons of Falun Gong
1.2.33 Wang Zhihui’s gums were damaged due to brutal beating
1.2.34 Some Jiaozhou practitioners were not allowed to eat and sleep for several days
1.2.35 A Ph.D. student was tortured because of practicing Falun Gong in detention center
1.2.36 Torture in Qiliqu detention center
1.2.37 A 16-year-old girl was arrested when visiting her mom
1.2.38 Experience of Wang Renguo in custody
1.2.39 Women practitioners were abused in Yaojia detention center

1.3.1 Ancient cruel tortures adopted by police
1.3.2 Sufferings of practitioners from villages: homes ransacked, frozen in snow, stiff fines, tortures, and set fire
1.3.3 Jiaozhou practitioners were mistreated
1.3.4 Jinzhou practitioner was tortured in Beijing and Huludao
1.3.5 Appealing practitioners were beaten by Beijing police
1.3.6 Appealing practitioners were beaten in Shandong Liaison Office in Beijing
1.3.7 Practitioners were tortured in Wuhan, a city in central China
1.3.8 Practitioners in Daguang detention center had not enough food
1.3.9 Practitioners appealing in Beijing were detained in a soccer field without food and water
1.3.10 Some practitioners in Changchun were stripped and tortured
1.3.11 Eight practitioners endured brutal torture to protect Falun Gong books
1.3.12 Practitioners in Shandong are put into “Chinese Pseudo-Jails” 

1.4.1 Hunger strike in Balipu Detention Center
1.4.2 Police force-fed Wang Xian with her hands and feet manacled during her hunger strike
1.4.3 Police force-feed killed one Falun Gong practitioner in hunger strike
1.4.4 140 practitioners were on hunger strike in Changchun
1.4.5 Practitioners went on hunger strike, and were frostbitten because of abuse
1.4.6 Zhu Sufang went on hunger strike for 12 days
1.4.7 Practitioners detained in Beijing went on hunger strike
1.4.8 Practitioners detained in Heizhuizi Female Labor Camp
forced to do 18-19 hours of hard labor
1.4.9 Chengdu practitioners refused to repent for practicing Falun Gong and went on a hunger strike
1.4.10 Practitioners from Ren county went on a hunger strike
1.4.11 Changchun practitioners went on a hunger strike in Balibao and Daguang detention centers
1.4.12 Three Shijiazhuang practitioners went on a hunger strike
1.4.13 Liang Shaolin was on a hunger strike before being released
1.4.14 Shenyang practitioners were on a hunger strike
1.4.15 Qiu Liying went on hunger strike for 11 days 

1.1 Cases of Being Tortured to Death

1.1.1 Dear Mom! Where can I find you now? -- Daughter of Chen Zixiu who was tortured to death

Message received: February 29, 2000

Victim: Chen Zixiu, 59 years of age

Location of incident: Weifang, Shangdong Province, China


The following is a statement from Chen Zixiu’s daughter.

February 21, 2000, my mother died after three days of torture by the Chinese communist authorities just because she was a Falun Gong practitioner.

My mother, Ms. Chen Zi-xiu, 59 years old, was a villager in Xujia Little Village, Beiguan Street, Weifang City, Shangdong Province. She was a Falun Gong practitioner.

On February 16, 2000, when my mother was walking on the Fushou Street, she encountered Party Secretary Li, who was “the official in charge of Falun Gong problem” in Beiguan street office. Li arrested my mother and took her to the Beiguan police station for interrogation and body search (during the “Two Conferences” -- the People’s Congress Conference and the Political Consultation Conference, local governments are ordered to pay special attention to Falun Gong practitioners). On that evening, she was detained by Licun Village Committee. Around 8:00pm, my mother left the place. On the afternoon of February 17, Party Secretary Li met my mother again on the way to the train station. He immediately called in police and took her to the “Falun Gong Detention and Transformation Center” of Chengguan street office. They also demanded our village committee to pay 2000 RMB as the “detention fee”.

At 7:00am on February 18, my family received a phone call. The caller claimed that he was calling from the local police station, and asked us to prepare a quilt and 1,000 RMB for meal and lodging. We had some doubt and made a phone call to the Hebeiguan police station to make certain that they called us, but they denied making the call. At night, someone called us again, asking whether things were ready. From the other side of the line also came my mother’s voice, “Bring me a quilt. They asked for 1,000 RMB. Give it to them. Other things can be put aside, but the money is critical. I am in No.1 Building of Zhuangzhongyuan.”

On February 19, when I was still hesitating whether we should pay the money, I received a phone call from a female, “Hello, please wait on line.” Then I heard my mother’s trembling voice indicating severe suffering, “However much money they want, give it to them quick-ly. Bring me a quilt.” I suddenly felt that something was wrong. I had learned that Weichen District had set up 6, 7 similar detention centers, where extremely cruel tortures were used to force Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their spiritual beliefs.

At the noon of February 20, I brought what I prepared and went to Zhuangzhongyuan detention center. Some people came out to collect the money. But I did not see my mother. In front of the gate was a police car. A person who was just released from the center told me after I got back home, “The torture inside was absolutely unbearable. Nobody could stand it and almost everyone wrote the pledge of giving up Falun Gong. There are still 4 or 5 people detained there”. In that evening, I got so worried and went with my elder brother to the detention center, but we were not allowed in.

In the morning of February 21, I called the City People’s Congress and expressed my worries and concerns, but people there told me that they had no control over the issue.

In the evening of February 21, around 7 o’clock, our village Party Secretary Yu Lezheng, without giving any reasons, took my elder brother and me in a car to Room 206 (2nd floor) of Jinhai Hotel, where 30 people were already there, including local police, village and street officials and district authorities. We were told that my mother died a “normal death” from a “heart attack” at 9:00 that morning.

An uncle of mine, Mr. Chen Zihe, came here too. These people did not allow us to make phone calls or to go home. They refused to tell us where my mother’s body was placed, nor did they permit us to see her body. They didn’t let us leave the hotel. My brother and I tried several times to break out of the crowd, but were forced back by the security staffs. At the time, director Wang of the Municipal Hospital came in and told us that my mother died a “normal death” from a “heart attack”. The head of the District Public Security Bureau, Mr. Liu, told us that we should ask the higher authorities for instructions and comply with their instructions. At 12:37am, at my furious request, they allowed the three of us to leave the hotel and to see the body the next day.

Around 8:00am on February 22, we went to the Municipal Hospital. The Hospital was imposed a curfew by the police. Around 30 policemen guarded the mortuary. About 10:00am, accompanied by emergency-room physician Wang Jinli, we entered the mortuary. At the southwest corner of the yard piled my mother’s clothes. About 40 of my family members and relatives witnessed with their own eyes the horrible sight of my mother’s body. She had been dressed in funeral clothes and put on makeup. When we opened her clothes, we saw big black and purple patches all over her body except the front upper part. There were bruises everywhere. Even her ears were dark purple in color. Her teeth were broken. Although she had been put on makeup, there was still blood left. In the yard, her clothes, quilt and underwear were covered with feces. Almost all her clothes were cut into pieces by scissors.

The physician said, “When arriving here, she was cold dead.” Although we had taken pictures, we still hoped to have video documents. When I notified video cameramen to come, the policemen surrounded us. The Branch Security Bureau head Mr. Liu seriously warned us that we could not go in. When I asked him why I was not allowed in if my mother died a “normal death”, he answered that he was carrying out orders from higher authorities. The “higher authorities” included the city government leaders. Then I asked him, “You law enforcement people are abusing your power so recklessly, why do you still care accepting orders from the government administrative departments?!” Although he did not find words to answer, we could not get in with almost 30 policemen blocking the way. Later on, we saw legal medical examiner came and examined the body while we were forced to stay outside. After came back home, I suspected that the policemen had tortured my mother to death and reported the case to the District Procurator, but there was no response.

Afterwards, the Street Resident Committee did some “consolation” work for us. At around 10:00pm that evening, Beiguan street office sent us a letter from the Municipal Hospital, which reads (with copy verification): Beiguan Street Office, Weichen District: Villager Chen Zixiu of your district died of a sudden heart attack despite rescue efforts in our hospital at 9:30am on February 21, 2000. Her body has been stationed in our hospital for over 30 hours. It has already shown body spots and started to degenerate. Our hospital can no longer keep the body properly. Please quickly notify her family members to transfer the body to the undertaker’s.

Weifang Municipal Hospital February 22, 2000

That night, we agreed with the advice to refrigerate the body, and decided to do so the next day. By then, we clearly realized that all our basic legal demands had to be subject to the orders from authorities. From that day on, my mother’s body has been kept by the Public Security Bureau and my family has been under surveillance by the authorities 24 hours a day.

On February 23, around 7:00am, more than 20 of my family members and relatives waited in front of the mortuary for permissions from the “higher authorities” to get in. We hoped to dress my mother with clothes made by her own children before she was refrigerated. In the minus 6 Celsius degree temperature, my family, with the aged and the young, waited until 11 o’clock before the permission was granted from the public security criminal bureau.

At 4:00pm that afternoon, the procurator informed us that police did not beat my mother, and the case has been transferred to the Public Security Bureau. At 5:00pm, the District Public Security Bureau and District Procurator jointly started the case investigation and notified us that the body would be jointly examined by 10 legal medical examiners from the Provincial, District and Municipal levels in the afternoon of the February 24. In that afternoon, body examination was conducted. The legal medical examiners drew a brief conclusion, “From the appearance, beating damages were light and not serious enough to lead to death. Basically the possibility of being beaten to death is eliminated and it is not necessary to keep the body any longer.” We knew little about medical science. We felt an unfulfilled obligation to the dead and rejected the demand that the body to be cremated.

Later on, we found out some information about how my mother was brutally tortured during those 3 days. We also learned the inhumane and insane manners displayed by some “working staff” representing the government. They once roared, “Anyone who want to be freed must write the pledge of giving up Falun Gong. Those who do not write the pledge will die normal deaths. They are out dead. Whoever wants to hang one’s self will be given a rope. If anything, even we are jailed, we’ll go in today, and come out tomorrow.” At the same time, we got to know who they were and who were behind them.

We hoped very much to talk with the people witnessing my mother’s sufferings in those 3 days. However, fearing that we might bring trouble to them, we refrained from doing so. We wanted to hire a lawyer, but we were told that to handle any Falun Gong related cases, the lawyers must first obtain permission from the Judicial Bureau. We are very clear about the complicated situation we are facing. Too many people had told us that we had no way to get the justice. I understand that they were of kind will. We know that Falun Gong practitioners would support us to get the justice. But we are afraid that the consequence might be another tragedy, or another “normal death”.

Some of my thoughts: I do not intend to say anything, or do anything for Falun Gong. I am not a Falun Gong practitioner myself. I simply want to tell some facts I know:

My mother’s good health was obvious to all people around her. She had such an admirably healthy body that she had not taken any medicines or seen any doctors because she had no diseases at all. I respect her choice of belief. Her kind-heartedness, selflessness and straightforwardness were highly regarded by all around her. We remember and miss each and every day of her 20 years of widowed and seasoned life. We admire her strong will, her personality and her spirit. All the people around her knew that she was a good person. But her end was such a saddening one.

As her child, so long as there is a single day I am alive in this world, I cannot face my own conscience until justice is brought to my mother. My heart cannot find peace.

Dear Mom! Where can I find you now? ......

By Zhang Xueling (not a Falun Gong practitioner)

Daughter of Ms. Chen Zixiu

1.1.2 Zhao Jinhua: Beaten to death for refusing to give up her belief

Message received: February 29, 2000

Victim: Zhao Jinhua

Location of incident: Zhaoyuan, Shangdong Province, China


On September 27, 1999, Ms. Zhao Jinhua, a resident of Zhaoyuan city in Shandong province was taken away by the Zhangxing County police while she was working on a farm. Also arrested were four other practitioners:

1. Wang Fenglan from the Yujia Village in Shiduitou 2. Ma Yufeng from Xiaojiajia
3. Zhan Keyun from Heya Village
4. Wang Haohong who worked for a barber-shop in the same town.

All five of them were detained in the same room of the local police station. They were tortured by the policemen for refusing to read a book that denounced Falun Gong. The torture lasted for an entire afternoon. That night, four of them (after one of the practitioners was transferred to another detention center) were not allowed to sleep. As soon as they fell asleep they would be tortured.

On the night of October 1, 1999, while four of them were doing the Falun Gong sitting meditation exercise, a bunch of cops came in and began to violently punch and kick them. They also beat the practitioners with rubber clubs. They struck Wang Fenglan a few times with the club and then wrapped her up with a telephone cord to electrocute her with an old-style rotary telephone until she fell to the ground and lost consciousness. They hit Zhao JinHua with a rubber club, then dragged her to the office and shocked her with the telephone. As she was being tortured, they repeatedly asked her if she would stop practicing. The answer was always “No!” so they continued to torture her this way. For three times Zhao Jinhua lost consciousness. Wang Fenglan witnessed all of this.

Then the four practitioners were forced to stand barefoot on the concrete ground. Zhao Jinhua could hardly stand up. Her face was a pale yellow. After she fell down with her eyes closed, they sent Zhao Jinhua to a local hospital for emergency treatment. After a doctor gave her an injection, she was taken back to the police station. Zhao Jinhua said she felt pressure in her chest, and that the right side of her body felt numb. She felt a great deal of pain all over her body. There was blood in her urine, pain in both of her legs, and she was unable to eat. Her whole buttock was black and blue from the waist down. Wang Fenglan, Zhang Keyun and Ma Yufeng all witnessed this. The personnel in the police substation Ou Dafu and Fu Shaoxing also witnessed this. The police station did not take any further action to help her.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon on October 7, 1999, when Zhao Jinhua tried to go to the restroom, she fell down right after stepping outside the door. The other three practitioners came to help her but could not get her to stand up. “She gets what she deserves.” A policeman named Bing Huachun commented. Finally, when she was pulled to her feet, she wet her pants. The police station sent her again to the emergency room at the local hospital; the other three practitioners went along. But it was too late. She stopped breathing while medical personnel were doing an electrocardiogram.

Zhao Jinhua had no illnesses. Four years of Falun Gong practice had made her very healthy. She handled all the work in the farm and at home by herself. This is known throughout her neighborhood. She was tortured to death by the police officers because she refused to denounce her belief in Falun Gong. The public security personnel and the local government then prepared a report that described how well they attempted to save Zhao Jinhua, and forced the other 3 practitioners to sign it.

The autopsy report showed that, with the exception of the head, “there were multiple wounds on her body. Within the range of 120 x 60 millimeters there was sub-cutaneous bleeding.” The report concluded that she died from being beaten with a blunt object. The authorities were afraid of leaking out the truth about Zhao’s death, so they didn’t release the other three practitioners until November 12, 1999. They were also forced by the local government to say that Zhao Jinhua died from myocardial infarction. Otherwise, they would have suffered from beating and electric shocks. Ms. Zhao’s family was also threatened by the local government not to reveal the truth of Zhao’s death.

The Chinese government did not punish those who murdered Ms. Zhao. Instead, they investigated those practitioners who had disclosed the death of Ms. Zhao to the public. On November 20, 1999, practitioners Li Nanying and Chen Shihuan were sentenced to three years of forced labor education for revealing the truth of Ms. Zhao’s death to the public.

Media reports of this incident:

AFP: Chinese Woman Beaten to Death (10/11/99)

AFP: Faithful Falun Gong member pays price for belief (10/8/99)

Reuters: China sends two Falun Gong members to labor camp (12/29/99)

AP: China Said To Send 2 to Labor Camps (12/29/99)

AFP: Falun Gong Members Jailed For Publicizing Death of Tortured Woman (12/29/99)

1.1.3 Another death in Huaifang; Practitioners arrested for expressing their condolences

Message received: February 2, 2000

Victim: A Falun Gong practitioner

Location of incident: Huaifang, Shandong Province


There was another case of death of Falun Dafa practitioner in the city of Huaifang during detention. The body of this practitioner is at the city hospital. This morning, many practitioners arrived at the city hospital upon hearing the news; however, all of them were arrested in front of the hospital entrance. It was yet to be found out the cause of the death.

1.1.4 Liu Zhilan died in custody because of gas poisoning

Message received: January 18, 2000

Victim: Liu Zhilan, female, over 40, from Changgouyu Coal Mine in Fangshan district of Beijing

Location of incident: Zhoukoudian Police Station, Beijing


On January 10, three practitioners from Changgouyu Coal Mine in Fangshan district of Beijing, Ms. Liu Zhilan, Ms. Pu Shulan and Ms. Li Fuhua, went to appeal for Falun Dafa and were arrested. They were transferred to the Zhoukoudian police station that afternoon and were forced to shovel snow and clean the police station everyday.

On January 14, they had their lunch by the boiler room of the police station after they finished their forced labor work. About 2:00pm, all three of them suffered gas poisoning and lost consciousness. They were transferred to Yanshan District Emergency Room for emergency treatments. Ms. Li, at age of thirty, regained consciousness around 9:00pm. After she was able to move around, she started to take care of Ms. Pu, who was over 40 years old. During the night of January 15, Ms. Pu opened her eyes but then lost consciousness again, it wasn’t until the next morning she finally regained consciousness.

Ms. Liu was over 40 years old. She lost consciousness and never recovered. When Ms. Liu’s family arrived the hospital, she was already been placed in the morgue. The police warned the families of those three practitioners that they were not allowed to reveal Ms. Liu’s death to other Falun Gong practitioners.

1.1.5 Gao Xianmin died with unknown reason

Message received: January 17, 2000

Victim: Gao Xianmin, 41 years of age, 1.8 meters tall, from Guangzhou, Guangdong

Location of incident: Tangxia detention center of Tianhe district, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province


On December 31 of 1999, Gao was arrested in the Tianhe Park of Guangzhou when he and ten other practitioners were having lunch. Later, he was transferred to the Tangxia Detention Center of Tianhe District. In the afternoon, on January 18, Gao’s family members suddenly received a notice of his death from the Security Section of Jinan University.

Police officers sated that Gao suddenly lost consciousness after enduring hunger strike for several days. Later, he was sent to the hospital emergency room but he died without regaining consciousness.

Gao was very healthy after practicing Falun Gong for many years. Many people were shocked by the news of his death. So far, the police have not given any reasonable explanation to the cause of his death. During his detention, Gao had been tied-up and force-fed with a high-density salt water solution. It’s known that the police would cover one’s nose with wet towels to force-feed this person with mixture of a lot of salt and a little water. Therefore, it was suspected that Gao might have been suffocated to death.

1.1.6 Dong Buyun died in custody

Message received: November 1, 1999

Victim: Dong Buyun, female, 36 years of age, an elementary school teacher of Lanshan district

Location of incident: Linyi, Shandong Province


Dong Buyun went to Beijing to appeal on July 20. Later she was arrested in Beijing and was escorted back by the police of Lanshan District on September 20. She was then put under the custody of the school and not allowed to go home. The guard watched her day and night. She was forced to write a pledge of giving up Falun Gong, but, she refused. She would rather give up her job than give up Falun Gong. It was officially reported the next day that she jumped out of the building and got killed at midnight. The police cremated her body in a rush before noon.

1.1.7 Wang Guoping suffered tortures and insults before death

Message received: October 27, 1999

Victim: Wang Guoping, around 40 years of age, Shulan, Jilin Province

Location of incident: In Jilin liaison office in Beijing


Wang Guoping went to Beijing to appeal to the central government and was arrested. Police tortured him with all kinds of instruments. He was stripped of his clothes and had cold water poured on him. Police also repeatedly tortured and insulted him by pressing his head into the toilet. He was transferred to the Liaison Office of Jilin provincial government in Beijing on October 15. On October 17, 1999 it was officially reported that Wang died from jumping out of the 8th floor of that office building, but the real cause of his death still remains unknown.

1.1.8 Chen Ying died when escorted back to hometown

Message received: October 25, 1999

Victim: Chen Ying, female, 18 years of age, a student from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province

Location of incident: on the train to Heilongjiang Province


Chen Ying went to Beijing to appeal to the central government at the beginning of August and was arrested. On the way being transferred back to Heilongjiang, the police abused her with threats, tortures, and brutalities. She was reported to have jumped off the train and gotten killed.

1.1.9 Zhao Dong died when escorted back to hometown

Message received: October 25, 1999

Victim: Zhao Dong, 38 years of age, from Jixi of Heilongjiang

Location of incident: on the train to Heilongjiang Province


Zhao Dong was arrested when he was in Beijing to appeal to the central government at the end of September. The police who sent him back to Heilongjiang threatened and tortured him. It was officially reported that he jumped off the train while bound by handcuffs, and got killed.

1.1.10 Zhu Shaolan died of hunger strike

Message received: October 12, 1999

Victim: Zhu Shaolan,50 years of age, living at 29 Fudeli, Unit 4, Apt 66, Jinzhou, Liaoning Province

Location of incident: Jinzhou, Liaoning Province


On September 28 many practitioners in Jinzhou collected signatures for a letter appealing for their freedom to practice Falun Gong. As the result, many were arrested for their involvement. To voice their concerns over the injustice, more than 40 practitioners started fasting on September 29. Zhu was one of them. She became very weak two days later and started vomiting on the fourth day. The Raoyang local police sent her to the hospital on October 5, and she died in the hospital in the morning of October 7.

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