<Editor's Note> this article is provided by veteran disciples who have witnessed and attended all the important events of Falun Gong from its initial public introduction till now. With so many rumors targeting Falun Gong, and under the harsh situation of increasingly escalated political pressure, we are revealing the truth of several tribulations experienced by Falun Gong. It is intend to provide the truth for those who don't know Falun Gong or have misunderstanding towards it due to misleading information. (This article has four parts).


Reveal the Scheme of the Very Few People from Changchun

Since the Zhong Nan Hai gathering on 4/25, Falun Gong has became one focus of the people over the world. A very few people purposely labeled many criminal charges on Falun Gong to suppressing and destroying Falun Gong. However, the result is the opposite. More and more good people who haven’t had a chance to know Falun Gong has obtained the Fa (cultivation principles) and started their cultivation, and the number of Falun Gong practitioners has been increasing rapidly all over the world. People from many countries have begun to study Falun Gong, praise and recognize Falun Gong. – They praise Falun Gong for bringing health and harmony to the people, recognize its tremendous effect on uplifting moral standard in the society, and have commended Falun Gong with various honors for these reasons.

On the other side, the very few people who hated Falun Gong due to their unsatisfied personal interests, has been lobbying around, ganging up with several individuals in the propaganda and some other government departments, abusing their power to distribute materials which were made up of lies against Falun Gong. That has indeed deceived many people who did not know the truth. Some people have even blindly followed them to form propaganda network against Falun Gong. One time it seemed that the miasma was about to block the sunshine. Since bad people started first, we shall reveal the truth of their action completely.

Among documents against Falun Gong, the ones by Song Binchen, Zhao Jiemin, Liu XX and company from Changchun have been favored and used most frequently by people against Falun Gong. Since the end of 1994, these people have stubbornly attacked Falun Gong. Currently, they become more active under orders and supports from some departments; they even try to gang up to organize a large media campaign against Falun Gong.

Therefore it is necessary to show the truth from the following perspectives:

I. who are Song, Zhao and Liu from Changchun?

II. what kind of rumor they had made up and spread again and again?

III. why their nonsense charges is publicized by the China Qigong Science Research Society?

IV. how they carry out the old rumors again after complete failures in every nation-wide attack against Falun Gong?


I. What kind of people are Song, Zhao and Liu from Changchun?

In 1992, carrying the mission of imparting Falun Dafa to the public, Master Li Hongzhi started to genuinely bring people toward higher levels, and solve the problem of inability of uplifting one’s cultivation level that had existed in the cultivation community for a long time. Master Li used the simplest method, which was to start from the bottom. At that time, in order to find out the situation of the Qigong community and the methods of organizing classes, Master Li had attended several kinds of Qigong classes. Since he did not have the necessary introduction to the departments who were in charge of Qigong classes, he started his teaching in local parks. Gradually, some people recognized that he was the great Master. They then helped him to apply all the documents necessary to open Qigong classes. Thereafter, Master Li taught two Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) classes in Changchun and began his public teaching on the exercises and the Fa (cultivation principles).

Zhao and company were among the first attendees of Master Li's first classes. Initially, they thought that by following such an extraordinary Master, they would certainly be great Qigong Masters in the future. With a dream for fame and fortune, they actively assisted Master Li in disseminating the Fa. They considered themselves as veteran founders with much contribution in front of other practitioners. However, the cultivation principle of Falun Dafa requires practitioners to "give up the attachment to fame, gains and sentimentality". Therefore, their selfish interests and egos had always been checked and could not be realized.

They once were in charge of the Changchun Falun Gong General Assistant Center. In order to get Falun Gong known by the society as quickly as possible, Master Li also trained some individual practitioners and gave them supernormal capabilities to cure diseases. But this was done to prove Qigong, and was only used in the special cases like participating the national large scale heath exposition or promoting Dafa in new areas. In normal occasions, it was absolutely not allowed to use such supernormal capabilities to show off oneself and to ruin the cultivation practice, needless to say, it was not allowed to use them to make money and fame. But Zhao and company wanted to open Qigong clinic to achieve their personal goals of making money. They were driven by attachments of healing diseases to a point that they even tried to practice it to strange people in the streets. Moreover, they asked other practitioners to help introduce patients to them. Mater Li had firmly stopped such behaviors of making money from curing diseases. Therefore, they became discontent from their hearts.

Master Li had also once trained several people in Changchun, and took them to different places around the country to conduct classes and to promote Dafa. However, because of the expended desire of fame and gains from these people, they could not cooperated with the participating organizations. Not only had they refused to learn their lessons from it, but also made rumors and slanders that said the outside people had mistreated Northeasterners, and asked Master Li to return to northeast. After they failed in this scheme, they were once depressed and became inactive in Changchun General Assistant Center. But they started to panic when they later saw the rapid spreading of Falun Gong --- without becoming active again, their "Founders" and "Heroes" status would vanish. Thus, they quickly crafted new ideas and new tricks to show off their contribution. They led practitioners in parks to add BaGua Circle into Falun Gong movements, which was practicing and walking at the same time. They dreamed of creating a new image of heroes with this method of "keeping out the cold".

However, their "clever" acts only ended up as a blunder. This was to ruin the divine and complicated high level cultivation way. Such severe destruction to the Fa were again criticized by Master Li.

There was initially no money to publish Falun Dafa books. A lot of efforts had been made to borrow 40,000 yuan (Chinese dollar) to print the first batch of Falun Dafa books. The income from selling these books was for paying the debts and printing the second batch of books. However, Zhao and company gave away thousands of books to draw people's attention towards them. Until now, there is still 20,000 yuan missing because of the misconduct of them. At that time, while it was financially very difficult to publish Falun Dafa books, Zhao and company had made up new book numbers and sold them to Falun Gong. After relevant department found out that the numbers were fraudulent, we asked them to refund the money paid for these numbers. They refused to do so and claimed that the money had already been spent.

Some of those people were lay Buddhists and thought that Falun Dafa was Buddhism. They dragged Buddhists to learn Falun Dafa, also took our practitioners to temples for conversion to Buddhism. They violated the principle of practicing only one cultivation way. Some of them dreamed to have supernormal capabilities, and thought that by following such a great master to acquire supernormal capabilities, they could obtain all the mundane interests. They wanted to show special privileges and asked practitioners to take them to places with cars. They also used state-owned vehicles for personal reasons. Once they violated the traffic law and crashed the vehicle. They did not take it as a lesson from nature, instead they blamed Buddha for not protecting them with divine powers. Since Buddha could not satisfy their personal interests, why cultivating Buddha?

Because this kind of behavior was so opposite to the cultivation principles Falun Gong, those people were asked to step down from responsible positions at the cultivation assistant center. Falun Gong practitioners only make unselfish contributions. There is no rank and hierarchy. Some people at other assistant centers made similar mistakes; and after stepping down from the positions, they were able to start cultivation very diligently, and eventually provide voluntary help to others again. However, those people in Changchun did no take this as an opportunity to calm down and cultivate diligently to improve themselves, they missed their chances one after another. They thought that Master Li was suppressing them, so they rebelled through publishing poems. They wouldn’t accept the persuasions kindly provided to them, and eventually were not willing to admit and correct their mistakes. At the end, they could not find a way to obtain personal fame and interests in Falun Gong, so they stepped onto a direction to fight against Falun Gong. They sworn that they would never stop attacking until they succeeded in completely ruining Falun Gong.


II. what kind of rumor they had cooked up again and again?

The situation of the Qigong community in China has always been complicated. Therefore, the Chinese government has always been concerned about it and prevented chaos in the Qigong community. The government have always been trying to ban a small number of fake Qigong practices that conduct superstitions, deceive and harm people to get money. This is right and absolutly necessary.

This extremely small number of people in Changchun had seen such a overall trend. Since they had determined to thoroughly frame up Falun Gong, they had done it at all costs. They made connections

all over the country to collect malicious false accusations. By the end of 1994, they had written three big books of several hundred thousands of words to list twelve charges against Falun Gong, and brought these false accusations to thirteen departments of the central government. The labels they used were so frightening. With their evil intentions, they were trying to craft every evidence against Falun Gong. Unfortunately for them, there wasn't any fact in it. However, these so-called revealing materials had brought about severe situations against Falun Gong.

In those urgent circumstances, we had explained the true situation of Falun Dafa to all the relevant official departments. After we clarified all the exposing materials item by item, the official departments were all very surprised. The officials said: "Actually Falun Gong is so good. Why didn't you contact us? We have never got to know you. We hope to keep in touch with you often in the future." Thus, the incident of false charges at the end of 1994 was finally settled. On February 9, 1995, China Falun Gong Research

Society wrote three detailed reports on this incident to the Chinese Qigong Research Society, which were also passed on to other relevant departments. One of the reports specifically explained item by item the truth against the charges in the "revealing materials" from the eight people from Changchun. It should be said that this kind of rumor had already been thoroughly clarified then, and all the problems they caused had all been solved. They should not use the same materials to stir up another incident.

Then there have been several upsurges for nation-wide suppressing against Falun Gong directed by

a small number of people in some functional departments. They searched everywhere to collect charges against Falun Gong. In the end, like drawing water with a bamboo basket, no valid evidence was obtained. But since they had already formulated the charges nation-wide, they had to have the supporting material. Therefore, they had to use their connections in both upper and lower levels of organization, and repeatedly reproduce the so-called revealing materials that had already been thoroughly clarified.

These old stories should not be worth mentioning anymore. But since the activities of these few people have expanded their malicious influence globally, we have no choice but to explain it from the very beginning.

We have mentioned the first report -- the report from China Qigong Science Research Society Falun Gong branch to CQSRS on February 9, 1995. We will comment and analyze the "revealing materials" item by item as follows:

1. Ludicrously take the date on Citizen ID and Residence Registration Book as primary evidence of crime.

It is not rare that dates on Citizen IDs and Residence Registration Books contain mistakes. Among over 1 billion people in China, people with such personal experience maybe in the hundreds of thousands. Then what makes this information evidence to support criticism? Who is ultimately responsible for the wrong date? Where does the crime lie?

When Master Li joined the army, his birth date had been filed incorrectly by the army. It was corrected later. On Oct. 20, 1994, the ChangChun Public Safety Bureau ZhaoYang District Office issued Master Li a new Citizen ID, and his birth date was shown up as May 13, 1951, ID number was 220104510513361. His previous ID became invalid since then. However, Zhao and company have been spending much energy digging into the old ID even after the new ID was issued. They spiced up this date change issue with Buddha’s birthday. Even though Buddha’s birth was documented in the Lunar Calendar, these rumor-makers still tried to draw relevance from it with ridiculous assumptions and logic. If this date has such a prominent indication, at least hundreds of thousands of Chinese were born on this date; does it mean that they are Buddha? On the other hand, how can someone "who thinks he is higher than Buddha" use Buddha’s birth date to promote himself?

Actually from technical standpoint, in a 15-digit ID number process there should be one bit reserved for error handling. Lacking the error-handling bit is a technical problem that led to such errors.

2. "Files" that question Mater Li’s supernormal abilities.

Master Li never promote supernormal abilities; instead, he promotes self-cultivation. Therefore, it is useless to undermine Master Li’s reputation simply because he did not perform supernormal abilities. Master Li always disagrees to apply supernormal powers among ordinary people. To disturb human society with supernormal powers is absolutely disallowed. For example, if someone still has the bad mindset of ordinary people, once he attains the ability of Teleportation, he would conduct all kinds of crime, such as stealing state secrets and money in the banks. Such things are absolutely not allowed. Therefore, other than cooperating with scientific institutes in important research (Master Li had participated in scientific experiments with research institutes), Master Li had never performed supernormal abilities. Meanwhile, Falun Gong has strict requirements on practitioners to disallow show-off mentality in order to prevent any disturbance to ordinary human society.

However, some people just came to study Falun Gong to pursue supernormal powers. They thought that once they learned cultivation methods of the Buddha school, Buddha would protect them in all occasions, and help them attain mundane interest. Once they discovered there’s no Buddha to give them such special treat, their dreams turned into dejection, and they blamed Master Li.

3. "Files" that mentioned "the Earth will be blown up" and "to delay such blowing for 30 years". They even involve the State leaders in their story.

This type of political frame-up is extremely vicious, and it’s a complete lie. It’s not even worth to refute.

As a group of veteran practitioners who have followed Master Li for years, we have never heard of things like "the Earth will be blown up" from Master Li, needless to say there could exist such a thing that the State leaders received Master Li for such an issue. To frame such a crazy story is so degrading. It is not only a sheer slander to Master Li, but also disrespect to the State leaders.

As to the issue of universal explosion, it has always been an international research topic. There’s still no definite conclusion. Some theories promote the idea that the Universe is created through Big Bang and it has a history of 14 Billion years; some scientists hold that the Universe is still going through the process of blasting and creating a complex structure of time-space; some are researching the conditions for variants to occur in the Universe. This has been publicly recognized as an unsolved research issue.

Some individuals had asked Master Li about this issue, Master Li had always replied: "Let’s do not ask question about such sensational rumors. They have nothing to do with your cultivation and your physical health." Regarding rumors about upcoming disasters from some cults, Master Li had repeatedly said that such disaster would not exist. Master Li’s righteous attitude on this issue has been an important factor to eliminate cults, dispose various rumors with negative public influence, and stabilize the society.

Because this issue can stir up enormous political effects, it has been used for years by some people who plot rumors. Are these people the ones who create negative public influence and destabilize our society? It is such a sad fact.

4. "Files" that said Master Li set up a religious sect. This is absolutely non-sense.

First of all, our cultivation is not religion. We practice Qigong of the Buddha school, a great orthodox cultivation way. It has nothing to do with religions, nor is it Buddhism.

The "Files" mentioned that Falun Gong disallowed its practitioners to practice other cultivation ways. Actually it is a fundamental principle in the society of cultivators -- Cultivation has to concentrate in only one way. This is not only a principle of Falun Dafa cultivation, but also a principle commonly acknowledged throughout the society of cultivators. Just because ordinary people have not attained the teaching of true principles of cultivation, so they do not know. Common sense of ordinary people is to take the best of all exercises in order to attain better health, but this does not apply in high-level cultivation.

Cultivators of Falun Gong should not convert to Buddhism. If one cultivates Falun Gong and Buddhism at the same time, it will not only violate the principle of single-school cultivation, but also damage the regulations of both cultivation schools. This does not mean that you have to cultivate Falun Gong. It is all right to become a Buddhist. We are just talking about this principle of single-school cultivation. We think that either way is the cultivator’s personal choice, and no one should force others on this issue. Some of these people were originally lay-Buddhists. They tried to push practitioners to convert in temples. Such actions had surely drawn criticism from Falun Gong. This was why they plotted the rumor of "setting up a religious sect".

5. "Files" said that Master Li "had never paid any taxes" on his lecturing income. This is absolutely against the truth.

When Falun Gong started to disseminate in May 1992, it had reported immediately to China Qigong Science Research Society on its dissemination goal and contents, and had obtained approvals from leaders of the Society. Numerous classes held in Beijing were organized by the Society with many of its leaders drawing the concluding remarks. It was approved to be a good Qigong cultivation way to be popularized nationally and internationally, and was directly under the leadership of the Society. All classes organized by China Qigong Science Research Society had delegated the sponsor to submit the taxes. With more experiences in organizing Falun Gong class, sponsors of the classes all had official agreement on this issue since later 1993. Because different regions had different tax regulations, our local chapters gave 10% more revenue, which was 40%, to sponsors to enable them submit our taxes. This was agreed upon by sponsoring organizations. Although situations vary in different time period, but the tax issue had always been taken care of.

According to the regulation set up by Master Li, all income from classes were used in theoretical research of cultivation principles, scientific experiments, establishing centers of cultivation, etc.; and no such income belonged to Master Li. All financial records were kept by local chapters. No individuals should use this income. These regulations are known by Zhao JieMin. He had organized the classes in ChangChun.

Starting May 1992, Master Li had been concentrating on disseminating Falun Gong. Therefore, either his lecturing and living expenses were reimbursed under the expenses for establishing the cultivation way, or his stay was arranged by local chapters.

Each Falun Gong class had duration of 10 days, cost for first-time attendants were 40 Yuan (US$5), for others were 20 Yuan (US$2.5). This was the lowest admission cost among all Qigong classes in China, and had a huge difference with the normal fees collected in other Qigong classes at that time. Other Qigong masters had complained on this issue, and China Qigong Science Research Society had repeatedly asked Master Li to raise tuition fees. But Master Li had insisted not to do so by considering the financial situation of practitioners.

6. "Files" said income from Master Li’s classes had all became his personal income except some minimal expenses, and Master Li never contribute the money out.

Let’s show the facts here.

On December 27, 1993, Master Li made a technical presentation on Qigong in the ‘93 Oriental Health Exposition. Total income for that was 4000 Yuan. All of it was donated to the China Foundation of Heroes and Justice.

One May 14 and 15, 1994, China Foundation of Heroes and Justice invited Master Li to lecture twice on scientific Qigong research in auditorium of Beijing Police University. Total income was nearly 60,000 Yuan, and was all donated to the Foundation. Meanwhile, Master Li gave 1000 copies of his book China Falun Gong to the Foundation as gifts to libraries. Total cost of the books was 6600 Yuan.

On August 27, 1994, Master Li held class in YanBian Korean Autonomous Region. Total income for that class was 7000 Yuan, and was all donated to the Region’s Red Cross. All these donations have receipts and certificates as proofs.

Other than these donations by Master Li, two people from his class in Beijing Police University who were deeply moved by his cultivation principles, had anonymously donated 100,000 Yuan and 1,500 Yuan, respectively.

Master Li had not only donated many times to China Foundation of Heroes and Justice, he had also paid his respects to heroes that fighting for justice. In August 1993, the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Police jointly organized the Third National Commend for heroes fighting for justice. The Foundation invited Master Li to provide health consulting to these heroes. This invitation received great support from leaders of China Qigong Science Research Society, including its General Secretary Zhang Jian, Deputy Secretary Guan Qian, Director of Cultivation Method Committee Fei QuanDe. On August 31, Master Li led some disciples to treat the hundred heroes. Ministry of Police had sent letter of appreciation to China Qigong Science Research Society, citing that out of the hundred heroes, other than one who did not have serious injury, all others had shown various degrees of obvious improvements.

September 21, 1993, People’s Police published Master Li’s photo taken by Deputy Chief of Beijing Police Department Li XiaoJing. With the photo was a quote from Master Li said "All heroes who have been verified by China Foundation of Heroes and Justice are qualified to receive free consulting from this cultivation." On May 16, 1994, China Laws Daily quoted General Secretary of China Foundation of Heroes and Justice Mr. Zhou ShiShang that "the virtue promoted in China Falun Gong by Mr. Li HongZhi agrees with the fundamental principles of our Foundation." It is not hard to see that Master Li is supportive to people that fight for justice. Every righteous person can draw a just conclusion on this.

7. "Files" claimed that Master Li can only talk about Fa (Laws and Principles), and cannot heal illnesses.

There is no need for further explanation on whether Master Li is capable of healing illness or not; proving evidences are available in Master Li’s works. Here we would simply provide information on illness-healing by Master Li and Falun Gong on two Health Expositions in Beijing.

To support national Qigong grand activities, Master Li had led some disciples to participate in the illness-healing on the 92’ Oriental Health Exposition. Mr. Li RuSong, Chief Executive Officer of the Exposition, and Professor Jiang XueGui, Chief Consultant of the Exposition, commented objectively on Master Li’s cultivation power and miracle healing effects of Falun Gong. Mr. Li RuSong mentioned: "Falun Gong received the most praises during the Exposition and its healing effects are good." Professor Jiang XueGui commented: "It can be said that Mr. Li HongZhi is a brilliant star in the Exposition. I witnessed many miracles Master Li created for the Exposition. I have seen those patients who were confined by walking- sticks and wheelchairs, who were bothered by various conditions that prevent them from walking normally, have miraculously stood up and walked after having been adjusted or treated by Master Li. Just as someone inscribed that: Falun Gong is a miracle cultivation system. As the Chief Consultant of the Exposition, I responsibly recommend Falun Gong to you all. I believe this cultivation system will genuinely bring people physical health and fresh spirit and mind".

Invited by the 93’ Oriental Health Exposition, Master Li participated for the second time in the illness-healing program. He was nominated as a member of the Organizing Committee, and Falun Gong was the "Specially invited Qigong System". During the 10 days, thousands of people were treated, over 95% of them had quickly shown the effectiveness of the healing; more than ten thousand people asked signatures from Master Li. Falun Gong received the most visitors during the Exposition. In recognition of the distinct contributions made by Master Li and Falun Gong, the Organizing Committee and the Expert Advisory Committee of the Exposition decided unanimously to present the Emerging-Science Advancement Prize, the only highest prize of the Exposition, to Master Li. At the same time, Master Li also received the "Special Golden Award" and "Popular Qigong Master" title. About fifty to sixty Qigong systems participated in the Exposition; and Master Li was the one who received the most prizes. This is a fact witnessed by all.

Zhao JieMin and Song BingCheng had suffered from diseases at the beginning; it was Master Li who cured their illnesses. At that moment they knelt down instantly and made kowtows to Master Li. They were so moved and so pious. Liu FengCai said: "Ever since I started practicing Falun Gong, I have the warm feeling all over my body; the Law Wheels are turning at many parts of my body and my mind is so clear. In one occasion I was rushed by a deadline to write for seven consecutive days and nights; I had only slept for two hours every night and had never felt sleepy or tired". But why they have become so ungrateful and have acted so maliciously after just a little over a year? It was exactly these people who had dreamed to open a clinic and make fortune through treating people with Falun Gong. Weren’t they denouncing that Falun Gong could not heal illness simply because their plan was stopped? Weren’t they deceiving the public and themselves against their own conscience? Wasn’t this a grand exposure of the evil side of their human nature?

8. Zhao JieMin and company also "disclosed" that how Master Li boasted himself and displayed jealousy, how Falun Gong came to the public, and etc. We don’t need to spend too much effort to deal with these kind of issues.

Other "files" raised various issues, none of which deserves a separate analysis. Issues like posters that manifest superstition, comments from Master Li’s mother that indicated he has no cultivation power, and occasions that Master Li attended Qigong classes before he came out to public, etc. These are all simple questions.

As we have mentioned, upon carrying the mission to preach the Fa to the public, Master Li once attended several classes. He showed up as a student to find out about the situation of Qigong classes in the society. He had experienced and observed with an open mind. Didn’t that show the modesty of Master Li? How could they cook up a story of Master Li compiling his cultivation system from other Qigong? Coincidentally, when we were reporting our situation to Qigong organizations of Jilin Province and the City of Changchun, there was a former director of the Provincial Qigong Association who once lectured on a certain type of Qigong. Master Li had once attended his class. This person realized the profoundness of Falun Gong later. He abandoned the practice and lecturing of his previous Qigong, and concentrated himself to study Falun Gong. He convincingly denounced the lie of these people by reporting to the Provincial Qigong Association with his own example.

There was also the issue that the lotus base and aureole in the posters indicate superstition. In fact, people with some cultivation experience (also in many other Qigong practices) can see layers of lotus during meditation; they can see radiant lights around their heads and bodies and other glorious scenes. These are real Qigong phenomena, and there was nothing wrong to illustrate them in posters. Also, many cultivation stories have talked about people who have practiced secret ways for tens of years without even letting their spouses know about it. Since the teaching Master Li had received from more than 20 masters all belonged to secret cultivation ways, how can others know about it? Not to mention complicated conditions in advanced Qigong cultivation, deep meditation and sleep, which are beyond the imagination of a non-cultivator. How can it be called secret cultivation way if others can know it? As to Master Li’s mother, she is always proud of Master Li, and no one should say such bad words about her. Does it make any sense to hurt a respectable elderly without any reason?

As no conspiracy could survive under the light and no lie could stand up against the fact, the lie conspired at the end of 1994 was resisted by all government departments. After thorough investigation and careful study of opinions from various sources, Qigong Associations of both the City of Changchun and Jilin Province firmly supported Falun Gong and criticized troublemakers. The state and city Qigong Association volunteered to setup branches and special groups of Falun Gong, and were proud of such a good Qigong system from their hometown being promoted nation-widely and world-widely.

At that time, National Sports Committee, the Ministry of Public Security and China Qigong Research Society were all great supporters of Falun Gong. They urged Falun Gong to set up a scholastic organization to coordinate nation-wide activities of this wide-spread Qigong system. However, as Master Li insisted that cultivation is up to each individual and should not get involved in politics, neither should it take the form of any organization or business entity, Falun Gong has always been taking a way of no formality.

Situations were pretty bad for the liars who were refuted wherever they went. They got dispirited. Haven’t been able to frame-up Falun Gong, in turn, they were discontent with management of all levels. Unwilling to give up, they had to wait for chances. Some of them, who are writers, plan to write novels and make up stories to defame Falun Gong. Some had made up their mind to continue their confrontation in the long future.

III. Why did China Qigong Science Research Society advocate Zhao and Song’s malicious accusations?

China Falun Gong was made public in 1992 and was greatly supported and highly proclaimed by management of different levels at China Qigong Science Research Society.

After completing his first two classes in Changchun in the May of 1992, Master Li reported the dissemination goals and contents of his lectures to CQSRS in Beijing, and was fully approved by the Society. Lectures were then managed by authorities of the Society. Leaders of the Society gave speeches at the start, and summarization and affirmation at the completion on each workshop. Approved as an outstanding Qigong system, China Falun Gong was promoted nation and world-widely. In 1993, Falun Gong became directly under the leadership of the Society, and its exercise instruction videotapes were published and distributed publicly by the Society for the first time.

From such close cooperation, we all remember contributions to the promotion of Falun Gong made by people at management positions of the Society, like Board Chairman Zhang ZhengHuan, General Secretary Zhang Jian and Li ZhiNan etc. General Secretary Li ZhiNan even made a special trip, accompanying Master Li to Qiqihaer to give Lectures. Managers at different positions frequently take part in Falun Gong lectures as invited guests. Many leaders participated with invitation in the last Fa-teaching Conference held in Guang Zhou in December of 1994, in the "Zhuan Falun" Issuing Conference held in the auditorium of Beijing Police University on the 4th of January in 1995 and the Nation-wide Fa-Teaching Concluding Conference; during the conference Master Li announced that his lecturing on Fa inside China had been finished.

A total of 54 Falun Gong classes were given from 1992 to 1994, with four to five thousand students each class at later stages, which was unprecedented in scale. However, there were also obstructions and disruptions. At the very beginning obstructions came from few people within CQSRS. They first invited Master Li to give lectures at their hometowns and, later on, turned against Falun Gong once their request of setting up hospitals was turned down since it was against the principles of Falun Gong. We are deeply grateful to the leaders of CQSRS who had repeatedly criticized the wrong doings by people mentioned above.

In late 1994, several people who claimed themselves as Falun Gong cultivators tried to open Falun Gong clinic and earn money by selling book numbers to Falun Gong. Being unsuccessful in doing that, they turned their shame into anger. They looked upon Falun Gong with hatred, and determined to frame-up Falun Gong to vent their resentment with all possible political tricks. They recklessly crafted rumors, sent tens of pages of false material to more than ten government departments and shamelessly accuse Falun Gong for four crimes with twelve charges. Hence, we Falun Gong cultivators clarified this to all government departments that received their materials, who were all surprised and said: "Actually Falun Gong is so good. We have never got to know that. We hope to keep in touch with you often in the future". At the time, National Sport Committee, CQSRS and the Ministry of Public Security all suggested China Falun Gong Research Society to set up a full functional scholastic organization to fit the coordination need of various activities of this wide-spread Qigong system. However, Master Li insisted that cultivation is up to each individual and should not get involved in politics, neither should it take the form of any organization and business entity. No money, no office, only few devotees providing voluntary services.

According to Master Li’s plan in China, Falun Gong classes would be given for 2 years and should be finished by the June of 1994. Later, due to overwhelming applications, classes were given again in YanBian, Jilin Province in August and in GuangZhou in December. In September, Master Li informed CQSRS that his teaching of Falun Gong in China had finished and thereby apply for withdraw from the Society. Starting from 1995, Master Li only lectures oversea and never had any Qigong related activity inside China.

In March 1996, Master Li sent three students to report to CQSRS, and formally requested the withdraw of Falun Gong from the Society. The reasons were that the Falun Gong teaching in China had already finished by 1994; teaching abroad had also ended in 1995; from then on, Master Li would no longer participate in Qigong activities and would devote himself wholeheartedly to the research of Buddha’s Fa.

People with authority in the occasion, including Mr. Zhang Jian and Mr. Qiu YuCai etc., repeatedly urge Falun Gong to stay with the Society. They said that as Qigong was being attacked and slandered at the time, it was just the right moment for Falun Gong to stand out and contribute to the protection of Qigong, so why leave? They highly commended Falun Gong. We explained that Master Li had focused on research of Buddha’s Fa and had no time to care about the worldly business of Qigong. We insisted Master Li’s request of leaving CQSRS, obtained the formal approval, and got the withdraw procedure done.

The second topic of this report was about how to affiliate CQSRS as Falun Gong Cultivators Society, which was to be established by numerous requests from Falun Gong cultivators after the withdraw of Master Li’s Falun Gong Research Association. The answer we got at the time was to first find a ministry as activity advisor, then apply for a mass organization from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and then affiliate CQSRS as a group member. We were treated friendly in the process and everything went smoothly.

It was not until June1996 did Guang Ming Daily start to criticize Falun Gong. Numerous practitioners wrote letters to Guang Ming Daily to report benefit they had received from practicing Falun Gong. Many people also wrote to CQSRS. Qigong Associations of both Jilin Province and the City of Changchun gave positive reports of Falun Gong after receiving letters. Due to the political atmosphere at the time, a new chairman and a few others of CQSRS were eager to win honors by criticizing Falun Gong. Lacking an understanding of the complicated situations of Qigong, the new chairman required all Qigong Masters to hand in their earnings to the Society as the first new policy to achieve unified management. He also required branches of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chinese Youth League be established in each Qigong system to assure centralized leadership by CCP, which is totally non-practical.

In late 1996, Chinese government undertook a structure reformation for Qigong management, and the National Sports Committee would completely took over the management of Qigong. As a result, CQSRS itself would no longer exist and became a mass organization to be cancelled. Chinese Science Association, which CQSRS was originally affiliated with, would no longer recognize it either. As a result, the Ministry of Civil Affairs could no longer recognize CQSRS.

At the critical moment of their own survival, among a series of maneuvers fighting against the management of Chinese Sports Committee, CQSRS took the criticizing of Falun Gong as a way to save itself. Only then did the Society claim that in November of 1996 it reported to the leadership and asked for cancellation of Falun Gong. Let us asked, why need a re-cancellation since early in March Falun Gong had already withdrew from the Society on its own? Isn’t this trump-up exploit for itself? Saving no efforts digging up all those slander materials, which were all overturned in early 1995, to defame Falun Gong, isn’t this outrageous? Serious consequences have been resulted. CQSRS as a class-I department of the government, has made a great political mistake in reporting political frame-ups from individuals as a organizational verdict to the upper management. In addition, these materials have been widely circled around the nation as evidences for maligning Falun Gong, resources for accusing Falun Gong on Web sites and topics of Tabloids. Even worse, it has become the Government’s official documents for suppressing Falun Gong. For this series of persecution, individuals from CQSRS is inescapable for their crime and unforgivable by the heavenly justice.


IV. All previous nationwide suppressing turned out to be total failures; having no way out the old rumors has to be carried out once again

Falun Dafa has been spread rapidly both in China and abroad, and has been recognized worldwide. This had touched the nerves of some conspirators even more. They want to take the chance of attacking Falun Gong to fulfill their political ambitions. Therefore, they kept making a series of incidents at all cost to persecute Falun Gong. They intended to provoke so that the conflicts, create chaos in the society, and then achieve the vicious purpose of completely eliminating Falun Gong.

A few conspirators laid their hands on the Public Security organizations. In January and July of 1997, they investigated Falun Gong twice nationwide for so called "Illegal Religious Activities", attempting to collect criminal evidence to label Falun Gong as an evil religion. However, after the full investigation nationwide, all the public security bureaus reported that "no problem has been found yet". In July 1998, the Ministry of Public Security first declared Falun Gong as evil religion, then distributed official documents to collect the criminal evidence all over the country, and even sent spies into Falun Gong groups to find out the real situation. This caused chaos all over the country, but still came out empty-handed. Surprisingly, not a single evidence has been collected since Falun Gong practitioners all observe the laws and policies very well; on the contrary, numerous facts show that Falun Gong has only numerous benefits to the nation and people.

As for those several people from Changchun who have been against Falun Gong all the time, their repeated slanders turned out to be nothing. Even the security bureaus regarded them as nonsense and of no value. Under such situation, they had to use He Zuoxiu to stir up the Beijing TV Station incident and then the Tianjin incident. Under the strict control and cooperation of a few people, they directed the Zhong-nan-hai incident. Due to the truthful, benevolent and compassionate conduction of Falun Gong practitioners, this incident had been in a very short time.

The conspirators just kept on trying their schemes one after another. They deceived the central government by distributing the statement of the terror of Falun Gong. They fabricated the rumors like "Collective Suicide at Xiangshan on May 1st", "Great Gathering at Xiangshan on May 22nd and then Suicide",and "Big Rally in June". However, on those dates they referred to, there were actually no Falun Gong practitioners showing up. The facts kept disclosing their lies. The conspiracies failed one after another. Finally it was the turn to carry out the old rumor --- "Revealing Materials" by a few people from Changchun. Once again they were attempting to deceive those who are not clear about the truth, and lead to a big chaos to destroy Falun Gong nationwide.

Under the command of a few people who have powers in political-legal organizations, a certain security bureau went to Wuhan TV Station, together with Song Bingchen and Zhao Jieming Zhao from Changchun, re-fabricated and re-played the conspiracy which had been disclosed at the end of 1994; dreaming that after a rumor being repeated a thousand times, they would be able to use it as the evidence to claim Falun Gong guilty. That was daydreaming.

Nevertheless, at this point the problem has tended to be the most serious: a few conspirators usurped the name of central government, based on the lie that "the central government has declared Falun Gong as evil religion", issued a command to Wuhan TV Station who was not clear about the truth to fabricate the video tape of criticizing evil religion and attempted to play it in every authorized TV station. The hazardous fact is: those pure slanders from a few has turned into the mistake of the central government’s policy-making. Therefore, urgent appeals has to be forwarded to the central government to prevent the conspiracy of those conspirators who tried to deceive their superiors and delude their subordinates in order to cause even greater chaos nationwide.

Relevant reports have been put on the website of Falun Gong in Changchun. According to the latest news, those several people from Changchun are still working on fabricating the materials in an even larger scale with Wuhan TV Station. They are cooperating with so called "the Great World Association Against Falun Gong" to create greater chaos. They gave out the rumors about Master Li to be "a spy for America", " cheating to get the money for immigrating to America as investor", and something like "supported by the foreign power", etc, which are all based on nothing.

A lie is nothing but always a lie; however, it can temporarily deceive those who do not know the truth, even provide false materials to the central government and thus lead to wrong decisions by the central government. It could lead to a disaster that could not be reversed if this would not be stopped in time. Therefore, all good people should help to steer the situation towards the right direction to avoid making one mistake after another, which could damage the reputation of China and do harm to the Chinese Society.

We as Falun Gong practitioners have always conducted ourselves based on "Zhen – Shan - Ren" (truthfulness – benevolence – forbearance) .We are not against the government. We do not get involved in politics. We are all good people who love this country. But we cannot understand this --- why is it so difficult to be a good person in this world? We practitioners have always been asking less from the mundane society. We only ask for the right to practice our beloved Falun Dafa according to our own searching for the truth, and ask not to be persecuted ,attacked or suppressed for no reason. We hope to regain our sacred right to choose our own fundamental belief and the legal environment for practicing. May the sacred Constitution of our country shine as it should be!