October 31, 1999, News from Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China:

Mr. Gu Zhi-yi, a Falun Gong contact person in his 60s in Chongqing, was arrested on July 19th. In the jail, he has endured 24 types of inhumane tortures, including the "Tiger Stool"(lash thighs on a bench and then bent legs to the opposite direction by adding bricks under the heels), piercing through fingers with sharp bamboo sticks, electric chair, and electric shocks by connecting the head and bottom, etc. 

When Gu Zhi-yi was asked whether he would continue to practice Falun Gong, he answered "Yes" firmly all the time. When he appeared on TV, he said, "Fellow practitioners, you ought to be clear-minded!" Consequently, many practitioners in Sichuan Province have become awakened and stood up to the challenge. Mr. Gu is still in custody. 

Dong Bu-yun Dedicated her life for Falun Dafa

Dong Bu-yun, female, 36. An elementary school teacher of Lanshan District, Lin-yi City, Shandong Province. She went to Beijing to appeal on July 20. Later she was arrested in Beijing and was escorted back by the police of Lanshan District on September 20. She was then under the custody of the school. It was said that she was detained in an office on the second floor and was not allowed to go home. The guard watched her day and night.

She was required to watch TV and learn the policy on Falun Gong by the central committee. She was also required to write a pledge of giving up Falun Gong etc. She declared with determination that the propaganda on the TV was all fabricated, and they were vicious slanders on Mr. Li Hongzhi. She also refused to write the pledge. Instead, she wrote a letter of resignation. She would rather give up her job than give up Falun Gong. On the second day, it was said that she jumped out of the building and got killed in the midnight. Her body was cremated in a rush before the noon. Fellow practitioners felt extreme grievance for losing such an outstanding contact person.

Wang Yin-ke Was Deceived and Got Jailed

On the evening of October 29, when Wang Yin-ke, the president of De-shun company in Shijiazhuang was driving on the road, he received a call from a friend Liu Zong-hua, a political instructor in the Yue-jin police station. Liu Zong-hua asked him to drop by. When Wang Yin-ke arrived the police station, he was then arrested. Later his family was told to send him some quilts. 

In Shijiazhuang, all Falun Gong practitioners are required to follow four rules: 1, no contact; 2, no gathering; 3, no appealing in Beijing; 4, no exercise. Anyone who violates any of the four rules will be arrested. Wang Yin-ke did not go to Beijing, nor did he gather; yet he was still arrested. He is now being detained in the Shijiazhuang. 

Changchun News

About 200 Falun Gong practitioners are being detained in the Changchun Daguang detention center. Some of them were escorted back from Beijing. Some were arrested locally without any reason. There is a law for the maximum period of detention, and most have served the maximum period. But the police still refuse to release them for fear that they may continue to go to Beijing to appeal. Some had been transferred to Tiebei Jail etc waiting for sentence or labor education. They were not allowed to be visited, while other criminals detained for stealing or fighting could be visited.