[Minghui 04/25/2001]

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China National Security Bureau Involved in Self-Immolation Incident

[Minghui Net] According to an insider, the April 2001 edition of the magazine Opening reports that the China National Security Bureau acknowledged that many people had infiltrated Falun Gong. On instructions from Luo Gan (head of National Political and Legal Committee), the National Security Bureau had planned the "Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident." Every move of the self-immolators was controlled and monitored by the National Security Bureau. After many secret meetings, the entire events, including the timing of use of the fire extinguishers, preparation of the ambulance, the text of the news report and timing of the news release were all diligently planned. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that the "success" of the "self-immolation incident" was due to the orders of the National Security Bureau. The National Security Bureau is directly responsible for the incident. Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan are the behind-the-scene plotters. Therefore, from a legal standpoint, Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan are the prime murderers. They must be tried in court according to the law.

Those National Security personnel who participated in the planning of the "self-immolation incident" knew that one day Falun Gong would be returned to its rightful place. Knowing that Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan are cruel and evil and could kill the witnesses, those participants, in order to protect themselves, have already written down and recorded on tapes the real circumstances of the incident and their relatives are holding these records for safekeeping.

We hope all kind-hearted people in the world can see the justice one day.


(Peter, April 19, 2001)

(Translated on April 23, 2001 from http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2001/4/20/10113.html)