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At present, for every disciple both inside and outside of China, clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to people around the world is the most important task in "assisting the teacher in the human world".

Letter from a Practitioner: Reflections after Reading "A Reference for Prophecies"


Greetings XX at Dafa Association,

After reading Teacher’s article A Reference for Prophecies, I remembered the prophecies in a book called Notes Left by Ge An which has been circulating in Korea. It makes detailed predictions about Falun Dafa. Now I will briefly describe them as follows:

  1. Background information of Notes Left by Ge An
  2. Notes Left by Ge An contains the secrets obtained by the great Korean scholar and astronomer Nan Shigu (1509-1571) when he met a sage in his youth in Kum Kang San Mountain (a mountain in Korea). Nan Shigu later assumed the name of Ge An, which is why the book is named as Notes Left by Ge An. Actually, Nan Shigu was just taking notes according to instructions of the sage. Even Nan Shigu himself who was very knowledgeable about astronomy and geography could not comprehend its entire meaning.

    Notes Left by Ge An was hidden from the world for 450 years. In 1986, a Korean scholar, whose last name was Xin, started to explore the book’s meaning for the first time. By the end of 1980’s, this book had become a hot topic in South Korea.

    Notes Left by Ge An is a great prophecy book, unrivaled in the world. It has a great amount of detail describing the Great King of Falun descending to this world to teach the Great Fa [the laws and principles of the universe] and Great Tao, and saving all sentient beings at the present time. It has mentioned clearly Falun Gong and the Falun Emblem, as well as the persecution of Falun Gong in China. It points out clearly that the great sage is named Li, who will start to teach the Fa and the exercises in Changchun (a city in Jilin province, northeast China). The Fa that he teaches is the Fa that compasses all other teachings in one at this period of time.

  3. The book unmistakably hinted about the a sage named Li and Great Fa and Great Tao he teaches:
  1. Who is the sage? He is named after wood (Li in Chinese means plum tree). He has the sign of the rabbit (born in 1951), born in April (of lunar calendar) at the north of the 38th parallel and in Gongzhuling under the Three Deity Mountain (Changbai Mountain in northeast China). He was born under the direction of "Gen", which corresponds to the northeast direction.
  2. This sage is the king of all kings in heaven, that is, the Great King of Falun. People will refer to him as Buddha Maitreya when he descends to this world. He is the sage who teaches the orthodox Tao.
  3. "Three Words and Two Whites" mentioned in the book: the three words are Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfullness-Compassion-Forbearence), and the two whites are white heart and white body (refer to cultivation of xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart] and transformation of benti [one’s physical body and bodies in other dimensions]).
  4. The book describes in great detail the Falun Emblem.
  5. It has mentioned that Falun Gong has effects of "clear circulation", "small clear circulation" and "unblocking the passages and channels".
  6. It clearly indicates that Sage Li will start his teaching in Changchun ("green forest", which is what Changchun means in Chinese).
  7. In the section Statement about Dharma Ending Period, the book describes in detail that on the (July) 20th in the summer, Dafa will be persecuted by evil beings.
  8. It has mentioned that after enduring the tribulations, practitioners in China will see "daylight in the future."
  9. It clearly indicates that after some years, the Chinese government will change its policy against Dafa [the Great Law, the laws and the principles of the universe].
  10. Those who persecute Dafa will perish forever, and the day for hundreds of millions of practitioners all over the world to celebrate will eventually come. It warns people do not turn away from Dafa because of those temporary tribulations. Those who leave Dafa will perish, and those who follow will prevail.
  11. The Fa that Sage Li teaches is the orthodox Fa that is flawless. It clearly points out that people should study the Fa and read the books more.
  12. It says that the sage will not live in the capital city, and he will travel to the west.
  13. The time of his teaching will not be very long.
  14. No escape from prison. Dafa practitioners will suffer the tribulation of jail terms.
  15. It states clearly that even though people in China are suffering great tribulations, most of the practitioners will be like "birds not leaving the branches", and it is hard for the vicious slander of the state authorities to change people’s mind.
  16. All religions at the time are no longer effective. The only way out is to attain the Fa quickly – praying to heaven everyday will not lead you a single step towards heaven, chanting "Buddha Amitahba" everyday will not lead you to the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss.
  17. It has clearly described those important historical moments, one by one. It also points out when the Dharma Ending Period is. Mankind in this age will be destroyed in a "strange disease", and it is hard for even one out ten households to survive.
  18. It emphasizes that the key to the cultivation practice in this time is cultivating xinxing, "preserving life at the half-moon shape under the triangle mountain" (referring to Clear Moon Lake in Changchun).
  19. It states that the current events happening now in China were arranged several thousand years ago.

I’ll send you the original book in the future when there is an opportunity.

A Korean Practitioner

July 10, 2000

(Translated on September 7, 2000 from http://www.minghui.cc/gb/0001/Sep/07/ge_an_yi_lu.html)