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Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa

October 21st, 2000

It's been a long time! (Applause)

All right, let's stop applauding now and listen to your teacher.

When any life in this cosmos has enlightened to his Fa, his principles of the Fa, or his Attainment Status (or "Fruit Status")--no matter at what level--he has to go through a truly serious test. This determines whether what he has enlightened to can hold ground in this cosmos, and it establishes his mighty virtue. That's why all beings encounter in their cultivation the kind of situation we're experiencing today. As you know, when Sakyamuni was in this world, when Jesus was in this world, and when other upright religions and righteous teachings were imparted in this world, they each ran into something like this and underwent this type of trial. This is a law of the cosmos. But as to our Dafa, let me tell you that nobody is worthy of testing It. Since all lives--and this includes every being in the cosmos--are created, made, and shaped by It, no one is worthy of testing It. (Applause)

Then why are we encountering these things? As you know, Li Hongzhi is doing this undertaking in an ordinary human form, with a human body, using the lowest form of language among lives in the cosmos--the human language, this most simplistic human language of today--and using the lowest form of cultivation, qigong. This has left all beings throughout the cosmos oblivious. In order to evaluate and determine the xinxing position of each sentient being in the cosmos and reposition them, it was necessary that each one's true xinxing level be revealed. So they haven't been allowed to know the truth. No being in the entire cosmos knows the truth. They regard me as a cultivator, and so they dare to do what they have. As I told you before, no sentient being knew about the Fa of the cosmos. That's why they think that I'm establishing a system of things that I've enlightened to--when I'm really doing Fa-rectification--with the only difference being that it's exceptionally pure and righteous, and extremely high level. In their view, that's all it is. This is why they've dared to bring us this disaster today. In other words, a higher Attainment Status and a Fa this immense require a test this massive. Yet on the other hand, if this hadn't been allowed to happen, it wouldn't have. My intention was to utilize all the things that they'd arranged, in order to see their xinxing in their actions. They arranged this long, long ago. Human history is cyclical. They haven't realized that such an enormous Fa is being spread--something extraordinary. The humankind of the last cycle underwent a process like this as a test run, and had gone even further than today's humankind. In the end, environmental pollution caused the deformation of humans and their eventual elimination. This is what happened to the last humankind. What happened last time is now being repeated, but this time it's true Fa-rectification. In other words, this was arranged ages ago. They established a system in order to avoid deviation and to ensure that nothing would go wrong with this matter today. According to their thinking, the things that are happening and unfolding today were arranged by them. Nothing in the process has been coincidental, though things appear coincidental among everyday people and manifest among everyday people in an entirely human fashion. So these were indeed arranged by them. In their words, one god would be more than enough to make arrangements so that nothing would go wrong with any being on the entire earth. Countless gods--so many gods--are watching this. How could there be any mishaps? Nothing in the process could go wrong. But this is only the arrangement, which I mentioned earlier, by the gods of the old cosmos. They don't dare to ruin any of these things, because they also see the problems the cosmos will face and they know I'm doing this undertaking. But they, too, don't know who I am. So what they wanted to do they arranged. Do you understand? (Applause) Their apparent purpose was to allow our Fa to establish Its mighty virtue, and to have the Fa be truly respected by beings throughout the entire cosmos for Its mighty virtue. On the surface, this was the purpose of their arranging all this. But this has instead become an obstacle for Fa-rectification. I knew they were sure to do it this way, so I used the opportunity to examine their xinxing in everything they'd arranged and reposition them accordingly. In the course of your cultivation, each one of you should understand correctly the relationship between your own cultivation and Fa-rectification. How should you view the trials and tribulations that you experience? I can tell you that if a person doesn't have that much karma, he absolutely won't have tribulations that severe. You should clearheadedly distinguish self-cultivation from evil's assault on the Fa. All of the arrangements that have interfered with Dafa, that have tried to forcefully impose something on me or the Fa, are absolutely unacceptable. So they have to be held accountable for everything they've done. How is this any different from the persecution of Jesus and the persecution of Sakyamuni's disciples back in their days? They have to be held accountable for all these things--they must be held accountable for all these things. There's something I told you before. I said: What is a Buddha? "Tathagata" is what humans call someone who's come with the truth and the power to do what he wants, whereas real Buddhas are guardians of the cosmos and are responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos. Nevertheless, in this affair, they have also fully shown the positions of their xinxing after their deviation from the Fa and have fully revealed their impure side. This has resulted in many situations that shouldn't have occurred and all kinds of interference; this is quite similar to the performance of our students' xinxing at present during their own cultivation. All beings in the cosmos are amidst the Fa-rectification, and all that they do might reflect in this human place since I'm doing this in this human place. I can tell you that all the suffering and tribulations endured by our Dafa disciples is not only aimed at their own cultivation--it's also due to high-level beings testing Dafa using students' karma, using "improving them" as an excuse, and using the persecution that's being carried out by degenerate beings at low levels. In fact, all of these have harmed the Fa-rectification. You've not only been enduring tribulations caused by humans. Since parts of you have been fully cultivated, you are great gods, and gods at very, very high levels have been testing you. This is why what's happening today is unprecedented--a tribulation like this has never taken place in history. This is understanding it from a cultivator's perspective. But on the other hand, I'd say that no one is worthy of testing Dafa. Yet they have, so they've committed a sin, and they'll have to be held accountable for everything they've done. I've only given you a general explanation of this situation. As I said, I just wanted to use their actions to see their xinxing clearly, arrange their places, and in turn test disciples and enable them to reach Consummation. They're also using the most vicious beings to do all of this in a destructive manner.

As Master sees it, this undertaking has encountered huge tribulations because you coexist with the Fa during the Fa-rectification period. Never before in any historical period have people encountered such huge tribulations, nor will people who cultivate in the future--those people won't be you, of course, but human beings in the future--since they'll only engage in self-cultivation. You, however, are linked to the Fa.

During the past year, I was silent for various reasons. When I wasn't speaking to you, I saw that students were doing really well. This says that you can do well when I'm not around. It's remarkable! You've not only handled yourselves as cultivators, but have also firmly safeguarded Dafa--you are truly magnificent! This is because you've been in accordance with the Fa, and because you've regarded yourselves as cultivators. This is something everyday people can't do--everyday people absolutely wouldn't be able to do it. It is something that's never been seen in human history. It's futile for the evil forces that want to damage us to attempt to destroy us--nothing like this has happened in history, nor do humans have the ability to do that. No matter who assaults Dafa, it's a matter of humans battling gods, and the end result is obvious. Of course, through this series of events our students have gained a clearer understanding; there was a huge difference when the tribulations had just started. Some were shocked. Some were contemplating, "What kind of person is Li Hongzhi?" Some were thinking, "Is this Fa righteous?" A comprehensive test has targeted all human attachments. No matter what attachments you held when you came to Dafa, those attachments had to be tested. Some people thought that this or that aspect of Dafa was good, but today's test is relentless, as no human attachment can be taken to heaven.

I can tell you that throughout history there's never been any human being who has succeeded in cultivation--regardless of the cultivation way. This is because a person's Assistant Primordial Spirit doesn't enter the Three Realms, but controls the person's body at a microscopic level beyond the Three Realms. It's simply impossible for a person to return--never before in history has this happened. But since you've encountered this amidst today's Fa-rectification--not because you have such a great predestined relationship, nor simply because it's accidental--you're truly able to return through cultivation! (Applause)

No matter which level a god comes from, once he enters the Three Realms, he is never able to return--this is absolute. This is also something that no one has ever dared to disclose, because it would lead humankind to rapidly head for destruction: If people knew about the truth, hopeless beings would stop at no evil. Yet our Dafa has enabled [people to return]--we're able to achieve this--and it has played this role. So I've revealed this truth to you all. (Applause)

Our students are truly remarkable. A while ago, you all did a lot of things that you were supposed to do for Fa-rectification. In this recent period of time, many of you have been doing a lot of work to let the public know the truth. As a Dafa disciple, a particle of the Great Fa of the cosmos, you should do that. When people damage the Fa... of course, no one can damage the Fa--how could the Fa of the cosmos be damaged by humans? No one is able to damage it... But when someone comes to attack the Fa, what should you, a disciple, a particle of Dafa, do? Shouldn't you let the truth be known and make people aware of the facts? This is from your own perspective. You are a particle of Dafa, so you should play this role.

From another perspective, I can tell you that all gods in the cosmos--whether it's the ones who've been rectified or the ones who haven't been--say that, with regard to everything you've been doing today, we're incredibly compassionate. (Applause) Did you know: During the time when the evil came in an overwhelming way, a lot of people were fooled by the vicious fabrications and deceitful lies; they had hatred toward Dafa and my disciples; those people were fated for elimination in the future; yet even with that being the case, by presenting the truth we've enabled them to know the facts and get rid of their previous views and evil thoughts, and it's very likely that they can be saved. (Applause) Our informing the world of the truth isn't any sort of political struggle, nor is it doing things with specific ends in mind. I'm telling you that this is your being benevolent, and you are [doing this to] truly save people of the future! (Applause) If those people's thoughts don't turn around--think about it, everyone--they're done for. I think you should, as a student, a cultivator, do these things from the perspective of benevolence as well. Inform people of the truth, tell them about it--this is also offering people salvation.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to really thank the various levels of government in the United States and Canada for the honors they've bestowed upon us and upon me. (Applause) Under this special circumstance, I can't thank them individually, but I will bring them a wonderful future. (Applause) On the surface, we're seeking public support for Dafa. This is the thinking of the worldly human side, manifest in this human place. Yet it's reversed on the other side. Whoever supports Dafa or advocates for Dafa is establishing for himself his being's existence in the future and is laying a foundation for obtaining the Fa in the future. (Applause)

There are many things to address, but I don't want to say too much now. I'll choose a time to come forth to formally and clearly explain everything about these matters to you. (Applause) But let me tell you this: All disciples who have stepped forward, Master thanks you! (Applause) Remarkable! (Applause)

Every one of us is doing for Dafa things of Fa-rectification, Fa-spreading, and presenting the truth. We haven't been involved in political struggles, whether it be our going to Tiananmen Square, going to Zhongnanhai, or informing people of the truth in all sorts of situations. This is because if the evil hadn't persecuted us, we wouldn't need to explain the truth to people whatsoever. We also don't think that our making appeals or presenting the truth right now is interfering with anyone. When being treated unfairly, people should be allowed to speak--this is a human being's most basic right.

Of course, through this we've fully seen the position of every student's xinxing. You went through a process of serious thinking at the beginning of this, but no matter what, that's not to be considered wrong, as you were given the opportunity to think: What kind of person is Li Hongzhi? Is this Fa righteous? For those who've been able to break away from humanness, who have been able to come through today, let me tell you that you made it! (Long applause) As you already know, at that time the evil forces were really overwhelming, it was as if they eclipsed the sky and covered the earth--they were ferocious. These things have already been destroyed. (Applause) It's only the evil humans that are left and still active. Moreover, all people with righteous thoughts--and I'm not referring to our students--all everyday people with righteous thoughts are standing up against this. This is because the evil was restraining people before, and after the evil was eliminated, people became clearheaded and now they're reconsidering and reevaluating all these. The lies and fabrications will all be exposed one by one. (Applause)

I wanted to tell you about many things. And you might also have a lot of questions for me: "Is it correct to do it this way? Is it correct to do it that way?" I can tell you that overall you've all done things correctly. As for those minor matters or few specific things that you're unsure of, I think you'll be able to handle these things well on your own path towards Consummation. (Applause) This is because during the past one year plus, what's taken place has proven that you have truly done well without me around--truly well, exceptionally well! (Applause) Some minor problems and problems with certain individuals have occurred, and these can't represent Dafa. These were also arranged. You could say that they were inevitable. They were actually arranged: That is, during which time which person behaves in what way, what a person does during which time, and this includes those in detention centers who had behaved quite well all along but in the end reversed themselves--they stopped studying, stopped practicing, and have even encouraged other practitioners... Think about it, everyone: Could these be coincidental? Probably nothing is coincidental, because for you, a practitioner, in the process of your cultivation you have fundamental tests all the way to the very end. Nevertheless, not one of our genuinely cultivating Dafa disciples has fallen amidst the tests.

I'll just say this much. I will explain things to you in every detail when the opportunity arises. (Applause) Whether it's those who've had their lives taken by the evil forces, those who've been in detention centers or sentenced, those who've suffered under all kinds of circumstances or been forced to leave their homes, or our students abroad or students in other environments, all of the things you've done for Dafa have established your mighty virtue. Finish up the last step. I hope that you'll do even better and truly reach Consummation! Thank you! (Applause)

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--November 2nd, 2000, when the above article was published.

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