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286 The Opposing Forces Do Not Dare to Persecute Practitioners Who Are Unshakable in Their Resolve 11/30/03    
285 Two Sisters' Righteous Thoughts and Actions Thwart Police Plans to Persecute Many Practitioners 11/29/03    
284 Exposing Evil Is in Fact Saving Sentient Beings 11/26/03    
283 What the Evil Fears Most: Being Exposed 11/27/03    
282 A Dafa Disciple Standing Righteously Between Heaven and Earth 11/16/03    
281 Issues for Practitioners Hiring Attorneys in China 11/13/03    
2802 Two Experiences of Clarifying the Truth in Difficult Situations 11/02/03    
279 Respecting and Accepting Others - Reflections on How to Clarify the Facts 10/29/03    
278 Denying the Arrangements of the Old Forces, Returning to Fa-Rectification from the Edge of Death 11/03/03    
277 My Understanding of "Hurry Up and Tell Them" 10/09/03    
276 Falun Dafa Practitioners Are as Indestructible as Diamond 10/16/03    
275 Simple Sharing on Telling the Truth and Cultivation of Speech 10/01/03    
274 The Power of Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions 10/01/03    
273 Police Have No Tricks to Play When Dafa Practitioners Keep Constant Righteous Thoughts 09/08/03    
272 Dafa Disciples Clarify The Truth And Walk Out Of A Brainwashing Class After Two Hours 09/10/03    
271 Do Well the Three Things Requested of Us by Master, and Righteously Walk our Path of Fa-Rectification 08/21/03    
270 Award Certificate Decorated with Flowers Encourages a Practitioner to Continue His Mission to Clarify the Truth 08/13/03    
269 Protecting Master's Photo with Righteous Thoughts 08/13/03    
268 Dafa Practitioners in China Successfully Clarify the Truth on T.V. in a Large Area 08/04/03    
267 By Acting According to Teacher's Words, I Was Released from a Forced Labor Camp 08/01/03    
266 Realizing the Importance of Kindness During Truth Clarification 07/27/03    
265 Maintain Righteous Thoughts - Destroying the Evil Field in a Chinese Prison 07/16/03    
264 Two Short Fa-Rectification Stories 06/16/03    
263 A Practitioner's Pure Benevolent Behavior Helps People Understand the Truth About Falun Dafa 06/11/03    
262 Giving Up a Seat for Another 06/17/03    
261 After Reciting Teacher's Article "Expounding on the Fa" Several Times I Realized What I Should Do 05/28/03    
260 Some Experiences in the Fa-rectification 05/29/03    
259 Inspired by A Fellow Practitioner's Dedication to Fa-Study 06/03/03    
258 Cherish Every Piece of Truth-Clarification Material with a Compassionate Heart 05/25/03    
257 My Experience Reciting Teacher's Articles in Jail 05/22/03    
256 Rectify the Fa With Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Deeds 05/29/03    
255 Highly-Respected Doctor Sent to Forced Labor Camp; His Son Collects Signatures to Rescue Him 05/03/03    
254 Improving Together Through Group Sharing 05/06/03    
253 Saving Sentient Beings While on an Express Train 05/01/03    
252 Short Stories About Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions: I Will Not Stay Here For Three Months, Let Alone Three Years 04/29/03    
251 Four Short Stories: "If Jiang Is Not Afraid Of Doing Evil Things, Let Him Do Them. I Want To Do Something Good." 05/09/03    
250 Two Wonderful Short Stories About Eliminating the Evil's Persecution with Righteous Thoughts 04/24/03    
249 An Extraordinary Life During This Special Period - the Story of An Elderly Practitioner 04/09/03    
248 A 67 Year Old Gentleman Has The Wisdom and Courage To Stand Up For What Is Right 03/13/03    
247 Practitioner Regains Freedom With Firm Belief in Teacher and Dafa 03/15/03    
246 Creating Materials in My Home That Help People Learn the Facts About Falun Dafa 03/15/03    
245 Dafa Practitioners Released Due to Their Righteous Thoughts and Actions 03/05/03    
244 Enduring a Bitter Cold Winter Night in Jail, Strengthening Righteous Thoughts with a Determined Heart 02/27/03    
243 Follow Master's Arranged Path; Do Well in What We Should Do 02/10/03    
242 Making Up For Past Mistakes with Righteous Thoughts and Rebuilding the Mighty Virtue of an Enlightened Being 02/09/03    
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241 Falun Dafa Practitioners Held In Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp Improve Their Environment With Righteous Thoughts 02/04/02    
240 Dafa Practitioners' Compassion is Mighty and Solemn 01/31/02    
239 It Is Demonic Interference, Not Illness Karma 01/27/02    
238 Face Up to Selfishness  01/24/02    
237 Clarifying the Truth in the Police Station 01/19/02    
236 My Understandings on Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions 01/19/02    
235 A School Teacher's Compassion -- Clarifying the Truth to Children in Class 01/18/02    
234 Let's Not Ignore Our Families while Clarifying the Truth 01/15/02    
233 An Understanding of the Sacred Relationship Between Fellow Practitioners 01/13/02    
232 Getting Rid of Selfishness and Trying Our Best to Assimilate To "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" 01/13/02    
231 A Few Fa-Rectification Stories of Dafa Practitioners in Hebei Province 01/11/02    
230 To Persecute an Individual Practitioner is to Persecute the Whole Entity  01/10/02    
229 A Display of Our Powerful Righteous Thoughts 01/08/02    
228 Relinquishing My Human Notions of Life 01/07/02    
227 Steadfastly Walking Down the Fa-Rectification Path 01/06/02    
226 Validating Dafa with Our Behavior 01/04/02    
225 Put Down the Mentality of Being "Above Others," Treat Fellow Practitioners Benevolently 01/03/02    
224 Looking at Physical Discomfort with Righteous Thoughts 01/02/02    
223 Resisting All Persecution with Righteous Thoughts, I Left the Brainwashing Center Openly and with Dignity  12/27/02    
222 Advancing in Cultivation by Letting Go 12/25/02    
221 Understanding the Fa from the Fa: Appropriately Handling Tribulations within Our Families 12/24/02    
220 Reaching the Divine State of Truly Rectifying the Fa as One Body 12/24/02    
219 Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Should be Based on the Fa 12/23/02    
218 12/21/02



217 A New Practitioner's Experiences in Sending Righteous Thoughts and Clarifying the Truth 12/21/02    
216 Do Not Become Attached to What Other Practitioners Have Seen With Their Celestial Eyes 12/20/02    
215 What State of Mind Should Dafa Practitioners Have In Opposing Article 23 Legislation? 12/17/02    
214 Being Clear on the Fa Principles as a Group Is the Key to Negating the Enactment of Article 23 12/17/02    
213 Looking at Article 23 from the Perspective of Fa-Rectification 12/14/02    
212 Clarifying the Truth about Article 23 to People with Compassion 12/13/02    
211 Harmonizing Everything With Compassion Embodies the Fa's Mighty Virtue 12/13/02    
210 Reflection on a Classic Chinese Story: "The Journey to the West" 12/13/02    
209 Miracles from Behind Prison Bars 12/12/02    
208 Relying Only on Our Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions 12/10/02    
207 Clarifying the Truth in the Work Environment 12/10/02    
206 The Fa-Rectification Story of Young Practitioner Panpan 12/09/02    
205 Achieving the Right Balance: Group Fa Study or Meetings About Fa-Rectification Tasks? 12/05/02    
204 Treat Fellow Practitioners With Kindness and Immense Tolerance 12/04/02    
203 Don't Be Confused By Illusion 12/04/02    
202 An Example of Rejecting Harassment with Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions 12/03/02    
201 A Mother Is Inspired by Her Seven-Year-Old Daughter's Forbearance 12/03/02    
200 Discovering Fellow Practitioners' Radiance Illuminates Our Hearts of Tolerance 12/02/02    
199 Cultivating Benevolence 12/02/02    
198 My Fa-Rectification Experience at a "610 Office" and Labor Camp  11/21/02    
197 Several Understandings of How to Clarify the True Situation to Various Individuals  11/12/02    
196 In a Few Words: Our Attachments, One Body and the Concept of "I" 11/12/02    
195 Taking the Initiative to Create Opportunities for Clarifying the Truth Face to Face 11/10/02    
194 A Conversation with a Person Interested in Falun Gong 11/05/02    
193 Two Stories about Clarifying the Truth 11/04/02    
192 The Power of Reciting the Fa 10/29/02    
191 Some Touching Stories Of A Practitioner Calling China to Clarify the Truth Over the Past Two Years 10/27/02    
190 Ending the Persecution by Eliminating Our Attachments and Completely Denying the Arrangements by the Old Forces  10/24/02    
189 Righteous Thoughts and Belief, Doing Without Pursuing 10/23/02    
188 "Spreading the Fa's Principles Throughout the Secular World " - Verifying the Truth of Dafa to Compatriots from China 10/23/02    
187 Two Short Stories  10/22/02    
186 After Getting Out of the Detention Center 10/22/02    
185 About Strengthening Righteous Thoughts and Grasping This Historic Opportunity 10/21/02    
184 Fully Utilizing the Power of Righteous Thoughts as a Whole Body at this Critical Time 10/20/02    
183 An Understanding of "Completely Opposing the Old Forces' Arrangement" 10/19/02    
182 Break Away From the Arrangements of the Old Forces  10/19/02    
181 In a Few Words: About the Use of Dafa Terms and Symbols 10/17/02    
180 A Short Comment: While Clarifying the Truth, We Must Avoid Conflicts Caused by Our Attachments 10/17/02    
179 Sparks from the Depth of a Practitioner's Heart  10/13/02    
178 Dafa Practitioners Are One Body 10/11/02    
177 Canada: Clarifying the Truth at a Chinese Music Store That Sold Anti-Falun Gong VCDs 10/11/02    
176 Focus on Texas: Clear the Field and Eliminate the Interference with Righteous Thoughts 10/08/02    
175 A Young Practitioner Clarifies the Truth about Falun Gong During Political Science Class 10/01/02    
174 Suggestions for Dealing with Harassment by CCTV Reporters During A World Cup Basketball Game and Similar Incidents 09/26/02    
173 Is It Really an Issue of Not Having Enough People? 09/24/02    
172 A Sincere Heart Can Break through All Barriers 09/23/02    
171 Studying the Fa Well and Clarifying The Truth  09/21/02    
170 Solidify Righteous Thoughts and Walk Our Own Path of Cultivation Righteously -- A German Practitioner Clarifies the Truth to Newspaper Editors 09/21/02    
169 A Few Words about Security 09/20/02    
168 How a One-Day Extension of My Business Trip to a Small Island Nation Resulted in Positive Coverage of Falun Dafa from Five Major Media 09/14/02    
167 "Every Person You Come Into Contact With In Society Is Someone To Clarify the Truth To." 09/14/02    
166 Righteous Thoughts, Attachment of Fear, and the Issue of Security -- Thoughts on How to Understand Dafa in a More Comprehensive Manner 09/13/02    
165 How a Dafa Practitioner Treasures and Protects Hard to Obtain Dafa Books 09/10/02    
164 Memorizing Zhuan Falun In a Forced Labor Camp 09/10/02    
163 Let Every Team Become a Good Cultivation Environment 09/09/02    
162 The Effects of Sending Righteous Thoughts and Explaining the Facts--A Dafa Practitioner's Stories 09/07/02    
161 Clarifying the Truth Well Can Solve Problems at the Source 09/06/02    
160 Viewing the Phenomena in Fa-Rectification with Righteous Thoughts 09/03/02    
159 08/07/02



158 Discussion: Searching Within 08/03/02    
157 Dafa Practitioner Righteously and Sternly Reprimands Officials at Brainwashing Class  07/26/02    
156 A Suggestion to Fellow Practitioners Who Make Overseas Calls to Clarify the Truth 07/26/02    
155 Develop Perseverance and Determination on the Path of Fa-rectification 07/26/02    
154 Successfully Getting My Computer Returned From the Chinese Police 07/25/02    
153 Clarifying the Truth to People Face to Face 07/20/02    
152 Making Good Use of Current Opportunities to Clarify the Truth in the Media 07/17/02    
151 Broadcasting Falun Gong Truth-Clarifying Messages via Satellite Upholds the Chinese Constitution and International Conventions  07/15/02    
150 Sending the Compassion of Dafa To China Through the Internet 07/15/02    
149 The Broadcast of Falun Gong Programs Deserves Our Applause  07/14/02    
148 Cable TV Channel in Southern Chinese City Broadcasts Falun Gong Truth-Clarifying Videos 07/13/02    
147 It is Essential to Overcome Difficulties While Doing Technical Work for Dafa 07/12/02    
146 Clarifying the Truth By Making Telephone Calls to China 07/12/02    
145 Report From In Front Of The Chinese Embassy In London: "Please Come And Sit Beside Us..." 07/12/02    
144 "When It's Impossible to Do, You Can Do It": Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Around the Clock  07/12/02    
143 Why Couldn't I See Master's Compassionate Hints? 07/11/02    
142 07/10/02



141 Determined Righteous Thoughts Terrifies the Evil in Zizhong Nanmusi Female Forced Labor Camp 07/07/02    
140 Understanding with Kindness and Tolerance Are Needed in Cultivation and Fa-Rectification 07/03/02    
139 Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Calmly and Solidly Like Diamond 06/27/02    
138 Never Doubt the Effect of Righteous Thoughts 06/25/02    
137 Truth Clarification Is Crucial  06/25/02    
136 My Understanding of Why "No Matter What It Is, You Should Just Do It" Is the Purest Thought 06/25/02    
135 Talking About the Issue of "Self" 06/20/02    
134 Sharing My Understanding from Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts  06/17/02    
133 Making the Distinction Between Right And Wrong 06/17/02    
132 Some Thoughts and Enlightenment Regarding the Trip to Eastern Europe: the Front Line and the Second Line, the Individual and the Group  06/08/02    
131 "Compliance is Cultivation"  06/08/02    
130 By Improving How We Clarify the Truth, We Can More Effectively Save Sentient Beings   06/07/02    
129 Some Thoughts On Identifying and Breaking Through the Arrangements of the Old Forces  06/07/02    
128 My Understanding of the Old Forces' Arrangements and Taking Advantage of Them  05/31/02    
127 Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts is a Heavenly Duty Bestowed Upon Fa-Rectification Dafa Disciples--It's as Simple as That!  05/27/02    
126 The Power of Righteous Thoughts  05/27/02    
125 Validate Dafa With Righteous Thoughts, Save Sentient Beings With Compassion  05/04/02    
124 Surviving the Explosion in a Coalmine and Assisting Teacher to Rectify the Fa to Repay Buddha's Kindness 05/02/02    
123 04/20/02    
122 Clarifying the Truth Everywhere and at All Times  04/16/02    
121 Why Study the Fa Well, Send Forth Righteous Thoughts Well and Clarify the Truth Well?  04/15/02    
120 Keep Very Strong Righteous Thoughts When Doing Technical Dafa Work  04/03/02    
119 The Fundamental Value of the Law is to Uphold Justice  03/30/02    
118 Tears  03/27/02    
117 Nine Hours of Fa-Rectification in a Police Station  03/27/02    
116 Clarifying the Truth Is the Most Benevolent Act of Saving People  03/25/02    
115 Break Through Notions and Interference from Old Forces, Do Not Wait for or Rely on Others When Doing Dafa Work  03/25/02    
114 Search Inward When Problems Arise; Be Truly Responsible to Dafa and To Other Dafa Practitioners (Part 1)  03/24/02    
113 Determined Righteous Thoughts Subdue the Evil  03/23/02    
112 Punishing the Evil with Supernormal Powers  03/21/02    
111 A Teenage Girl Faces the Evil, Validates Dafa and Clarifies the Truth  03/19/02    
110 Mental Hospital's Mind-Altering Drugs Lost Their Power Under My Righteous Thoughts  03/17/02    
109 Some Understandings from My Cultivation  03/13/02    
108 A Statement from the Falun Dafa Association of Korea to the News Media  03/11/02    
107 Confidence, Righteous Thoughts, Wisdom and Compassion -- Four Understandings in Clarifying the Truth  03/08/02    
106 Righteous Thoughts Accompany Me on My Fa Rectification Journey  03/07/02    
105 Korean Media and Citizens Learn the Truth About Falun Gong  02/24/02    
104 A Comment: Dafa's Websites Belong to All Disciples  02/16/02    
103 Doing Dafa Work with Rationality is Truly Being Responsible for the Fa  02/11/02    
102 Practitioners Must Cultivate Compassion  02/02/02    
101 Saving a Person's Life from Being Destroyed  02/02/02    
100 Clarifying the Truth to Family Members of Fellow Practitioners  01/22/02    
99 Dafa Practitioners' Righteous Thoughts Stop Illegal Trial in Changchun  01/18/02    
98 Clarifying the Truth to President Bush  01/12/02    
97 Cleverness vs. True Wisdom 01/12/02    
96 Experiencing the Power of Righteous Thoughts  01/07/02    
95 Nothing Can Stop the Spreading Of Dafa  01/06/02    
94 Looking Inward but Failing to Find the Attachment  12/31/01    
93 Fa-Rectification at a Military Camp - Clarifying the Truth While Working 12/27/01    
92 Eradicating Evil with Righteous Thoughts Plays an Important Role in Clarifying the Truth to People 12/23/01    
91 The Role of the Practice Site in Individual Cultivation and Fa-Rectification 12/16/01     
90 Clean Out Computer Viruses by Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts 12/14/01    
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89 Righteous Thoughts, Beliefs, and Conduct Restrain the Evil 12/26/01 34K 17K
88 A Practitioner's Journey of Fa-Rectification (Part 2) 12/25/01 44K 25K
87 A Practitioner's Journey of Fa-Rectification (Part 1) 12/24/01 51K 31K
86 A Family Joins Together to Save Their Beloved One Who Was Kidnapped 12/16/01 34K 18K
85 Clean Out Computer Viruses by Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts 12/14/01 26K 12K
84 Saying "No" to Evil's Persecution 12/06/01 27K 12K
83 An Elderly Woman's Story of Safeguarding Dafa Ten Times 12/06/01 48K 12K
82 Fa Rectification Stories of a Female Practitioner 12/02/01 31K 15K
81 Belated Report- High-ranking Chinese Official Rebukes Police Officers in Tiananmen Square 12/02/01 24K 10K
80 36 Western Falun Gong Practitioners Stage a Peaceful Appeal on Tiananmen Square and Are Currently Being Detained 11/20/01 21K 6K
79 The Fa-Rectification Story of a Couple in the Countryside 11/20/01 23K 9K
78 Cosmic Climate 11/08/01 29K 14K
77 Fa-Rectification Stories Of Dafa Practitioners In Northeast China 11/07/01 40K 22K
76 Several Short Stories of Passing Tribulations with Righteous Thoughts 10/16/01 23K 9K
75 An Inspiring Story from a Toronto Practitioner Starting the SOS! RescueWalk in Portugal 10/07/01 26K 12K
74 Using Group Righteous Thoughts to Resist Evil 09/19/01 25K 11K
73 Righteous Banners Once Again Appear on Tiananmen Square 09/16/01 22K 6K
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72 Stories about Dafa Practitioners in China Using Supernormal Powers while Clarifying the Truth 09/05/01 26K 8K
71 The Fa-Rectification Story of a Fourteen Year Old Girl 09/04/01 27K 11K
70 Using Righteous Thoughts to Eradicate the Evil in Tiananmen Square 09/03/01 29K 11K
68 Rooting Out Our Warped Notions Is The Essence of Eliminating The Evil In The Cosmos 09/02/01 41K 16K
67 Creating a Righteous Micro-Environment in the Midst of a Corrupt Macro-Environment 09/01/01 30K 12K
66 Discipline Ourselves with Higher Standards at All Times 08/27/01 30K 12K
65 Cast Aside "Self" And Be Responsible To All Sentient Beings 08/26/01 30K 12K
64 An Elder Sister Admonishes the Police: You Must Say Falun Dafa is Good Before Entering My House! 08/23/01 36K 14K
63 What Are We Calling For?
--Thoughts on the Hunger StriKe by Ten Practitioners in Front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.
08/23/01 32K 12K
62 Deter Interference and Firmly BreaK Through All the Evil Forces' Arrangements 08/21/01 30K 12K
61 Fearless Little Practitioner 08/17/01 24K 9K
60 "Step Forward," "Cultivate in Fa-Rectification," "Eliminate the Evil," "Offer People Salvation," "Reach Higher Levels Till Consummation" Are All Integrated 08/15/01 37K 14K
59 The Boundless Power Of Compassion and Selflessness 08/14/01 39K 12K
58 Comments on Sending Out Righteous Thoughts 08/12/01 39K 15K
57 Our Attachments And the Warped Notions Are Substances of the Same Evil Nature -- Eradicating the Warped Notions Series (2) 08/12/01 34K 12K
56 Eliminating Degenerated Notions of Practitioners is an Important Component of Fa-Rectification 08/10/01 56K 23K
55 Righteous Thoughts MaKe the Impossible Possible 08/08/01 23K 12K
54 Discovering Oneself in Fa-Rectification 08/06/01 31K 12K
53 The Power of Compassion 08/05/01 28K 11K
52 Always Maintain Righteous Thoughts 08/03/01 32K 12K
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51 From Passively Forbearing to Actively Eliminating the Evil 07/30/01 47K 17K
50 A Dafa Disciple's Fa Rectification Epic (II) 07/28/01 42K 17K
49 A Dafa Disciple's Fa-Rectification Epic (I) 07/23/01 47K 17K
48 A Dafa Practitioner Uses Her Diamond-LiKe Unshakable Righteous Thoughts To Defeat The Evil 07/23/01 53K 21K
47 Face the Evil Directly and Pass the Test with Righteous Thoughts 07/16/01 33K 13K
46 Facing Perpetrators with Righteous Thoughts 07/15/01 26K 11K
45 True Stories in the Fa-Rectification Process 07/12/01 28K 10K
44 Maintain Righteous Thoughts, Apply Supernormal Abilities Well, and be Steady in Every Step of Fa-Rectification 07/11/01 40K 16K
43 "Completely Oppose Everything Arranged by the Evil Old Forces" 07/07/01 30K 12K
42 A Female Practitioner Conquers the Evil of Masanjia by Using Steadfast Righteous Thoughts 06/07/01 43K 17K
41 Dafa Particles: Letting Our Divine Side Truly Shine Forth! 02/07/01 53K 20K
40 Do Not Forget Benevolence When Eliminating the Evil 06/28/01 26K 9K
39 Some Views on Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts and Catching Up with the Fa-Rectification Process 06/28/01 35K 14K
38 Firmly Believing in Dafa and Walking Out of the Demons' Den 06/27/01 23K 9K
37 Righteous Thoughts Demonstrate Great Power 06/25/01 24K 10K
36 Controlling Ourselves with the Righteous Thoughts Bestowed by Dafa 06/25/01 34K 13K
35 Be LiKe a God at Every Moment 06/22/01 27K 12K
34 Safeguarding Dafa in Tiananmen Square and Evading the Police 06/22/01 37K 16K

Some Experiences of Clarifying the Truth to the Canadian Government

06/2201 78K 72K
32 My Understandings of Using Supernormal Abilities During the Current Fa-Rectification Period 06/18/01 32K 13K
31 Step out of Human Notions and Follow the Progress of Fa-Rectification 06/05/01 39K 16K
30 Tell People the Great Buddha Law -- My Understanding of Clarifying the Truth 05/25/01 28K 11K

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29 Establishing an Unshakable, Righteous Mind: I Walked Out of the Police Station with Dignity 05/17/01 29K 12K
28 Ten-Year-Old Dafa Practitioner Is Firmly Devoted to Cultivating 05/15/01 30K 11K
27 Using Righteous Thoughts to Destroy Evil Beings That Manipulate Ordinary People 05/12/01 31K 13K
26 The Path of My Heart 05/02/01 31K 16K
25 We Only Need to Put Our Hearts on the Fa 04/21/01 30K 12K
24 How I Validate Falun Dafa! 04/02/01 38K 15K
23 The Benevolence of Buddha Law Illuminated the Darkest Corner of the World 04/02/01 34K 13K
22 Maintaining a Sober Mind During Fa-Rectification 03/28/01 25K 9K
21 "Little Comrade, have you found anything wrong with my banner?"


28K 11K
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20 My Experiences at Baodi Detention Center, Tianjin 03/21/01 54K 23K
19 "I'll Never Betray Dafa Even If You Beat Me To Death!"
-My experience of escaping from a "transformation" camp
03/20/01 36K 14K
18 Determined in My Own Righteous Enlightenment 03/20/01 60K 24K

Break Away from the Malicious Force, Join the Process of Fa-Rectification

03/14/01 27K 10K

My Heart is Solid Like a Rock: The Bitter Experience of a Dafa Practitioner at Maojiashan Female Labor Camp, Chongqing City, Sichuan Province

03/14/01 25K 11K
15 Validating Fa in Prison
-Teacher is here and Fa is here, no obstacle can stop us
01/14/01 46K 18K


My Understanding Of the Meaning "to Attain Consummation" 03/01/01 28K 11K
13 An Experience Sharing Conference in Mainland China 03/05/01 52K 21K


Reaching Consummation Within the Fa-Rectification

02/21/01 32K 16K


Fundamentally Breaking With Distorted Notions -- To Falun Dafa practitioners who have written pledges of renunciation or handed in Falun Dafa books

02/17/01 29K 10K
10 The Joy of Cultivation Fills My Heart and Soul 01/30/01 31K 9K
9 Telling the Truth about Falun Gong -- Some Thoughts on the Present Situation and how to implement Our Work Solidly 01/27/01 36K 13K
8 Passing Tests with a Tranquil and Righteous Mind 01/24/01 30K 9K
7 Validate the Fa By Completely Using Our Enlightened Side 01/21/01 48K 18K
6 Reflections on "Double Your Efforts to Make Amends, Catch up With the Fa-Rectification Process" 01/20/01 36K 12K
5 Using an Upright Mind and Unshakable Belief in Dafa to Suffocate Evil 01/19/01 25K 9K
4 Using Reason, Wisdom and Benevolence While Standing Up For The Fa 01/19/01 33K 11K

Cherish Dafa, Cherish Life -- Understand the Significance of the Existence of Disciples' Lives from the Standpoint of Dafa

01/13/01 29K 13K
2 "Giving Them Support Is Our Responsibility"-- Words from the Mayor of Gilroy, California 12/29/00 23K 7K
1 Giving Up Everything is Gaining Everything 11/17/00 30K 9K