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Several Individuals Play the Role of Wang Jindong

The ears of the Wang Jindong in the CCTV film do not match those of the man in the photograph. Look at the photo of Wang: the earlobe is close to the head and the shape of the ear is long, whereas the self-immolator's ear is small and round. Was the man who set himself on fire the real Wang Jindong?

CCTV broadcasted three interviews with Wang Jindong in succession. WOIPFG stated that through computer analysis of speech and sound, it had concluded that the persons representing "Wang Jindong" in the interviews were different each time.

Wang Jindong during the self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square.

WOIPFG spokesperson, Mr. Zhao said, "The International Investigation Committee at Taiwan University's language laboratory carried out an independent analysis of Wang Jindong's voice. Taiwan University pronunciation laboratory's analysis of Chinese pronunciation is world famous. They concluded that the person from CCTV's first broadcast was different from the two that followed. The international investigation committee received reliable information from China that said the person in the self immolation was actually a People's Liberation Army officer."

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