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Gasoline Filled Sprite Bottle Remains Untouched in the Flames

One of the self-immolators, Mr. Wang Jindong, supposedly used a green plastic Sprite bottle filled with gasoline to douse gasoline over his body to self immolate. On the video footage, we see the Sprite bottle in between Wang's legs. A plastic bottle filled with gasoline should have been one of the first things to melt, but it remains remarkably untouched between his legs.

A closer look reveals that Wang's hair is still relatively intact, with a straight line across the head. Hair burns quickly and should have also been one of the first things to burn. His clothes are thick, as if to protect him from the flames.

The police officer holds the fire blanket behind Wang, and waits until Wang shouts before covering Wang with the blanket.

The Sprite bottle used as a gasoline container in between Wang's legs was suspiciously unburned and fully intact after the fire.

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