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Ms. Liu Chunling Is Struck Down

The slow-motion sequence of the CCTV video shows that one of the women, Liu Chunling--who in the Xinhua (Chinese Communist Party's official mouthpiece) version of events supposedly died from burn injuries--actually received a sharp blow to the forehead, with what looks like a metal bar, delivered by a man wearing an army overcoat. She is seen crumpling instantly to the ground and most likely died from that blow.

Liu Chunling was struck down and killed by a blow from behind as seen in this slow-motion replay. (Epoch Times)

1. An arm is striking against Liu Chunlin's head

2. The striking object bounces off from Liu's head

3. The striking object flies against the fire extinguisher's spray towards a police

4. A figure emerges at the position from which the striking against Liu comes

Deconstruction of the footage shows Liu Chunling being struck on the head with a heavy object.

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