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Dozens of Pieces of Fire Fighting Equipment Appear on Tiananmen Square the Day of the Self-Immolation

The Beijing Evening News reported on February 16, 2001 that "there were 3 or 4 police putting out the fire of each self-immolator." Altogether, they had about 25 pieces of firefighting equipment.

This story differed significantly from the program broadcast by Chinese Central TV on the day the incident occurred. The CCTV program showed that there were only 2 police cars at the scene. Police officers who patrol the Square do not normally carry firefighting equipment, and the footage does not show any firefighting equipment in Tiananmen Square itself.

In Beijing, the closest building to the People's Hero Monument is at least 10 minutes away on foot. Where did the police get the equipment and how did they get it so quickly? Why would 2 police vehicles be carrying 25 pieces of firefighting equipment to patrol Tiananmen Square? Were they expecting to have to put out a fire that day?


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