Rescue Charles Li


Background Information

On January 22, 2003 (Beijing time), American citizen Charles Li was arrested at the Guangzhou Airport upon getting off his plane. He is currently being held at a detention center in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. On January 28, Charles Li expressed to the American consular official that he was arrested by the Chinese police solely on the basis that he is a Falun Gong practitioner.

"610 Office" Use Charles Li's Elderly Parents to Coerce Him to Give up Falun Gong - [7/24/2003]

FDI: U.S. Citizen Held in China for Practice of Falun Gong - [1/29/2003]

FDI: Chinese "Show Trial" Slaps American with 3-Year Sentence - [3/22/2003]

FDI: American Held in Chinese Prison for "Preparing" to Unmask China's Four-Year Lie -- SARS is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Terms of What Jiang Zemin is Hiding - [5/29/2003]

Charles Li's Manuscript Details the Inside Situation In Prison (Photos) - [6/11/2003]

Worldwide Rescue Efforts

After hearing of Charles Li’s arrest, government leaders, human rights groups, and many others have stepped forward for his urgent rescue.

"Car Tour Across US to Rescue Charles Li"- To Clarify the Truth and Save Sentient Beings with Pure Hearts (Photos) - [8/24/2003]

Mississippi and Alabama Greet Falun Gong Practitioners from Afar on Car Tour (Photos) - [8/23/2003]

The American People Support Car Tour to Rescue Charles Li: "You've Brought Back Our Country's Foundation of Upholding Justice" (Photos) - [8/26/2003]

Car Tour Across the United States Exposes the Persecution and Calls for the Rescue of U.S. Citizen Dr. Charles Li - [9/11/2003]

"Car Tour Around the US to Rescue Charles Li" Receives Warm Support from People along the Way (Photos) - [8/23/2003]

U.S. Government Officials Ask Beijing Again to Stop Mistreating Charles Li - [8/23/2003]

"Car Tour Around the US to Rescue Charles Li" Arrives at Oregon State and Receives Many Interviews from Media (Photos) - [8/17/2003]

USA: "Car Tour for Rescuing Charles Li Around the US" Sets Out from San Francisco (Photos) - [8/15/2003]

National Rescue Charles Li Month - [8/17/2003]

US Senator Shows Concern for the Recent Situation of Dr. Charles Li (Photo) - [8/2/2003]

To Rescue Charles Li, San Francisco Dafa Practitioners Collect Signatures During Fremont Art Festival (Photos) - [7/28/2003]

Expose Lies, Uphold Justice - Northern California Practitioners Hold March and Rally for Charles Li's Release (Photos) - [7/14/2003]

San Diego Dafa Practitioners Clarify the Facts on Independence Day and Call for Rescuing Dr. Charles Li (Photos) - [7/6/2003]

Charles Li Has Been Forbidden to Practice the Falun Gong Exercises in Nanjing Prison, American Consular Protests in Written Form - [7/5/2003]

Chicago Practitioners Release Latest Progress of the Rescue Effort on Charles Li and Lawsuit Against Jiang (Photos) - [6/17/2003]

US Congressman Randy Cunningham: I Signed on to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's Letter to Release Charles Li from Chinese Government and for a Safe Return Back to the US - [6/18/2003]

San Francisco: Practitioners Hold Press Conference to Announce Release of Dr. Charles Li's Manuscript (Photos) - [6/14/2003]

Los Angeles Falun Gong Practitioners Collect Signatures For the Rescue of Charles Li (Photo) - [6/12/2003]

Pennsylvania: Practitioners Collect Signatures at Pittsburgh Art Festival to Support Charles Li (Photos) - [6/14/2003]

Los Angeles Practitioners Gather in Front of Chinese Consulate to Appeal for the Rescue of Charles Li and Support the Lawsuit against Jiang (Photos) - [6/12/2003]

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana: Practitioners Hold Press Conference to Expose Jiang's Persecution of their Alumnus, Dr. Charles Li (Photos) - [6/14/2003]

"He is a Hero! We Should All Support Him" - [6/23/2003]

Philadelphia Practitioners Hold Candlelight Vigil, Call for Rescue of Charles Li (Photos) - [6/10/2003]

San Francisco Bay Area Practitioners Hold a Rally and Parade to Support the Lawsuit Against Jiang and to Urgently Rescue Charles Li (Photos) - [6/9/2003]

FDI: Members of U.S. Congress Demand China Release American Falun Gong Practitioner (Photo) - [3/21/2003]

US Congressman Jon Porter: The Arrest of Dr. Charles Li Is Not in the Best Interests of the Chinese-American Relationship [May 29, 2003] - [6/8/2003]

New Jersey State Senator and Representatives Jointly Urge Chinese Ambassador to Take Steps Necessary to Help Secure the Release of Charles Li - [6/7/2003]

American Citizen Charles Li Brutally Tortured in Nanjing Prison, San Francisco Falun Gong Practitioners Call for an Urgent Rescue (Photos) - [6/5/2003]

US State Department Official: "If Charles Li is injured because of his hunger strike, we will hold the relevant Chinese officials responsible." - [6/3/2003]

US Congressman Todd Akin: The Arrest of Charles Li on a Trumped Up Charge Is an Egregious Crime - [4/8/2003]

Letter from US Senator Harry Reid Regarding the Arrest of Charles Li in China - [4/4/2003]

U.S. Congressman John Linder Responds to Georgia Practitioner Regarding Charles Li and other Victims of Persecution in China - [3/29/2003]

US Senator John Edwards Is Concerned about the Arrest of Charles Li in China - [3/25/2003]

US Congressman Charles Gonzalez Asks Secretary of State Colin Powell to Secure Charles Li's Immediate Return to the United States - [3/25/2003]

US Congresswoman Susan Davis: I Sincerely Hope the Chinese Government Correct Their Injustice -[3/25/2003]

US Congressman John Lewis Writes to Secretary of State Colin Powell Concerning the Continued Persecution of Falun Gong and the arrest of Charles Li in China - [3/24/2003]

US Congressman Jerry Kleczka Writes to Chinese Ambassador Concerning the Imprisonment of Charles Li - [3/23/2003]

US Congressman James Leach Writes to the Secretary of State Colin Powell Concerning the Arrest of Charles Li in China - [3/16/2003]

Amnesty International Pittsburgh Student Groups Call for Help to Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners Xiaomei Jia and Charles Li - [3/15/2003]

US Senator Charles Grassley Writes to Secretary of State Colin Powell to Pursue the Timely Release of Charles Li - [3/11/2003]

US Congressman Dennis Moore Writes to Secretary of State Colin Powell Concerning Charles Li - [3/10/2003]

US Senator Barbara Boxer Asks Secretary of State Colin Powell to Help Secure Charles Li's Release - [3/8/2003]

US Congressman Michael Capuano: I Will Continue to Work for Charles Li's Release - [3/5/2003]

US Congressman Jim Ramstad Writes to Chinese Ambassador to Express His Strong Concern about the Arrest and Detainment of Mr. Charles Li - [3/3/2003]

San Francisco City Officials Send Letter to President Bush for the Rescue of Charles Li - [3/2/2003]

US Senator Mark Dayton Urges Secretary of State Colin Powell to Help Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners Detained in China - [3/2/2003]

Colorado College Chapter of Amnesty International Writes to Garner Support for Charles Li's Release - [3/2/2003]

Emory University: Amnesty International Sponsors Signature Drive to Rescue Charles Li and Xuefei Zhou (Photos) - [3/1/2003]

FDI: U. S. Legislators Urge for the Release of American Falun Gong Practitioner - [2/27/2003]

US Congressman Mike Honda Shows Concern for Charles Li's Detention in China - [2/23/2003]

US National Press Club Holds Press Conference Calling for Rescuing "American Hostage" in China (Photos) - [2/17/2003]

Emory Amnesty Initiates Valentine's Day Signature Collecting to Rescue Charles Li and Zhou Xuefei (Photos) - [2/17/2003]

U.S. Congressional Committee on International Relations Member Writes Regarding Charles Li - [2/16/2003]

Congressman Robert Andrews: "In theory, every American citizen who travels abroad is protected by our laws, and the legitimacy of our government." (Photo) - [2/15/2003]

Over 40 Friends of Charles Li Write to President Bush Calling For Charles' Immediate Release - [2/14/2003]

US Senator Diane Feinstein Writes to Governor of Jiangsu Province to Express Her Concern for Charles Li - [2/11/2003]

US Congressman Robert Andrews Writes to Secretary of State Colin Powell Concerning Mr. Charles Li's Detention in China - [2/9/2003]

Clark University Chapter of Amnesty International To Launch Petition Drive to Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners' Family Members Jailed in China (Photos) - [2/8/2003]

Letters to U.S. Secretary of State from American Public Requesting Help for Charles Li's Release - [2/8/2003]

Letter to Members of U.S. Congress Regarding Charles Li from "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" - [2/7/2003]

US Congresswoman Eshoo: Join Me in Calling on China to Release Charles Li - [2/7/2003]

Please Help Rescue My Fiancée, American Dr. Charles Li - [2/1/2003]

Dr. Charles Li’s Friends and Family Appeal for His Immediate Release - [2/1/2003]

Media Coverage

The media outside of China has given numerous reports on Charles’ situation.

The Eagle Via U-WIRE: American U. Students Hold Vigil For Chinese Detainees (Excerpt) - [12/10/2003]

FDI: American Citizen Subjected to Daily Brainwashing Sessions in Chinese Prison - [11/15/2003]

The Oracle (University of South Florida): China should free Falun Gong [practitioners] - [10/2/2003]

US State Department Official Acknowledges the Receipt of Appeal Letters to Rescue Charles Li - [10/1/2003]

Brooklyn Daily Eagle & Daily Bulletin: 'Rescue Tour' Visits B'klyn Supreme Court - [9/24/2003]

Brooklyn Heights Courier: 'Help Us Free Charles Li' Falun Gong Demonstrators Call for Activist's Release - [9/24/2003]

Tallahassee Democrat: Falun Gong group brings petition to town - [9/23/2003]

Gainesville Sun (Florida): Falun Gong aims to raise awareness (Photo) - [9/21/2003]

Falun Gong practitioners protest on behalf of man imprisoned in China - [9/21/2003]

The Weekly Standard: An American Prisoner in China - [9/21/2003]

Cumberland Times-News (Maryland): Rescue journey publicizes plight of Chinese captive - [9/19/2003]

Carroll County Times (Maryland): Falun Gong supporters to hold demonstration at City Hall - [9/19/2003]

KXII-TV CBS News Channel 12 (Sherman, TX): Friends of an American Doctor imprisoned in China rally for his release - [9/15/2003]

World Journal: Cross-Country Trip to Rescue Charles Li (Photos) - [9/15/2003]

World Journal: Car Tour Around the US to Rescue Charles Li Arrives in New Jersey (Photo) - [9/14/2003]

The Courier-Post (South New Jersey): Falun Gong practitioners rally - [9/13/2003]

The Times (Shreveport, LA): Group Trying to Free Man in China - [9/12/2003]

Texarkana Gazette: U.S. citizen facing prison in China - [9/12/2003]

Newark Star Ledger, NJ: Falun Gong followers rally to free doctor - [9/12/2003]

Longview News-Journal (Longview, TX): Demonstration highlights American's imprisonment - [9/12/2003]

Sherman Denison Herald Democrat, TX : Team appeals for aid - [9/10/2003]

The Tartan, PA : Congressman Helps Gain Release of Practitioners in China - [9/10/2003]

New York Daily News: Falun Gong In N.Y. To Help Free Charles Li (Excerpt) - [9/10/2003]

WEAR-TV (Pensacola, FL): American Imprisoned in China - [9/8/2003]

New York Times: Wife Fights for Husband Jailed in China - [9/8/2003]

Pitt News (University of Pittsburgh Newspaper): Wife fights for husband jailed in China - [9/5/2003]

Toledo Blade (Ohio): Activists traveling U.S. to aid friend in China - [9/5/2003]

Dayton Daily News: Rally Supports Man Jailed In China;American follower of Falun Gong victim, backers say - [9/4/2003]

Rocky Mount Telegram, North Carolina : 'Rescue Drive' stops in Rocky Mount - [9/4/2003]

Times Union: Chinese Government Tortures U.S. Citizen - [9/3/2003]

Deseret Morning News: Drive Afoot To Free American From Chinese Custody, Falun Gong Group Makes A Stop In Salt Lake City - [9/3/2003]

La Crosse Tribune: Mayor Signs Petition to Call For the Release of Charles Li (Excerpt) - [9/3/2003]

Detroit Free Press: Man's Imprisonment Protested At Plaza - [9/3/2003]

WCPO (Cincinnati): Family Gathers Signatures For Release Of Man Held In China - [9/1/2003]

Daily Illini: Rally Pushes for Release of Alumnus - [8/31/2003]

Spartanburg Herald Journal (South Carolina): Group tries to raise awareness of doctor's imprisonment in China  - [8/28/2003]

Wichita Eagle (Kansas): Display at City Hall aims to help prisoner--Falun Gong supporters stop in Wichita on a coast-to-coast tour to draw attention to a practitioner imprisoned in China - [8/27/2003]

WTOK-TV (Meridian, Miss.): "Rescue Drive" Targets Alleged Abuses - [8/27/2003]

Deseret Morning News (Utah): Drive afoot to free American from Chinese custody (Photo) - [8/25/2003]

American Press (Lake Charles, La.): Drive today to help American held in China  - [8/18/2003]

Gazette-Times (Corvallis, Oregon): Falun Gong holds rescue drive - [8/17/2003]

Gazette-Times (Corvallis, Oregon): American citizen remains held prisoner in China - [8/17/2003]

The Times-Standard (Eureka, California): Falun Gong rescue drive stops along North Coast - [8/16/2003]

States News Service: 5,000 Protest Chinese Imprisonment of Former Cambridge Resident - [7/24/2003]

MSNBC: U.S. says Chinese force-feed jailed U.S. citizen - [7/24/2003]

FDI: Over 5,000 Falun Gong Practitioners from Around the World Attend Conference in Washington DC - [7/24/2003]

Boston Globe: Falun Gong backers rally for detained Li - [7/23/2003]

San Francisco Chronicle: Falun Gong protest in S.F.Plea for release of Menlo Park man - [7/22/2003]

An American Is Being Persecuted in Communist China for His Beliefs - [7/22/2003]

Reuters: US Protests to China about Treatment of US Citizen - [7/19/2003]

Chinese Prison Tries to Brainwash American, Cuts-off Contact with U.S. Consulate - [7/19/2003]

FDI: What Thomas Jefferson Might Say About Charles Li - [7/5/2003]

Chicago Daily Southtown: Doctor's supporters speak - [6/27/2003]

Kane County Chronicle (Geneva, Illinois, US): Falun Gong supporters seek aid for imprisoned doctor  - [6/24/2003]

Pantagraph (Central Illinois): Two travel far to help free jailed Falun Gong [practitioner] - [6/21/2003]

WHOI (ABC 19, Illinois): Protesters Work To Free U of I [University of Illinois] Grad - [6/21/2003]

The Daily Journal (Illinois): Group defends doctor imprisoned in China - [6/21/2003]

Atlanta Indymedia: U.S. Falun Gong Practitioner Tortured in China - [6/17/2003]

Letter from a Nanjing Jail -- Dr. Li reveals false accusations, show trial, brainwashing and beatings - [6/17/2003]

Pitt News (PA): Falun Gong calls for release - [6/12/2003]

Charles Li's Manuscript Details the Inside Situation In Prison (Photos) - [6/11/2003]

San Jose Mercury News Covers Plight of Dr. Charles Li - [6/11/2003]

San Mateo County Times: Imprisoned Menlo Park man reportedly on hunger strike - [6/5/2003]

FDI: American Beaten and Force-Fed in Chinese Prison - [6/3/2003]

American on Hunger Strike in Chinese Prison - [5/31/2003]

FDI: American Held in Chinese Prison for "Preparing" to Unmask China's Four-Year Lie -- SARS is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Terms of What Jiang Zemin is Hiding - [5/29/2003]

AP: China Rejects American Falun Gong Appeal (excerpt) - [5/20/2003]

FDI: Man Detained for Exposing Persecution of Falun Gong on Chinese State-Run T.V. Dies in Police Custody -- U.S. Citizen Accused of Similar "Crime" Remains in Custody  - [5/17/2003]

FDI: "China Lies, People Die:" Practitioners of Falun Gong Rally in New York City's Times Square - [4/25/2003]

Daily Illini: Local lawmakers question overseas conviction of alumnus - [4/9/2003]

The Student Life (college newspaper in California): [Practitioner] Fights to Free Falun Gong Activist - [4/9/2003]

Menlo Park Almanac (CA): Fight Continues After Falun Gong Sentencing - [4/4/2003]

An Absurd Show "Trial": Media Interviews Practitioner about Charles Li - [3/30/2003]

FDI: Rescuing Dr. Charles Li is a Matter of Morality and Justice - [3/29/2003]

Daily Texan: Falun Gong practitioners aim to release [practitioner] in China - [3/26/2003]

The Record (Troy, New York): Group Bands Together to Get American Out of Chinese Prison - [3/25/2003]

San Francisco Gate Reports Falun Gong Practitioners' Protest Against the Show Trial of Charles Li (excerpt)  - [3/25/2003]

NRO (National Review Online): An American in China - [3/24/2003]

Pitt News (PA): Falun Gong calls for release - [6/12/2003]

San Jose Mercury News Covers Plight of Dr. Charles Li - [6/11/2003]

San Mateo County Times: Imprisoned Menlo Park man reportedly on hunger strike - [6/5/2003]

AP: China Rejects American Falun Gong Appeal (excerpt) - [5/20/2003]

Daily Illini: Local lawmakers question overseas conviction of alumnus - [4/9/2003]

The Cambridge Chronicle (Cambridge, Massachusetts): Lighting candles in the rain (Photo) - [4/4/2003]

Menlo Park Almanac (CA): Fight Continues After Falun Gong Sentencing - [4/4/2003]

Asian American Press: Falun Gong Vigil at State Capitol - [4/4/2003]

Daily Texan: Falun Gong practitioners aim to release [practitioner] in China - [3/26/2003]

The Record (Troy, New York): Group Bands Together to Get American Out of Chinese Prison - [3/25/2003]

Omaha World-Herald (Nebraska, US): Chinese conviction spurs protest here - [3/24/2003]

Napa Valley Register, California: [Falun Gong practitioner detained] in China finds support in Napa, U.S. - [3/6/2003]

Yahoo News: On the Brink of War in Iraq, An American Held Hostage in China, And the Persecution of Chinese Families of Americans: Falun Gong - [3/5/2003]

San Marcos Daily Record (Texas): Falun Gong: Help sought for Chinese held, tortured - [3/1/2003]

Webster Post (New York): Please help my friend escape persecution - [2/28/2003]

Menlo Park Almanac (CA); Plea for help: Fiancée of Charles Li speaks out - [2/27/2003]

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas): Local support sought for man detained - [2/26/2003] (Texas): Rescue drive caravans travel through SA as part of campaign - [2/25/2003]

Chronicle Washington Bureau: Democrats demand China free Li - [2/24/2003]

San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Menlo resident imprisoned in China for belief - [2/19/2003]

Central News Agency: Falun Gong Practitioners Appeal to US Government to Rescue Li Xiangchun (Charles Li) (Photo) - [2/19/2003]

Iowa State Daily: Falun Dafa practitioners call for American's release - [2/18/2003]

The Emory Wheel (Atlanta, Georgia, USA): SGA demands release of Falun Gong [practitioners] - [2/12/2003]

San Mateo County Times (& Oakland Tribune): Protest held for [detained Falun Dafa practitioner] in China - [2/11/2003]

The Olympian (Olympia, Washington): Falun Gong adherents bring plea to Capitol (Photo) - [2/10/2003]

The Associated Press: A group of U.S. congressmen is asking for the "immediate release" of 37 people being held in China for practicing Falun Gong - [2/8/2003]

Washington Post: China Jails U.S. Citizen - [2/1/2003]

San Francisco Chronicle: Menlo Park man who practices Falun Gong arrested in China - [1/31/2003]

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Charles Li was arrested simply because he is a Falun Gong practitioner. What does this mean?

My Understanding Regarding Rescuing Charles Li - [8/17/2003]

Where Have We Placed Dafa -- Regarding the Issue of Rescuing Charles Li - [6/9/2003]

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Rescuing Charles Li Is a Matter of Morality, Justice and Fairness - [2/7/2003]

Some Thoughts About U.S. Citizen Charles Li's Arrest in China - [2/3/2003]

Open Forum

The Chinese government has wasted no rhetoric in defending this inexcusable arrest. Some readers have sent in their opinions on this issue.

Short Commentary: Interrupting TV Broadcasts - [7/19/2003]

A Deeper Look at the Plight of Dafa Practitioners in China Through Charles Li's Hunger Strike - [6/15/2003]

The Murderer Accuses the Victim: China's Show Trial of American Citizen Dr. Charles Li - [3/25/2003]

Speech by University of Colorado Friends of Falun Gong Student Organization President on the Illegal Arrest of Charles Li - [3/2/2003]

The Odd January 22nd -- About Different Treatments of Nancy Chen and Charles Li - [2/10/2003]

On the Arrest of US Citizen Charles Li and the Irrationalities of the Spokesperson from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs - [2/4/2003]

What Can I Do?

Freedom of belief is an inalienable human right, and the Chinese government’s behavior in arresting Charles Li is unacceptable. We call upon everyone to step forward to urge the Chinese government to release Charles Li immediately. Calling or e-mailing your congressman or member of parliament, writing to your local newspaper, and expressing your opinions to your country’s foreign affairs department or the Chinese embassy are just some of the ways you can help secure Charles’ release.

Letter to President Bush: Over 100 Concerned Scholars and Professionals Urgently Request Rescue of Charles Li from Unlawful Imprisonment in China - [4/2/2003]

Denmark: Letter from a Practitioner to the U. S. Embassy Regarding Imprisoned Practitioner Charles Li - [2/19/2003]

Sweden: Letter from a Practitioner to the U.S. Embassy - [2/18/2003]

USA: A Citizen Writes to Senator Feinstein Concerning Charles Li's Detention in China - [2/18/2003]

Let Us Work Together to Uphold Justice - [2/5/2003]

Rescue Charles International Signature Campaigns