Prosecuting Jiang Zemin

The evil has utilized the power in bad people's hands to create turmoil for nearly two years, using the most base actions ever in human history--whether ancient or modern, Chinese or foreign--and employing all the most malicious means to persecute Dafa and its cultivators. Its aim is to use coercive measures to change Dafa cultivators' hearts and have them give up their cultivation practice. This is futile. Never in history has someone who persecuted those with upright faiths ever succeeded......Although the evil can run rampant temporarily in this period of time when it is being used, it will eventually end up in utter disgrace since in the Fa-rectification process they are beings doomed to be weeded out.

(Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts, Li Hongzhi, March 4, 2001)

Court Documents


Reference Material

Law Professor Argues that Jiang Zemin Should Not Have the Privilege of "Head of State Immunity"  - [8/26/2003]

Special News Bulletin: Jiang Zemin Sued for Genocide in Belgium (photo) - [8/21/2003]

Friends of Falun Gong Australia Issues Press Release on Lawsuit Against Jiang (Photo) - [8/19/2003]

Illinois District Court Accepts Amicus Brief Regarding Lawsuit Against Jiang - [6/12/2003]

WOIPFG: Amassing Evidence to Bring the Guilty to Justice (Photo) - [4/10/2003]

Jiang Zemin and His Overseas Followers Charged with Violation of Civil Rights of Falun Gong Practitioners Who are U.S. Citizens and U.S. Residents; Jiang will Receive Severe Punishment If Charges Stand - [03/30/2003]

Studying the Illegality of the Jiang Regime's Persecution Against Falun Gong from the Perspective of the Chinese Constitution - [03/30/2003]

WOIPFG- Jiang Zemin's Regime Draws Upon Massive National Financial Resources In Its Persecution of Falun Gong - [03/26/2003]

Geneva- During the 59th United Nations Commission on Human Rights Meeting, Swiss Lawyer Announces Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin (Photos) - [03/20/2003]

WOIPFG Announces Establishment of "Committee to Investigate the Crimes of China's '610 Office' in the Persecution of Falun Gong" - [3/18/2003]

Founding Statement of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong - [01/22/2003]

Progress of the Lawsuit

The Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice Announces Its Establishment in Washington DC (photo) - [10/04/2003]

Update Report on the Jiang Lawsuit in Chicago, Illinois - [10/03/2003]

Canadian Falun Gong Practitioners Hold Symbolic Trial of Jiang at Parliament Hill, Urge Prime Minister to Safeguard Human Rights (Photos) - [09/29/2003]

Radio France Internationale (RFI): Report about the Belgian Lawsuit against Jiang  - [08/31/2003]

Belgium Media Continue Their Strong Interest in Lawsuit against Jiang (Photos) - [08/24/2003]

Renowned Lawyer Represents Falun Gong Practitioners to Sue Jiang in Belgium (Photo) - [08/25/2003]

Ms. Zhang Cuiying: Why I Am Filing a Lawsuit Against Jiang Zemin with the United Nations - [08/25/2003]

U.S. Federal Court Accepts Brief of Amicus Curiae in Lawsuit against Jiang - Congress Members Urge Court to Proceed with Lawsuit (Photos) - [06/14/2003]

FDI: Members of U.S. Congress Urge U.S. Court to Proceed with Lawsuit against Former Chinese Communist Leader - [06/12/2003]

FDI: 80 Illinois State Lawmakers Urge Members of Congress to Support U.S. Lawsuit against Former Chinese Leader - [06/6/2003]

FDI: Jiang Retaliates Against Lawsuit - [05/31/2003]

Jiang's Genocide Continues Unabated -- Over Seventy Practitioners From Heilongjiang Province Who Provided Information to Support the Lawsuit Against Jiang Are Illegally Arrested - [05/24/2003]

Lawsuit Against Jiang: Plaintiffs' Attorney To Give Courtroom Statement, North American Falun Dafa Disciples Start to Continuously Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to Support the Trial to Uphold Justice (Photos) - [04/12/2003]

Lawsuit Against Jiang Zemin: on April 14, the Plaintiffs' Attorney Will Respond to Issues Posed at the Preliminary Hearing of January 13, 2003 - [04/07/2003]

Human Rights Lawyer Says Jiang Zemin Will Face Lawsuits in a Number of Countries, Could Lead to Life-Imprisonment (Photos) - [03/21/2003]

The Second Meeting with the Judge Regarding the Lawsuit Against Jiang Zemin Postponed Per the Request of Counsel for Plaintiffs - [03/13/2003]

Update on Lawsuit Filed Against Jiang- The Conference Between the Attorney for the Plaintiffs and the Judge Concludes Smoothly - [01/13/2003]

Interview with Plaintiffs' Attorney in the Lawsuit Against Jiang Zemin and Office 610 - [01/13/2003]

Jiang Zemin Fails to Respond to Genocide Lawsuit- Chinese Foreign Ministry denies existence of lawsuit, but back-pedals when pressed by reporters - [12/05/2002]

Exchanging Understandings

A Few Thoughts on the Recent Situation of the Jiang Lawsuit  - [10/05/2003]

The Trial of Jiang Zemin, the Architect of the Persecution, Is in Progress - [09/23/2003]

Economics Professor Chang Ching-hsi Talks About the Lawsuit against Jiang: "He used one quarter of the nation's financial resources to persecute Falun Gong; the persecution is unprecedented" - [06/06/2003]

Is There A President of Any Country Who Is As Evil and Cruel as Jiang Zemin? - [06/01/2003]

Open Trial of Jiang Zemin All Over the World in the Court of Morality and Justice, the Court of People's Hearts, and the Courts of the Human World - [05/09/2003]

Seize the Opportunity to Better Clarify the Truth In Support of the Lawsuit Against Jiang   

Bringing the Head of the Evil to Justice Requires Dafa Disciples to Elevate as One Body - [06/06/2003]

My Understanding of Using the Lawsuit against Jiang to Clarify the Truth - [06/04/2003]

Elevating Our Understanding of "Bring Jiang to Justice" - [05/30/2003]

Calling for Coordinated Global Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts to Support the Lawsuit in Chicago and the Grand Public Trial in the Hearts of the People of the World - [05/29/2003]

Bring Jiang to Justice: Further Discussion Amongst Practitioners on the Progress of the Lawsuit - [05/29/2003]

What Is "Genocide"? - [05/28/2003]

Just Exactly What Is Genocide, Anyway? - [05/08/2003]

Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice - [05/02/2003]

Bring Jiang to Justice, End These Atrocities Against Humanity - [05/01/2003]

Support the Lawsuit Against Jiang Zemin With Righteous Thoughts - [04/20/2003]

It is of High Importance That Both Chinese and Overseas Dafa Practitioners Have Righteous Thoughts And Actions Regarding The Trial Of Jiang - [04/17/2003]

Discussing How to Relate the Lawsuit Against Jiang to Government Officials and the Overall Situation - [04/16/2003]

The Lawsuit Against Jiang Is for the Sake of Everyone in the World - [04/14/2003]

Through the Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, Let the Governments and People of the World Know the Serious Damage He Has Caused to Humanity - [04/13/2003]

Putting China's Criminal Dictator on Trial Will Generate Positive Results for Sino-American Relations in the Long Run - [04/13/2003]


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