Photographic Evidence of Persecution


---Ode to Over 300 Fellow Practitioners Persecuted to Death


Neither bamboo sticks, the tiger stool, the truncheon, or the leather whip
Could shake your hearts from guarding well the Fa;
Nor could dreary cells, high walls, and psychiatric wards
Prevent your helping Teacher in this human world.

Facing death with no regrets, you spoke only the simple Truth;
Laying down your lives for justice, you gained boundless Virtue in return;
The monument built from your great merit soars to the highest Heaven,
And becomes an endless rainbow as you reach consummation.

You are gone, and we remain, will we ever meet again?
Taking courage from our sincere hearts,
With our hands pressed together, we declare:
We will press on; we will give our best;
We will honor your great sacrifice!


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