Exposing the Crimes of Masanjia Labor Camp
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12/15/2001 Exposing the Brainwashing Tactics of Masanjia Labor Camp
12/13/2001 "Masanjia Forced-Labor Camp is a Dark Den of Evil Forces"
12/06/2001 The Facts Regarding the Torture of Dafa Practitioner's at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp
11/15/2001 Suffocating the Evil in the Masanjia Labor Camp
11/05/2001 Exposing the Atrocities of Masanjia Labor Camp (Part IV)
11/04/2001 Exposing the Atrocities of Masanjia Labor Camp (Part III)
11/03/2001 Exposing the Atrocities of Masanjia Labor Camp (Part II)
11/02/2001 Exposing the Atrocities of Masanjia Labor Camp (Part I)
10/30/2001 Ms. Qi Zhenrong is Near Death after More than 40 Days On Hunger Strike in the Masanjia Labor Camp
10/23/2001 FDI Media Alert- Falun Gong- Masanjia Hunger Striker Near Death
09/29/2001 Exposing the Evil in the Masanjia Labor Camp
09/21/2001 Exposing the Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners in the Dalian City Labor Camp
08/31/2001 My Appeal Letter to the Government of P.R. China and All Kind-Hearted People around the World
08/28/2001 Nordic Falun Gong Association Calls Upon Swedish Government to Take a Righteous Stand for Hunger Strikers at the Masanjia Labor Camp
08/27/2001 Disclosing the Viciousness of Masanjia Labor Camp
08/26/2001 Crimes of Officials Persecuting Falun Dafa Are Exposed
08/22/2001 A Letter to UN General Secretary Kofi Annan from Norwegian Practitioners Regarding the Hunger Strike of 130 Practitioners in Masanjia Labour Camp
08/20/2001 News Release- Falun Gong Practitioners Worldwide Rally Around Hunger Strikers in Masanjia Labor Camp
08/11/2001 Exposing the Living Hell
08/11/2001 130 Falun Gong Practitioners on Second Week of Hunger Strike
08/11/2001 AFP- Some 130 Falun Gong on Hunger Strike at Chinese Camp
08/11/2001 ABC(Australia)- Banned spiritual group turns to hunger strike in China
08/11/2001 AP- Falun Gong-130 Detained Members On Hunger Strike In China
08/07/2001 Three Cases of Torture of Falun Gong Practitioners by Female Guards at the Masanjia Labor Camp
07/09/2001 Exposing the Horrendous, Inhuman Torture of Female Falun Dafa Practitioners at the Masanjia Labor Camp
07/09/2001 Taipei Times Online- Seeing behind Beijing's veil of lies
07/08/2001 Testimony about The Crimes Committed in the Masanjia Labor Camp
07/06/2001 A Female Practitioner Conquers the Evil of Masanjia by Using Steadfast Righteous Thoughts
06/23/2001 Masanjia Labor Camp's Evil Deeds Bring Drought Disaster to Liaoning Province
06/18/2001 Exposing Lies of the "Human Rights Scoundrel" Jiang
06/17/2001 Exposing Jiang Zemin's Lies
06/15/2001 Punishment from the Heavens
06/13/2001 An Eyewitness from the Masanjia Labor Re-Education Camp
06/09/2001 "This Is How the Masanjia Labor Camp 'Educates, Reforms, and Saves' Practitioners"
06/07/2001 Inside Persecution, Outside Deception- The Truth About the Masanjia Labor Camp
06/06/2001 Video- Lies Are Always Lies -- Regarding the Show Tour at Masanjia Labor Camp
06/03/2001 Ottawa Citizen- Hidden truth
06/01/2001 Masanjia- A Living Hell for Men As Well as Women
06/01/2001 Background Information on Masanjia Labor Camp


First-hand Accounts Reveal the Chinese Labor Camp Reality


Suffocating the Evil in the Dark Den of the Masanjia Labor Camp


The Solemn Statement of a Once-Transformed Practitioner in Masanjia Labor Camp


My Own Experience -- Letter to AP regarding the Report on Masanjia's Show Tour

05/25/2001 China "SHOWS" Reporters Forbidden Camp
05/25/2001 Do Chinese Labor Camps Treat People "Humanely," As in the Show Put On at Masanjia
05/24/2001 The Show Tour I Know Of -- Regarding the Show Tour at Masanjia Labor Camp
05/24/2001 Lies Are Always Lies and They Can't Bury the Truth
05/24/2001 MSNBC- The 're-education' of the Falun Gong (Excerpt)
05/23/2001 PRESS RELEASE- Staged Tour Fits Pattern of Deception in China
05/15/2001 The Terrible Sins Committed in the Masanjia Labor Camp
04/23/2001 Crimes Escalating at the Dalian Labor Camp
03/21/2001 Masanjia A Living Hell
03/15/2001 A Practitioner Once "Transformed" at The Masanjia Labor Camp Awakens
03/14/2001 Inside Stories of Masanjia Labor Camp
02/19/2001 Expose the Evil in the Masanjia Labor Camp, Shenyiang City, Liaoning Province
02/15/2001 Masanjia, A Showcase for Jiang Zemin's "Golden Age of Human Rights"
12/31/2000 Dafa Practitioners in Jinzhou District of Dalian City are brutally persecuted at the Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp
12/24/2000 Pictures From the Masanjia Labor Camp
11/26/2000 The Exposure of Evil Deeds of the Masanjia Labor Education Camp
10/27/2000 Report to the authorities concerned in Liaoning Province about Masanjia prison where female practitioners were stripped and thrown into male prison cells
10/22/2000 Masanjia Prison in Shenyang, Liaoning Strips Female Practitioners and Puts them into the Men's Jail Cells