Ms. Zhang Fengzhen, 55, was a Dafa practitioner from Guanghua Village, Tonghua County, Jilin Province. In the spring of 2003, Zhang Fengzhen went to her daughter's home in Tonghua City. Liang Ping, a police officer at the Minzhu Police Station, was formerly the Dongchang Township security section chief in Tonghua City. In his former position, Liang Ping ruthlessly persecuted Dafa practitioners. He was demoted from his leadership position in 2002 and replaced by Jing Guiquan. At that time, the security section changed its name to "National Security Brigade." Under Liang Ping's leadership, Zhang Fengzhen was repeatedly arrested. Twice, Zhang Fengzhen was blackmailed with the threat of two years imprisonment in a forced labor camp if she did not pay 9,000 yuan. Liang Ping's bullying and intimidation led Zhang Fengzhen to suffer from an incurable illness, and on April 10, 2005, she passed away.