Ms. Shun Xiangmei, 61, lived in Erjie Village, Yuhe Street, Guhe Township, Hui County, Henan Province. In July 2000, Hui County police arrested her and several other practitioners. She was persecuted in the Changcun Detention Center for ten days. Ms. Shun refused to sign her name or write any kind of guarantee statement. Hence, the Detention Center officials further persecuted her. One month later, because she did not cooperate with the evildoers' demands, she was transferred to the Yuhe Police Station where she suffered from torture and forced labor. She was forced to pay 10 yuan per day for personal expenses, however her meals consisted of a small steamed bun and a small cup of thin soup. Her family members were not allowed to supply her with any additional daily living necessities. After the endless suffering, Ms. Shun's physical health deteriorated. One night she suddenly had unusual symptoms and lost consciousness. Personnel from the police station sent Ms. Shun to the hospital, where she died.