Mr. Li Xingquan, 65, was a Falun Dafa practitioner from the Candy Manufacturing Factory in Yanjiang District, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province. His wife, Zhao Surong, was repeatedly persecuted because she validated Dafa and clarified the truth. She was released from the Zizhong Nanmu Temple Women's Labor Camp in 2002. On May 10, 2003, she was again sentenced to four years because she distributed truth-clarifying materials, and was severely persecuted at the Chunxi Prison for Women. She was incarcerated in solitary confinement for a long time, and her family members were not allowed to visit her. Mr. Li Xingquan persisted in cultivating Dafa and continued to clarify the truth, but because he bore such extreme psychological pressure for so long, he suffered from sudden apoplexy and passed away on June 16, 2005.