Ms. Li Fengxiang, 64, was born in Wei County, Hebei Province. She and her daughter, who was the only person living with her, were illegally detained several times after the Jiang Zemin regime began persecuting Falun Gong in 1999. Ms. Li was traumatized severely as a result. In March of 2000, she and her daughter wrote a letter to the Party Secretary of Wei County demanding the release of those practitioners who had been illegally detained. The county sheriff had them arrested for it. In August 2001, the police illegally arrested Ms. Li's daughter at their home. Ms. Li tried to intervene, and was illegally arrested and taken to the police station herself. To avoid further harassment, mother and daughter stayed away from their house from the end of 2002 to the end of 2003. Ms. Li passed away on October 17, 2004.