Ms. Ma Yuhuan, 40 years old, was a technician from the Liaoyuan City Coal Mine Machine Factory in Jilin Province. In April 2003, she studied Falun Gong and practiced the exercises with 17 fellow practitioners from the same factory. Police from the Xian Public Security arrested them. The practitioners were tortured during the interrogation, but they all remained steadfast. All were later sent to the Changchun Prison. In September 2003, Ma Yuhuan became critically ill because of the persecution. She was granted medical leave and her family took her to a hospital for emergency treatment. They spent 15,000 yuan in medical expenses, but could not save her life. The originally healthy technician who was loved by factory co-workers left this world forever. Ma Yuhuan's family feared harassment by the authorities, thus they dare not tell the truth about her death.