Ms. Liu Xiuyun, a 72 year old practitioner from Bayan County, worked in Bayan Industry and Commerce Bank. On August 1, 2001, she visited a fellow practitioner Fei Menglin's home in Bayan No. 3 Middle School. For this she was arrested in the name of "illegal gathering," detained for two weeks, and extorted 3000 yuan. Ms. Liu's family went to the leader of the police department who extorted 2000 yuan from them to try to get the money back, but did not have any success. Later, Liu Xiuyun went to the home of her sister, who lives in Harbin, to visit and was arrested again by the police. Bayan No. 2 Police Station Heads Jiang Huichen and Gu Yanlong instigated the arrest. Under such great pressure Ms. Liu Xiuyun passed away in October 2003.