Mr. Li Debao was about 30 years old. He was also from Tongzhaipu Township in Tanghe County, Henan Province. Before he obtained the Fa in 1998, he had leukemia. The doctor told him that a bone marrow transplant operation was needed, which would cost 300,000 yuan (about U.S. $37,000). The chances of success weren't high either. After he obtained the Fa, the leukemia miraculously healed. Even the doctor was amazed. After the persecution started, Li Debao went out to appeal to the government to reverse its policy toward Falun Dafa. He was stopped by policemen at the bus station and was sent back, but he managed to escape from custody. Afterwards he was reported to the police by somebody and was arrested and tortured at the police station. He passed away in the summer of 2004.