On November 28, Ms. Ye Lianping, along with a practitioner from Mudanjiang city and another person , was abducted by police officers in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. That same night, police officers from the Political Security Section of Mudanjiang city handcuffed Ms. Ye and another practitioner inside a jeep with the handcuffs tightened as far as they would go so that they cut into their flesh. The two practitioners were cuffed in a position that prevented them from sitting or standing and were sent, still in the same painful position, to Mudanjiang City to continue to be persecuted. From the night of the 28th to the early morning of the 29th, Ms. Ye was force-fed with two bottles of spicy mustard oil and suffered through the torture method called "motor hat," which involves covering and sealing the victim's head with plastic bags. Shortly afterwards, the news of Ms. Ye's death emerged.