Practitioner Mr. Liu Mingzhong, 68, worked in the Duerping Mine of the Xishan Coal and Electricity Company in the Wanbailin District of Taiyuan City in Shanxi Province. In late 2000, Mr. Liu Mingzhong went to Beijing to clarify the truth and validate the Fa. He was illegally arrested by the lawless police from the local police station and was taken to the Xindian Forced Labor Camp of Taiyuan City, where he was brutally tortured by the guards. All of his clothes were stripped off and cold water was poured on him from head to toe. He was forced to sleep on the cold floor. The guards also used the toilet brush to brush water onto his body. After several days of torture, Liu Mingzhong became critically ill and was released to seek medical care. After Mr. Liu returned home, he was constantly harassed by the police. Mr. Liu Mingzhong's spirit was greatly injured by the severe persecution, and he finally passed away, with sadness, in August 2005.