Ms. Liu Kexi, in her 50s, from Lucheng Township, Yidu City, Hubei Province, started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Her son, Deng Yong, who is in his 30s, also practices Falun Dafa. In May 2004, agents from the National Security Brigade of Yidu City stormed into Deng Yong’s home, arrested him, and searched for Falun Dafa materials. Shortly after, they also searched the home of his mother, Liu Kexi. Then the National Security Brigade agents, led by Su Xiaoping, conspired with the local public security bureau, the Procuratorate office, and the court of Yidu City to put Deng Yong on trial. The court sentenced him to three to four years of imprisonment. When she heard her son sentenced at the courthouse, Ms. Liu Kexi fainted and died three days later.