Lin Limei

Chinese Name: 林丽梅
Gender: Female
Age: 30
City: Boli County
Province: Heilongjiang
Date of Death: 2000-05
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention: Qitaihe City Liasion Office in Beijing City
Case Description:

Falun Dafa practitioner Lin Limei and her younger sister Lin Lifen (other name Liu Lihua) of Qitaihe City of Heilongjiang Province, went to Beijing to appeal in May 2000. They were detained at the Qitaihe Liason Office in Beijing. A few days later, Qitaihe city police took Li Lifen and some other practitioners back to their hometown. At the time, Qitaihe police said that Lin Limei belonged to the Forestry Bureau of Bolie County which was not under the jurisdiction of Qitaihe City. They left Lin Limei at the Liason Office in Beijing. Because of this, the people in the Liason Office were furious towards Lin Limei and they later notified the Police Department of Forestry Bureau of Bolie County to send somebody to Beijing to take Lin Limei back. However, after those people who were from Police Department of Forestry Bureau of Bolie County arrived at Beijing, they went sight-seeing in Beijing. By the time they finished their sight-seeing tour in Beijing and got to the Liason Office, Lin Limei was already dead. They informed Lin's family about her death and told them that Lin had died by jumping out of the building. However, Lin Limei died with her hands hand-cuffed behind her back. Her body was facing up and impaled on top of an iron fence. Her death scene was too horrible to look at. Based on an experts' opinion, a death like this is definitely not a suicide. They suspected that somebody murdered her. After her younger sister was brought back to Qitaihe City, her detention was extended for another 30 days when her original 15 days detention had ended. When she asked about the situation of her elder sister, she was told by the head of the detention center that her elder sister was being treated in the hospital. They thus extended the detention of the younger sister for no reason in order to cover up the truth of the incident.

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