Cai Mingtao

Chinese Name: 蔡铭陶
Gender: Male
Age: 27
City: Wuhan City
Province: Hubei
Date of Death: 2000-09-05
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention: Chenjiaji Brainwahing Certer in Jiangan District
Case Description:

Since July 22nd of last year when the government labeled Falun Gong an "evil cult," in order to safeguard and validate the Fa, Cai Mingtao went to Beijing to appeal twice.  Both times he was arrested and sent back to Wuhan. During one of his appeals, he served as the interpreter for the Beijing news conference of Falun Gong on Oct. 28th 1999.  For this, he experienced a great deal of persecution and was put under all kinds of coercive pressure to be "transformed."   For instance, in the "closed-door" class for major Falun Gong members of Wuchang district, he was tortured by the guards, senior officer Xiong, and secretary Li who was in charge of the class.  They beat his face so severely that his eyes swelled shut, and blood from his mouth and nose dyed his shirt red.  He was kicked in the groin so badly that he could not stand up straight. They also hung him by his handcuffs so that his feet could not touch the ground for up to ten hours at a time, and sometimes they did not release his handcuffs for over 20 hours, day and night. He was forced to run in the burning sun for over 2 hours, but he endured the enormous pain and stuck it out firmly. His determined heart could not be shaken.

On Oct. 5th of this year, after reading the report of how the police brutalized and arrested Dafa practitioners at Tiananmen Square five days earlier, he immediately decided to validate Dafa in Beijing once again. But his parents-- worried about his safety-- locked him in. However, his heart for stepping out and validating Dafa could not be locked up.  Tragically, that night when he tried to escape by climbing down the drainpipe, he fell to the ground and died.
  Practitioners Mourn for Cai Mingtao (11/11/00)

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