Wang Huachen

Chinese Name: 王化臣
Gender: Male
Age: 31
City: Huludao City
Province: Liaoning
Date of Death: 2000-11-18
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2000-11-07
Most recent place of detention: Lianshan District Police Department
Case Description:
Falun Gong practitioner Wang Huachen from the Jinhua Corporation Ltd (Jinzhou (city), Liaoning (province)) was arrested at 4 PM on November 7, 2000 at Ion film workshop of the Chemical Plant, and was taken to the Political Security Unit of Lianshan District Police Department in Huludao (city), (Liaoning).

On the fourth floor of the Political Security Unit, four policemen stripped Wang Huachen to the waist, removed his trousers to below his knees, and cuffed his two hands to the pipe of the heating radiator. Four policemen then used wooden clubs, cattle prods, etc. to beat him. They also shocked him with the electric baton. They tortured him for more than two hours until he lapsed into a coma. They poured cold water on his head and continued beating him after he regained consciousness. When Wang Huachen regained consciousness from another round of beating, he requested to see the head officer. Wang Huachen told Officer Zhang that if he continued to be beat and tortured he would jump from the fourth floor. Officer Zhang, as a local law enforcement officer, didn't offer his help; instead, he kicked, cursed and threatened Wang Huachen, dared him to jump and let him know if he didn't jump the beatings would continue.

After Wang Huachen jumped from the fourth floor, he immediately lapsed in to a coma. It was 6:30 PM. Wang Huachen. He remained in a coma on the ground for two and a half hours, at 9 PM, before he was taken to the hospital emergency room. Zhang, instead, discussed with his men ways to absolve himself from responsibility. At 7 PM, they went toWang Huachen's home, but didn't find any evidence. At the hospital, Wang Huachen was found to have many fractures and signs of being electrocuted and beaten by blunt objects all over his body. Wang Huachen passed away in the Lianshan District Hospital at 11AM on November 18, 2000.

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