A male Practitioner

Chinese Name: 2名大法弟子之一
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Province: Hebei
Date of Death: 2000-12
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention: Miyun County Detention Center
Case Description:

On December 29th and 30th, a Court clerk from Hebei Province went to Beijing to receive local practitioners who were arrested while validating Dafa. When he arrived at the Miyun Detention Center where practitioners from Hebei Province were detained, he saw a tragic scene: two dead bodies lay in a small, dark cell. They looked like they were from other provinces, about 30 years old. Their bodies were full of wounds. It was unbearable for him to look anymore, so he asked a guard of the Miyun Detention Center: "What happened? Why beat them to death?"

The guard answered disdainfully: "We asked them where they were from, and they didn't tell. Then we beat them and they died. It is their fault that they did not tell us!" The clerk was stunned by these words.

Later, the court clerk told others that he only looked into one cell. He estimated there must be more dead practitioners in the Miyun Detention Center. We hope more kindhearted people can provide help and save the practitioners detained there.