Qi Jinsheng, male, 27, came from Henan Province. In 1996, he began to work as a salesman in a life insurance company in Panjin City. He began to practice Dafa in 1998. Because of his kindness, honesty, and diligence and for being responsible at work, he won many clients' trust and support. His professional skills gained colleagues' approval in his company. However, his life only lasted for a short 27 years.

Due to the Jiang Zemin criminal accomplice's brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners, on November 1, 2000, Qi Jinsheng went alone to Beijing to appeal. On November 3, the Beijing Police Station called his company and informed them about the news of Qi's death; they also told his family members to go to Beijing to make arrangements for his funeral. The sudden news upset his family members very much. His colleagues and clients were shocked. They all felt sad and sorry about his death.