Wang Aijuan, 43 years old, female, was a dismissed employee of the First Cotton Mill of Weifang city. On the night of April 2nd, 2001, Wang Aijuan and her fellow practitioners Li Zhilian and Song Hongzhi were hanging up banners clarifying the truth and promoting the Fa on Fangyang Road when police from the Fangzi district arrested the three of them. The police locked up Wang at the local police station in Fangzi district, tightly restricted any information about her, and beat her mercilessly. Because they would rather die than submit, these three Falun Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest. On the night of April 6th, a critically injured Wang Aijuan was sent to the Ningjiagou Town Hospital. Later, she was transferred to the People's Hospital of Fangzi district, where she died that very evening.