Lu Xinghua

Chinese Name: 吕兴华
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
City: Dehui City
Province: Jilin
Date of Death: 2000-03-10
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention: Dehui City Detention Center
Case Description:

Lu Xinghua was a congresswoman from Wutaixiang village, Dehui City, Jilin Province. After she began practicing Falun Dafa, both her body and mind went through tremendous changes. In March 2001, Lu and her husband (also a Dafa practitioner) went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. However, on March 7 they were sent back to Dehui City where they were held in the Dehui Detention Center.

Lu continued to practice Falun Gong while in the detention center. She also began a hunger strike to protest the illegal treatment she received. On March 9, four male prisoners held her in a chair and proceeded to force-feed her; however, the tube they used accidentally slipped into her windpipe. As a result of food getting into her windpipe, she developed a high fever and died on March 10, 2001.